Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Take on the 2016 Presidential Race After the New Hampshire Primary

Okay folks, I know many of you have been wondering where I stand on the presidential race.  The clamor for my views has become almost unbearable so here goes.

Last night as we all know was the New Hampshire Primary. You know that one folks, where many of the New Hampshirites (is that the plural for residents of New Hampshire?) are undecided. You know folks, I got so sick of the wall to wall media coverage (I watch MSNBC) of the "undecided" New Hampshire voter. Seems to me like many of them want the candidates to lick their ass right up to the voting booth.  And then once they're in the voting booth, have an option to vote "Undecided." But the voting is over (even if all the ballots aren't counted).  


Republican: Donald J. Trump

Democrat:  Bernie Sanders

So here is my take folks,  this coming from a former conservative Republican now a bleeding heart liberal Democrat (blame George W. Bush and his Republican war criminal accomplices for trying to take away my VA benefits when I had no insurance back in 2000 for my political conversion). 

Donald J. Trump:

While I like the way Trump is shaking up the establishment, let's face it. The Donald is an egoistical bully and a fool.  I think even he is surprised at how far he has come in the presidential race.  I don't believe for a moment that he actually wants to be president. He's just feeding his ego by running for president. While he is entertaining and I certainly do enjoy his putdowns of his feckless Republicans rivals, there is now way he can deport eleven million undocumented immigrants from Mexico.  And other comments he has made are just as ridiculous.  So let's just enjoy the Donald J. Trump Cirque du soleil Show and rest assured he will never be elected president of the United States.  But on the outside chance that he is (and that is always a possibility, no one person could ever be worse than George W. Bush. Small consolation I know but consider.

John Kasich:

The curmudgeonly governor of Ohio who finished a surprisingly second in the New Hampshire primary.  

Kasich is certainly experienced and he is no fool like Trump but are we really going to elected a man president who has the temperament of a curmudgeon.  The last time a curmudgeon ran for president he lost badly to that upstart junior senator from Illinois.  He's still not over it.
Senator John McCain - Angry Old Man

And another negative about Kasich, his posture is awful.  His posture looks like mine. We want a president who stands tall and who has a cheery demeanor.  No stooped

curmudgeons need apply.

Ted Cruz:

Rafael Edward Cruz - born Calgary, Canada
"Ted Cruz", the Texas senator from Canada (oh yes, he was a Canadian citizen up until 18 months ago when he decided to ditch his dual citizenship and run for president - so much for the Republican "birther" argument against Barack Obama's legitimacy as president - more Republican hypocrisy) 

Cruz is evil incarnate to me.  There can be no good to come of Cruz being president.  He would literally destroy this country, make no mistake about it.  He, along with Karl Rove are perhaps the most despicable human beings ever to trod on American soil and be involved in the political process.  Ted Cruz is Joseph McCarthy reborn.

Jeb Bush:

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush

Third in line in the political ruling class family of the Bushes to take over the country for their corporate masters. Donald Trump has effectively emasculated Bush by calling him (correctly) "low energy."  Bush, who appears to be a nice man, is so boring, probably only exceeded on the boredom scale by that previous Democratic nominee John Kerry.  Jeb's mom, the must respected Barbara Bush had it right when she said, when asked last year if Jeb should run for president said "We've had enough Bushes".  You should have taken your mom's advice Jeb and not run because you're a LOSER.  

Marco Rubio:

Ah SweatyMarco, finally exposed at the last Republican debate for the phony that he is after he robotically repeated his anti-Obama talking point FOUR times, even after he was called out on it by fellow Republican rival Chris Christy.  Marco is so consumed with his own ambition he didn't even realize until last night when he came in FIFTH in the New Hampshire Primary what a disaster his robotic performance at the debate was.  Clueless and he will disappear, becoming a footnote in the Republican campaign history.  

Oh I know there was a certain portion of the Republican electorate who was enamored of his "boyish good looks" and "political skills" but man oh man, who wants a sweat hog like this for president? 

