Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring is Here!

Finally, spring is here!  

I just returned from my local nursery, Peppers'.  Yet another purchase of daffodils to place in those empty spaces around Casa Tipton-Kelly.

Pat's is trudging through the snow in Toronto. A few days ago a late snowstorm buried Denver, Colorado.  Just one day after Denver was basking in spring time temps of 70 degrees plus. No more snow her folks! 

Monday I begin a three day stay in Philadelphia visiting my friend Don McK. More on site instruction showing Don how to use his new iMac computer.  I'm going to try and talk him into buying an iPhone and fully joining the Digital Age, even though he is approaching 80 years old. Wish me luck! Don was the one person who introduced me to computers thirty years ago (1986). This is my payback to my friend.

With all the bad news of terrorist attacks in Europe and the ridiculous Republican fight for the presidential nomination, I'm concentrating on the gift of living through another spring season.  Last night I left work and I didn't even need a coat!  Hey folks, I'm ready for the NICE WEATHER and good news.

Note: the video at the beginning of this blog was taken from my bedroom window this morning.  My backyard birds indulging in a morning bath routine.


  1. Anonymous12:51 AM

    I will be heading into the apple store in Center City on Tuesday to return earphones purchased for my mother(um no idea why they were purchased there but its the though that counts or maybe they are apple only) anyway her beats earphones have stopped working after less than three months. She only uses them for tv watching so back they are going as my daughters boyfriend gave me the receipt to exchange them.

    Hope we have wonderful weather for your visit

  2. Wow, those birds are really enjoying your beautiful oasis. And the flowers on your header photo are spectacular. I wouldn't know which one to choose!

    I THOUGHT that spring had finally arrived here on Hillbilly Mountain, but lately we've been having frost every night. I fear that all the lovely blossoms will perish.

    Have a glorious Easter weekend, Ron, and enjoy the warmth.

  3. We still await our first proper warm day of 2016, Ron. I sit here with heating on and there's still no hint of Spring on the way. You're doing far, far better, you lucky so-and-so.
    I played your video of happy birdies - but, alas, being silent, I was deprived of hearing their chirrups.
    Happy tomorrow to you and yours!

  4. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Looking Good .... Enjoy your trip .... look forward to pictures


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