Friday, February 26, 2016

Surviving Without a Landline

Hey folks!  I had my first big test today without a landline phone.

Remember a few days ago I finally had my landline disconnected after years of angst of "Can I survive without a landline?"  Well folks, today was the big test.  I survived!

I will admit I was very nervous about calling the Verizon phone company and taking the big step of removing my land line . . . . forever.  For more years than I care to remember I was paying $59.99 a month for my landline service.  That calculates to $720 a year.  Ten years that's $7,200! And folks, I was paying that amount for more than ten years.  Writing about this painful fact hurts me even today.

The first time I heard of someone relying solely on their cell phone, the son of a co-worker of mine, I thought "How can he do that?"  She told me "He doesn't need a land line?  Why does he?"  I was shocked but I thought "Why not?'  But, I was very reluctant to make such a drastic change.  After all, I was brought up brainwashed to believe that we needed that rotary phone in the house. What's this cell phone frivolity?  Some new tech thing for the youngsters?  Why I'm a solid, stable old conservative.  Why would I put my communication dependence on one of those fancy dancy cell phones that does everything from taking photos and videos and play online games like Scrabble on Facebook?  Oh no, not me.  

But you know what folks?  I just got TIRED of paying out THAT much money every month and for years just to enable telemarketers to torture me EVERY day with their incessant calls which interrupted my dinner EVERY night.  Put my name on the Do Not Call List?  What a joke.  I did that, DID NOT WORK.

However, one reason I did keep my landline was for those times which I had to call a Help desk.  You know how that works folks.  Usually when you get on a Help line you're on there for at least a half an hour and often times more.  Believe me folks, I have a LOT of experience with using the Help Line. 

So here's what happened this morning folks.  I lost my Internet connection with my Bose Wave radio. Panic Time folks!  I LOVE my Bose Wave radio.  I often use the Antiques Beat station for my background music when I'm writing my blogs and playing online Facebook Scrabble.  Oh yes folks, I'm playing an online game now.

My new Bose Wave radio - my buddy!

What the problem was that my WiFi connection wasn't connecting.  How does that affect my iPhone?  I monitor the station to choose individual songs.  This morning, for some unknown reason my iPhone app for my Bose Wave radio wasn't working.  So how was I going to call the Bose Help line and still work my iPhone?  Hmmmmm.

Viola!  I would use Bill's phone, which I am also paying for and also has UNLIMITED time on it since it is OLD.  

So that's what I did folks.  I called the Bose Help line and told "Tom" my problem.  I listened to "Tom" give me instructions as to what to do on my iPhone to regain the use of my Bose app.  And you know what folks?  It worked!  In fact it worked better than cradling my landline phone, which is hooked by a cord, while I maneuvered around my home office between my iPhone and Bose Wave radio where I had to push some buttons on the back of the radio.  


This morning proved that I don't need a landline.  

You know folks, immediately after I had Verizon disconnect my phone I felt like I had a tremendous burden lifted from my shoulders.  But I still had a lingering worry "What happens the next time I call a Help line?"  This morning I found out.  

Free at last folks!  FREE!

By the way, I arranged with my bank this morning to transfer $60 a month from my money market account to my account at E*Trade.  I'm going to make good use of that money that I was wasting all those years by investing it.  And guess what? I won't be investing in Verizon because landline are going to go the way of dinosaurs. 



  1. Ron, you are braver than I am. I still keep my landline phone, only because when the power goes out my landline works. Someday, I may do the same as you, Ron. You did make a lot of sense about the cost of keeping it.

    1. Linda,
      Believe me, I have given it a lot of thought before I gave up my landline. By the way, if the power goes out your land line still works. The only phones it wouldn't work are the portable phones. When my power goes out, my iPhone still works. In fact, that is the phone I use to call the electric company to tell them my electric power is out. It's on speed dial.

  2. Someday I will cut the cord. The reaction to living without a landline, was kind of like the early reactions to cell phones, how - why - not me. I just wish my cell made a better phone.

    1. David,
      Do you have an iPhone? I find that works fine, even better than my landline ever did. I was hesitant, being so used to using a landline but I was pleasantly surprised at how well my iPhone works. I can hear clearly (speakerphone) and the person on the other end hears me clearly.

  3. Anonymous1:45 PM

    5 years in now without a landline at some point you won't give it a second thought. And as always a smart move with allocating the funds

    1. Roger,
      Three weeks now without a landline and I'm surprised at how much I don't miss it. Gone are the daily robo calls from Credit Card Services of America. Freedom from harassment!


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