Chris Christie:

"Yeah! I'll take another slice of that pizza!  In fact give me the WHOLE pizza!"

The Fat Boy Bully from New Jersey.  The best thing Christy did was to call out the robotic Marco Rubio at the debate.  Other than that service, Chris Christy was toast after Bridgegate.  I heard this morning he's going back to New Jersey to "reevaluate" his campaign.  As the airline hostesses say when you leave the plane "Buy, buy!"

Carly Fiorina:

Donald Trump had it right first when he said "Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president? I man, she's a woman, and I'm not s'posedta say bad things, but really, folks, come one. Are we serious?"  I know it's not politically correct folks (and just one more thing I like about Donald Trump, his offenses against political correctness) you do have to admit he hit the mark this time with his observation of Carly.  And have you heard her speak?  God, that shrill schoolmarmy voice.  Besides, she's another loser.  She ran Hewlett Packard into the ground during her disastrous tenure as CEO of that same company.

Just imagine - thank goodness she has no chance of becoming president
Ben Carson:

The former brain surgeon who is always showing us his hands (we get it Ben, you were a brain surgeon) is (thankfully) pretty down the totem pole on possible presidential hopefuls in the Republican field candidates.

Listening to Dr. Carson trying to fake (double talk) his was through foreign policy questions during the Republican debates was actually embarrassing.  Poor slow Ben, even at the last debate he didn't know when to enter.  Ben Carson, another Republican candidate footnote in history. Go back to writing books Dr. Ben and collecting those big speaking fees trashing President Obama. Lot's of money to be made on the Hate Obama Circuit.

Rand Paul:

Who?  Oh, that senator from Kentucky who cuts his own hair (can you tell)? I could never take him serious because his mouth reminds me of a Baboon's ass.

Senator Rand with his signature baboon ass pursed lips

And no, I'm not going to post a picture of a baboon's ass. This is disgusting enough, posting a picture of Rand.

Mike Huckabee:

The Christian evangelist who would put a Final Solution to gays like me.  Need I say more? Huckabee will return to his safe harbor of fellow evangelical Christians like Kim Davis who gain their celebrity (and money) by their vitriolic hatred of gays (like me). 

"Good Christians" both - thriving in their hatred of gays

Rick Santorum:

Former Pennsylvania Senator (and loser) Rick Santorum
Yet another perennial Republican candidate for president and another Gay Hater (he equates gays with bestiality - "man on beast").  Thankfully this is the last year he runs for president.  It was becoming painful listening to him trying to twist and turn his way out of his "man on beast" comment when trying to justify his "family values" that only straights are allowed to love and have a family.  Like the airline stewardess said "Buy! Buy!"

George Pataki:

A joke who had absolutely no reason to run for president even if he did get a new set of choppers. 

George Pataki, to me, with that always pained look on his face looked like a man who hasn't had a bowel movement in a week.

Now could you imagine looking at THAT face for four years?  

Bobby Jindal:

Remember his response to the State of the Union speech a few years back?  He showed himself for the pandering fool that he is.  Resume sounds good Bobby (son of Indian immigrants) but this is one stupid man.  Totally clueless as to what a doofus he is.  

Now for the Democrats:

Hillary Clinton:

I never bought into the whole Hate Hillary narrative over the years.  I think she is experienced and qualified and would, actually, make a good president.  But I have to tell you, she doesn't enthuse people and she has that HUGE (UGE) liability of the Big Dog (Bill Clinton).  This is the same Bill Clinton who sought the support of gays like me when he first ran for president them promptly threw us under the bus with his enactment of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law for gays in the military and signing DOMA, which outlawed marriage between gays like me.  By the way, both laws have been repealed as they should have been and never been enacted in the first place.  I have never forgiven the slippery Clinton since that time.  I just stopped listening to him.  And these days when I think of Hillary in the White House and the Big Dog just an arm's length away, I have to tell you that does not make me feel comfortable.

