Tuesday, February 16, 2016

You Tube Has Banned Me

You Tube has banned me. Apparently my last video I posted on my blog yesterday was too far for You Tube.  I posted a video of me and Pat on Hollywood Boulevard.  Adele's "Rolling Through the Deep" was playing in the background.  Apparently I violated copy write guide lines that You Tube has in place to protect them from liability suits from the musical artist. Oh gee, I AM SORRY.

So folks, I have no idea how long this ban will last.  I can't even get into my You Tube account.  Oh well, worse things could have happened to me.  A LOT worse than being banned from You Tube.  At least I won't have to watch all those intrusive commercials that precede any of my You Tube videos.  I can sleep well now knowing the Internet Police are protecting us.


  1. At least you're not letting it 'get' to you, Ron - or, rather, that's what I'm hoping. Maybe you can see it as a feather in your cap? No, I suppose that's doubtful too. Well, the big thing regarding your reaction is proportionality.

    1. Ray,
      No, You Tube's overreaction to me having Adele's music in background isn't "getting" to me. With all their ads, I should ban them from my computer.

  2. Ron,

    It would appear that Adele is very strict about her music being used by anyone or at least her music publishers are. I am surprised, however, that you received no warning giving you the choice of removing the soundtrack or video rather than an outright ban. I remember some years ago I used music in the background of videos I took on my walks. I received notice from YouTube that the music was copyrighted material and they (Youtube) simply removed the soundtrack. More recently I have receded emails, three in total, concerning the use our Praise Team singing on videos I do of each weeks sermon. This is how these letters read:

    Hi Larry Meredith,

    A copyright owner using Content ID claimed some material in your video.

    This is just a heads up
    Don’t worry. You’re not in trouble and your account standing is not affected by this.

    There are either ads running on your video, with the revenue going to the copyright owner, or the copyright owner is receiving stats about your video’s views.

    Video title: But We Must Run Around! by Pastor Haus Piasecki
    Includes: Musical Composition
    Claimed by: PRS CS and CapitolCMGPub
    View claim details

    What's next?
    If there are no problems, you don’t need to take any action. You don't need to delete your video.

    If something went wrong and the copyright owner or our system made a mistake, we have a dispute process. Only use it if you’re confident you have the rights to use all the content in your video.

    - The YouTube Team

    At any rate, I have been very careful not to use any full versions of recordings, unless I know they are in the public domain. The music on what I post is actually music paid for by us for use by our choir, who do any vocalizing. I feel we have licensed it for the churches purpose; nonetheless, I still only include a sampling on my films siting "fair use".

    I understand the copyright holder protecting their intellectual property, but I feel under fair use and the fact that nothing is done for monetary gain and to a limited audience, there is little harm in it. In the meantime, I have found my copyrighted creations used by others without my permission, including some YouTube videos of me reading my own poems or stories and YouTube hasn't seemed to flag anyone.

    I'm also curious why YouTube didn't give you the information for challenging the ban. From what I can tell the music on your video seemed to be coming from the store in the background and not added by you directly.

    Sorry this has happened to you.


    1. Lar,
      Who knows what You Tube is doing? I can't be bothered by it. With all their ads and they get persnickety about me using background music? Give me a break.

  3. Ron, I'm extremely sorry to hear about this, and - as Larry indicated (above) - I don't understand why you weren't given fair warning. Immediately banning your account is completely unfair and ridiculous (and I think RUTHLESS).

    Something strange seems to be going on at YouTube lately - they've been cracking down like the KGB and using Gestapo tactics. I've noticed that a lot of my favorite movies and music videos have suddenly disappeared and the user accounts have been banned.

    I'm very afraid that my account will be banned next - since I have a lot of videos with copyrighted music. Several years ago I posted one of my piano videos - me playing a composition by Franz List that was written in the 1860's - and YouTube warned me that the music is copyrighted!!! So far that video wasn't removed...... it's all very confusing. And annoying.

    If YouTube keeps banning everyone, they soon won't have any members left - since somewhere along the line EVERYTHING has some kind of a copyright.

    I hope this makes some sense, because I'm writing this quickly and in anger. There's no reason why they should have done this to you without a warning.

    1. Jon,
      I'm back on You Tube. Maybe they were just giving me a warning. Hey You Tube, I've been warned. But still, they were a little rough don't you think?

  4. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Goodness ....... I guess it shows how popular you are Ron for you tube to even notice.

    1. Roger,
      Gee, I didn't know I was that popular. What gets me is that the Adele song, "Rolling in the Deep", was only in the background IN PUBLIC. And it's not like I'm making money off of my blog.

  5. You have evoked the U-Tube gods? Tut! This requires great compunction and penance. good luck.


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