Tuesday, February 09, 2016

David Bowie's star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood

Well folks, the threat of snow has cancelled my scheduled day trip to Philly today.  I got the call last night from the Delaware Tech coordinator who told me "Four to eight inches of snow is expected in Philadelphia tomorrow so we decided to caution on the side of the safety of our seniors (me?) and cancel the trip to Philadelphia tomorrow." After my fall on the ice (and life changing leg injury) this time last you believe me folks, I do not take any chances.  She told me she would reschedule me for next month't trip to Philly.  By then the threat of snow should be gone, I hope.  But you never know.  Just get through this winter (again).  In the meantime let's go back to La La Land, aka Hollywood California.  

The banner at the top of my blog was our view from the dumpy lodgings we were staying in the Hollywood Hills.  While I was disappointed in the Airbnb room, I wasn't disappointed in the view from the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles in the valley.  I took that picture early in the morning before we set off for Hollywood and Vine. 

Now folks, let's get this fact right out in the open.  I am a tourist and a sucker for all the tourists' meccas.  Oh sure, I know all the souvenirs are made in China but what the heck?  Actually, I don't buy any of the souvenirs these days because I'm at the point in my life where I'm getting rid of things so when I make my Final Exit (which isn't too long down the road I have to admit), whoever is taking care of my final belongings will have less of a headache.  But I digress (as I all too often do).

So without further ado here is a mini walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for all you folks who couldn't be there in person to wallow in this once in a lifetime experience:

Next year I'm going to have to walk the whole length of the Walk of Fame. Most of the names I recognize but some I have to admit, and this form a Hollywood trivia master, I didn't know. I have to admit I got a thrill walking over on this street. Just think, I'm walking where the stars actually walked. Oh yes, I am that easily impressed. Well, not actually everything easily impresses me but anything to do with the magic of Hollywood does impress me.

After I made a fool out of myself and showed the the locals what a hillbilly hick I was by videotaping my walk on this famed walk, I put the icing on the cake and entered the ultimate kitschy touristy souvenir store called, oh so appropriately, "La La Land." 

And again folks, I was impressed. Check out the light show in "La La Land." I loved it! Better than any Fourth of July Rehoboth Beach puny fireworks I say.

Check out Elvis's car.  Can you believe we used to actually ride around in these land barges?  Every time I see one of these 50's excesses cars I think of Cleopatra's barge riding down the Nile. 

Cleo's Nile River Barge
So while we were at the very center of the Hollywood fantasy Pat decided that we should take a short video of me "walking the red carpet."

Now folks, remember I was surrounded with tourists when I decided to make a fool out of myself by "walking the red carpet."  Oh by the way, Pat suggested that we get a clapboard to make these "Ron and Pat" vignettes official.  

So what do you think folks?  Did I pull it off?

I had down the cliches patter about "It's such a thrill to be here . . . yada yada."  Did you catch my Dame Edna Wave.  

Oh sure, maybe I should have brought my white gloves before I waved to the assembled masses awaiting my entrance on the red carpet. 

Hey folks, it's all fun.  There's more of the "Ron and Pat Show" (with clapboard) to come!

Ah yes, the magic of Hollywood.

By the way, the sound in the second video was muted because of copyright infringement.  Well, EXCUSE ME!


  1. So this must have been like a pilgrimage to Mecca for you. Here's Ry Cooder's take on Hollywood.

    1. Jono,
      "Pilgrimage to Mecca" is a good way of putting the realization of my lifelong dream to visit Hollywood, California. We both thoroughly enjoy our visits to Hollywood and we haven't even scratched the surface yet! We have yet to met our first (live) Hollywood star. It will happen!

  2. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Neither of my 2 experiences with Airbnb have been good. Thanks for the enjoyable ride along with your adventure. I keep looking for you on Prices Right.

    1. Roger,
      I think you can go on their website and put in the date (January 27th), you'll see the episode where I was in the audience. You can see me pretty clearly as the last contestant is called (Lloyd McCullough) and I high five him as he makes his way to the panel.

  3. As I'm sitting here on a very snowy afternoon, I am suddenly missing Hollywood more and more. Your journey down the Walk of Fame has warmed me up (at least with memories). Everything looks so different on the Boulevard now but the touristy intrigue is sill the same. Loved your stint on the red carpet - and the look at the souvenir shop. The Elvis car is nifty.

    It looks like hundreds of new "stars" have been added to the Walk of Fame (well, everyone is star, right?). I noticed Nancy Kelly's star (played the mother in "The Bad Seed")- - and Bugs Bunny.
    ....It's strange that the dialogue was silenced on the second video.... censorship by the KGB.

    I enjoyed this post, Ron.

    1. Jon,
      I'm glad I can post these videos for your to revisit your old haunts. I have more videos to post. By the way, the silencing of my second video is ridiculous. I forget what music was playing but apparently it's under a copy write protection. It's not like I was going to make money off of posting it. And to silence my dialogue?


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