Bernie Sanders:

So what is a 74 year old white man, who isn't even a Democrat but a Socialist doing running for president and winning the New Hampshire Primary by a UGE margin?  Well, for one thing he says all the right things.  This country has been taken over by the Corporate Masters of Congress and the disparity between the Ruling Class (the upper 1%) and the rest of us down here in the Great Unwashed.  Bernie has awaken a political revolution which I know probably scares the poop out of some people.  

Well, first of all is 74 too old?  Now careful because I am also 74 years old but I don't have all that white hair but I do have a white beard (when I'm not using Just for Men beard coloring, which reminds me I have to do a touch up before I go to work this weekend so I look attractive behind that hotel front desk, but I digress).  

Bernie may just win the Democratic nomination unless Hillary can come up with a good reason why she is running for president other than she "will do a good job."  Bernie wants to increase Social Security (I'm all for that, losing ground her folks with the bills), more taxes on the rich (oh how I would love to see people like the guy who owns Papa John's leave this country which threatened to do when Obama let the rich tax rate lapse to 39%).  

I heard Bernie's acceptance speech last night and I have to tell you folks, that was one of the most genuine speeches I have heard in a long time.  Unlike all the poll tested, teleprompter, speeches written by overpaid speech writers that most of the other politicians revert too (with the exception of Donald Trump who speech mainly consists of him bragging about himself and making the empty promise of "Making America great again!", Bernie's speech made me feel good.  

Are his claims realistic?  Probably not.  Heck, look at the roadblock President Obama encountered from the Republicans, dedicated to making him a failed president, on his first day in office.  What do you think they would do to Bernie?  But you know folks, we have to elect a Democrat president, be it Hillary or Bernie because we can't take the chance that a Republican will hold the presidency and thus have the power to appoint Supreme Court nominees.  If that Doomsday scenario happens (more Republican appointed Supreme Court justices like Antonine Scalia, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas); we will descend into a Darkness the likes of which we cannot imagine.  Just think, Roe versus Wade repealed.  Same sex marriage repealed.  Don't Ask, Don't Tell reinstated.  More wasteful wars that kill and maim our young men and women, thus creating horrendous medical costs for years to come.

Considering that possibility folks, even I could live with the Big Dog back in the White House.  


  1. We desperately need a monarchy. I wouldn't vote for any one of these jackasses.

    Well, we had our first Muslim president - so I suppose it's time for our first Grandma president.
    Let's hope she doesn't do a repeat performance of Benghazi.

    When Grandma Hillary is in the Oval Office, I wonder if she'll ever think about how many blow jobs Bill got there.
    Naw....she couldn't care less.....

    1. Jon,
      I'll echo what Jono said, "ANY Democrat would be better than ANY Republican" if for no other reason than to put a stop to the corporate/big cat ownership of the government and the Supreme Court nominees. Sure, Hillary has a lot of baggage not the least having Bill Clinton back in the White House, which I don't like at all. I like Trump but I don't think he really wants to be president, he's just on an ego trip and building his brand. If Bernie Sanders is elected president, which I HIGHLY doubt, he would probably be less effective than Obama in getting any of his programs passed, including higher taxes on the very rich simple because the Republicans control both houses of Congress. Any way changes will be getting done is to pass control of both houses of Congress to the Democrats, and that too is HIGHLY unlikely to happen. Yes, this year the political race is most interesting.

    2. You're right about Trump. I used to like him, but the more he speaks the more he seems like an egotistic clown. I don't think he's serious about being president.

    3. Jon,
      Trump is having the time of his life. I enjoy his entertainment but he can't be serious about actually being president. I think if he was elected he would soon be bored. Trump is all about his brand and feeding his ego. Of course most of those running for president are feeding their ego. I think Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate who isn't feeding his ego but really believes what he says, which is refreshing. I can't stand Rubio and am glad he was revealed for what he is, a robot controlled by our corporate masters. And I am glad that Dr. Ben Carson has sunk like a lead balloon. I got tired of seeing him displaying his hands.

