Tuesday, March 22, 2016

More Old Films Transferred to DVD

What a job this is!  This morning I transferred more old 8mm film that was transferred to a VHS tape and now I'm transferring those images to a DVD format.  I think I'm getting better at this.  

One thing, it is time consuming and I have so many VHS tapes to transfer.  I hope I live long enough.

Me in Quebec, Canada - 1967

Another thing, much of the content is boring to the casual viewer.  What was I thinking taking film of water?  And I thought my father was bad taking film of the sky.  Well, at least I have film of people, including me (of course), which is now very interesting to look at.  I moved that fast?  Wow.  Now I can hardly get a smooth stride going.  I'm getting the Old Man Walk.  Not the "Shuffle" mind you but that hesitant walk that portends falling down, which I never want to do again.

Me coming out of the surf at Ocean City, New Jersey. The first and last time I was ever in Ocean City, New Jersey. Too many lifeguards blowing their whistles

So here goes, I'm posting this portion of the old 8mm film that I copied to DVD this morning.  By the way, I forgot how I uploaded it to You Tube so I had to figure that out all over again.  The brain is going folks.  Going, going, GONE!

I've reviewed this DVD and only Part 1 has uploaded to You Tube which is just as well.  The whole DVD is about an hour long and folks, you'll have to admit that watching "home movies" that long would even bore the pants off of the person who took the home movies (that would be me).  So I'm only going to subject you to fifteen minute increments.  

My niece Karen Tipton with a cat - I don't think Karen has ever seen this video. Karen is 53 years old now and has a grown daughter. Time flies. Karen is to the left with her brother (my only nephew, Isaac, III and her sister Dawn)
Of course I know where and when all these scenes were taken but you don't so here is a list (hopefully) in chronological order:

  1. Ottawa, Canada - changing of the guard -1967
  2. Niagara Falls, Canadian side - 1967
  3. Cheswick Square Apartment, Roxborough, Philadelphia, PA - me at the apartment pool - check out my doofus diving (I can't dive)
  4. My father's "farm". My brother Isaac takes a puppy out.  "Pop" had pigs, chickens, ducks and even a goat.
  5. My niece Karen Tipton with an orange cat whose name I can't remember.
  6. Valley Forge, PA. I apologize for the long, boring scenic shots. They don't mean anything now except if those fields are filled with high rise apartments now which hasn't happened yet at Valley Forge State park but could very easily happen in the future with the King of Prussia megapolis creeping around the edges of the park.
  7. Our Pomeranian dogs "Horace" (the orange one - male) and "T" (short for "Tiffany") romping around at our new house in East Brandywine Township, Downingtown, Pennsylvania. 
Watching these videos brought back many good memories.  I've had a good life folks.  I'm glad I'm able to share it with you now.  Long after I'm gone these videos on You Tube and my blog will live on, a testament that even a skinny, gay man like me brought up constantly belittled can succeed in life.  

Who is this hunk? Why it's me! Actually, I wasn't too bad looking back In The Day was I? Shame I didn't realize it at the time.


nitewrit said...


Is there a technical reason why your videos begin with a spate of just black. Also, there is a sequence at a pool containing a double exposure somehow. It actually makes for a neat effect because it is like you are walking along with these scenes that are in your head. In the part showing the geese swimming, I though, well some things never change. That could have been taken just the other day.


Ron said...

Hi Lar,
No, there isn't a technical problem that my video began with a spate of just black. Just the way the old 8mm film was copied to the VHS format years ago. The first video I copied I made a mistake, that was the reason for the three minutes of black. Future videos that I copy shouldn't have any black at the beginning.
Yes, I noticed the double exposure of the video I posted today. I don't know what happened in that sequence but I think it is interesting. And you are right about the part of the video of the geese swimming. Some things never change.
Looking back at these videos I wish I hadn't wasted so much film on trees and meadows. That was wasted film. I wish I had taken more of people just as I wish I had taken more of people with my old black and white Kodak Brownie camera.

Ur-spo said...

the warm haze of memory :-)