Thursday, November 06, 2008

Why McCain Lost

Simply put, the American voter this time voted for hope, not fear. The current version of the Republicans who were in control of the government has basically put the message out “Vote for us or die.” This was the message of George Bush, senior and junior. It was to win at all cost by whatever means. McCain accepted this methodology. He conducted a slash and burn campaign against Barack Obama, painting him as “dangerous and untested.” Perhaps the death knell of McCain’s campaign for the presidency was his selection of Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska as his running mate. Up until his selection of Palin, McCain’s strongest case against Obama was that he (McCain) had more experience than Obama. McCain threw that argument out the door when he selected Palin. Then McCain tried, unsuccessfully, to adopt the mantle as a “change candidate.” McCain underestimated the intelligence of the American voter not to figure out that McCain was trying to hoodwink them. His fate was sealed when Sarah Palin hit the campaign trail and pushed the lie that Obama “palled around” with a terrorist. Day after day, we were subjected to this vile invective spewing from Ms. Palin’s lipstick tattooed lipstick lips. Day after day we were subjected to McCain as the Angry Old Man pounding the podium with his forefingers, his face twisted in anger, as an occasionally a smug smile crept across his face, when he read (what he considered) a particularly good dig at Obama. The test was to turn off the sound on the TV and watch the visual of the two different candidates. Obama looked cool and calm. McCain looked like an angry penguin pounding the lectern. Sarah Palin looked like what she is, an uninformed, self-satisfied, smug, Far Right, patronizing (she “tolerates” gays) religious extremist who doesn’t know how ignorant she is and doesn’t care. Her face showed true pleasure every time she let loose another steam of invective insults against Barack Obama. What she didn’t realize, that was every time she exercised her slashed and burn campaign tactics against Obama, she was losing more of the Undecided Vote. John McCain reminded us again and again that he was a POW and “had the scars to prove it”, assuming that that was a qualification to be president of the United States. He claimed to be the “change” candidate. This is a claim from a man who doesn’t know how to use e-mail, the basic form of communication in the United States in the year 2008. He professed to help the veterans but he consistently voted against increased funding for the Veterans Administration. John McCain claimed to be aware of how the middle class is suffering in this economy but he didn’t even know how many homes he owned. Just this morning it was reported on the news that Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country. The truth is Sarah Palin has a talent for reading a script (probably due to her earlier stint as a TV weather girl) but is unable to complete a sentence on her own; noun, verb and direct object. Both candidates were unqualified. McCain lacked the temperament (erratic.) Palin lacked the intelligence. They ran a totally negative and divisive campaign. Their efforts to try and suggest that Obama was some kind of a member of a terrorist sleeper cell failed miserably. The fear campaign didn’t work this time. It is time for Karl Rove and his acolytes to disappear in the dustbin of history. This time, hope overcame fear.


  1. Hi - love the music as always. By the way, I have rss feeds to ALL of your blogs, but guess it doesn't show up as 'following' your blog (at least it doesn't show on any of the blogs where you have the 'following' statement).

    Baby Elephant Walk??? A Democrat gets elected, and you pick a tiny an adorable little elephant to top the musical list - different, but fun.

    Maybe they don't have any good songs about donkeys, right????

    You could try to find DONKEY SERENADE (oldie and still goody), but I doubt the has it (remember, Jeanette MacDonald sang it).

    I already wrote you about going gambling; to dinner - voting, and the joy of being with a big cheering crowd at the casino as they showed the coverage at Grant Park. I won almost $5,000 playing Keno that night; can't get much better than that in a 24-hour period.

    Like you, not one person who was voting for McCain has written me; it's as if they 'died', but boy have I had fun sending them articles and pictures of the Obama win!

    A happy happy time for us all!


  2. Wasn't that a wonderful feeling when Obama was declared the winner? I was watching MSNBC. Keith Obermann waited until the lat polls closed (in California) and he announced that Obama won. The roar of the crowd in Grant Park gave me such a feeling of exhilaration, I can't describe. Yes, like you I haven't heard from any of my friends and relatives who were so vociferous about McCain/Palin. I did hear from a few who voted for McCain/Palin who say they "will wait and see how Obama performs." It is almost like they're putting Obama on probation. How many days will they give him before they proclaim "See! I told you so!" One thing they don't realize is that the negative political campaigns don't work any more. The campaigns that spread fear and divisiveness don't work anymore. I can understand where other have fundamental differences with Obama like on the Right To Choose but I don't understand the fear factor so many of them express. Especially this ridiculous "socialism" fear mongering. What these opponents and naysayers of Obama will realize one day is that the tsunami of history is passing over them. The days that the Religious Right dictated to women their right to choose are over. The days of the law breakers who disregarded the Constitution like Vice President Cheney are over. And the days of George W. Bush, undeniably the worst president this country has ever experienced is finally coming to an end. Only 70 more days and this nation can begin to heal and regain our moral standing in the world. That day can't come soon enough.


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