  2. Nicely done, Ron. At this point ANY Democrat is better than ANY Republican. I can't believe Trump is still ahead, but it shows just how wacky the party is.

    1. Jono,
      Exactly right, ANY Democrat is better than ANY Republican. I too can't believe Trump is still ahead but I think that big puffy balloon will soon deflate as more of the electorate get to know him better.

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Hi, Ron! That was a funny post, altho you spelled Christie's last name wrong. I TOTALLY agree with you about Cruz. He is the worst of all possible evils. I really hope (t)Rump gets the nom for the Rethuglicans, because Bloomberg has said he will run as an Independent if that happens. Thus, the Rethuglican vote will be spilt, with the teabaggers & sheep voting for (t)Rump, the moderates voting for Bloomberg, and then hopefully we'll get the Democrat nom in. I like feeling the Bern, but I can't imagine he will be able to get anything done if he wins. I'm a Hillary supporter, but I will vote Democrat no matter who the candidate is. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a great woman, but she can't be a Supreme forever, and like you say, this president is going to be in the position to fill the court in a way that could forever alter our country. By the by, have you seen the Funny or Die trailer and movie about Donald (t)Rump? Johnny Depp plays (t)Rump! It is of course a parody, set in the 80's as a "lost" made for TV movie. Here's the link Hope you have a great rest of your week. ~~~ NB

    1. Anonymous,
      Thanks for telling be about the spelling correction of Chris Christie. I agree with you, I like everything Bernie Sanders says and I like his honesty and decency but like you, I don't think he would be able to get anything done if he is actually elected president. I will vote for Hillary and I think she will be the next president. I just can't imagine any other scenario. I don't want to imagine any other scenario.

  4. Thanks for that clarification and elucidation, Ron. Now I know where things stand among all the bluster of self-promotion while shooting down the rest.

    We too have been inundated on our channels by what's going on over there. We never hear about other countries but we're all assumed to be so gaga over American politics that we can't get enough of it. It's even the headlines here on some days, for goodness' sake! No other country gets such coverage, no other Commonwealth country and certainly not any of our European geographical neighbours, which is a positive disgrace. Not that I DON'T want to know about U.S.A., but it's all so unfair and disproportionate.

    However, I was reading only this weekend gone, that Sanders is an atheist. I didn't know that and if it's true I don't wonder that he doesn't talk much about it as I believe that such people, notwithstanding that they comprise a significant percentage of Americans, are among the least likely to ever attain the Presidency, such is general 'fear' and ignorance among the electorate. If this is the case it would be a darned shame for that reason alone, but I can just imagine the big religio-nuts from both parties turning their guns on him for nothing other than having his admirable no-God-allegiance characteristic. ("Oh, the horror of it! A actual NON-believer!")
    I also understand that he seems to be lukewarm on marriage equality and, furthermore, opposed it not long since. But hey, when's all said and done, when it comes to choices both Clinton and Sanders have got to be streets ahead of the over-crowded wacky other lot.
    I too am intrigued by the prospect of seeing a Trump-ing President - more for the fascination of seeing him trying to enact his idiocies and failing at every turn than for anything positive about him. But the danger is, of course, seeing him trying and actually succeeding - and that's something just about too dangerous to contemplate.
    Anyway, that's a humble outsider's view of your present political circus. Would that our own political campaigns had as much entertainment value! Only 9 months to go, then?!!!!

    1. Ray,
      While Donald Trump is entertaining I just cannot imagine him as president of our country. Ever since I saw my first political convention on TV (1952), I have been fascinated with politics, especially national politics. This year has to be the best ever and I honestly do not know who will win but I'm going along for the ride of my life.

    2. Well, let's hope there's a 'happy' outcome, Ron, though all things are relative. Great responsibility on the American electorate. If they get it wrong it's going to be one hell of a bumpy ride - and for the entire world too. However, 'dull' it most certainly is not!

  5. I had to quickly skim through this entry to get past the photos lest I turn to stone.


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