Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Santa Monica Pier

Me on a cloudy day at the Santa Monica Pier

Back to California folks!  I still have many photos and videos to share of our annual January trip to sunny California.

Today the photos are of the day we spent at the fabled Santa Monica Pier.  

Pat at Santa Monica Pier

This is the second year we have visited California.  This is our annual tradition now, to "punch a hole in winter" and visit sunny California.  However, this year there wasn't so much sun in sunny California but we had a good time anyway.  Matter of fact, Pat and I always have a good time wherever we go.  We're good traveling buddies. 

Pat and Ron, the Intrepid Traveling Duo at the Santa Monica Pier selfie - hey! It was a little breezy that day

We don't have any set schedule of places we want to see prior to our flight out to California.  We just meet up in Philadelphia, take the five hour flight, land at LAX, rent a car at Enterprise Car Rental, check in at the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast and go from there.  Our only "must" is to eat at the Veggie Grill at 8000 Sunset Boulevard, right across from the legendary Chateau Marmot hotel.

Last year, we made it a point, actually I made it a point to touch the Pacific Ocean.  Just because I live so near the Atlantic Ocean here.  That we did. Regular followers of my blog probably remember that "Ron and Pat Show" video we made of that toe dipping adventure.  When we were at the Santa Monica Beach last year I saw the famous Santa Monica Pier but we were too late.  It was just about to close.  So this year we got to Santa Monica earlier so we could partake of the Santa Monica Pier.  

Is that a rainbow flag behind me?  Well, I'll be!

So how did I like it?  Of course I loved the Santa Monica Pier.  I would go back again.  Now next year's goal will be to make it to Venice Beach.

I'll pump it up for our visit to Venice Beach next year

So many places to see, so little time.


  1. Ron,

    Hmmm, Santa Monica Pier is the end point of the iconic Route 66. You should have taken a selfie of the two of you standing by the sign marking this, with its "End of the Trail" statement. I'm assuming they still have the marker there.

    I didn't get to Santa Monica when I visited LA, but I did get to Venice Beach. I'll be interested in your comments on that if you get to it next year.


    1. Lar,
      I didn't know Santa Monica was the end of Route 66. Next year we will definitely go to Venice Beach. So much to do in California in the Los Angeles area and so little time. I hope I can talk Pat into staying two weeks next year.

  2. Ron - so great to see those photos. And your banner shot is magnificent. The waves rolling in, the people in various motions, the rides, buildings in the background. What a nice composition. Yes - it's a while before getting back there - Philly first. But such a treat, and for me, a luxury, to be able to make "that California trip". And for Larry - "...get your kicks on Route 66".


    1. Thanks Pat! We will have to visit the Santa Monica Pier again.

  3. There is also a bronze plaque, honoring Route 66, at the end of Santa Monica Blvd. at Ocean Way, in the park on the cliff above Pacific highway. BTW Ron, have you guys considered flying into the Hollywood Burbank airport, aka Bob Hope airport. It is located closer to Hollywood and is easy to get in and out of. Flight prices are about the same as LAX. You don't even have to get on a freeway to go the few miles to Hollywood. It's located in Burbank on Hollywood Way.

    1. Mike,
      Thanks for the tip about flying into the Burbank Airport. Someone else had also suggested that option. I'll check that out for our visit next year. The ride in from LAX to our bed and breakfast is a bear. Maybe we can avoid that heavy traffic by flying into the Burbank airport.


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