Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Day After

It's still sinking in. Barack Obama won the presidency of the United State of America. I have received several e-mails from friends of mine who are as happy as I am with the outcome of this presidential election. Interestingly, I haven't received one e-mail from friends or family who supported the McCain/Palin Republican ticket. I hope as time goes by they will realize that this country needed change and Barack Obama was the person to lead us to a better future. I am so excited. I don't think I have every felt this way before in my life. The only time I felt even close was when the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series in 1980. However, that feeling now pales in comparison to the feeling I have now with the knowledge that Barack Obama will be the president of our country for the next four, and hopefully, eight years. Once again our country will be inclusive instead of divisive as it has been the past eight years. No longer will we have to watch the smug countenance of our current president smirking as he sinks deeper in disfavor with the American public. Now is the time for all of us to join together and bring this country back together.

Below is the content of an e-mail that a good friend (who lives in center city Philadelphia, Pennsylvnaia, sent to me this morning. The feelings he expresses are mine exactly.


I am sitting here writing this at 1:00 a.m. because I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway with the screaming and car horns that occur every few moments because of Obama's victory. It is bittersweet in a way because I used to like John McCain. Unfortunately the closer he got to Election Day the more he turned into George Bush Lite. And when he chose Sarah Palin as running mate I began to seriously question his intelligence. The thought of her as president was just too awful to contemplate. Although I have read that her down home folksy way of talking is not the way she acts in Alaska I cringed at the thought of her going overseas to talk to the heads of other countries. Nevertheless I am very content to send her back to Alaska and now maybe her daughter won't have to marry that red neck clod. And what were they waiting for anyway.

I sympathize with your yearning for the Republican Party as it used to be. Their was a time when I could live with a Republican president but the party has been hijacked by the right-wing religious nuts. I used to say there were only three Republican senators left: Olympia Snow and the other senator from Maine (I can never remember her name) and Lionel Chaffee. He unfortunately lost his seat in the last election. And then I came across another one: Chuck Hagel from Nebraska. I just finished reading an article about him in the November 3rd issue of the New Yorker. He seems to be one of the few Republican senators with morals. One of his comments was: "The most dangerous element of our political future in this country is candidates who debase and degrade the political process by straight-out lies and misleading spots on television. It's a cancer to our system." The article is much too long to try to type here but if you can find a copy of that issue of the New Yorker it is well worth the read. Unfortunately he is not running again mainly because he is disgusted with the Bush Administration and being told to shut up and be a "good" Republican. How sad that sometimes the best people are driven out by the worst.

We will see what the New Year brings. Obama will have his hands full. The one good thing is the "W" will be gone!!!



  1. Ron,

    My other friend named Ron, who lives two doors down the street, has about six Obama/Biden signs across his yard. I was hoping to see him out yesterday. I was going to yell, "hey Ron, who're ya gonna vote for?"

    Actually I am surrounded by Obama signs on my street. I will hope they and you are not let down.

    I will pray for Obama, both as the president of our country and as a man; and for his family, for their well-being. It is a tough job he has taken on, and also tough on a family. They will need prayer.

    I am very glad this election was so clear cut, no hanging chads to contend with, no disputed results of any consequence. He won with a clear majority in the popular vote and a large one in the Electorial College. No Democrat has won with 50% or better since Jimmy Carter (and hopefully nothing else will repeat of Carter's term).

    Now we will give him his chance to do as he promised. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and wait and see how things play out. he deserves a chance to prove himself. So I will reserve my opinion until later. I probably won't express it, though. You know I don't have the taste for politics that you do.

    It is nice to read your Blogs and see you so happy and upbeat. I truly hope you are not disappointed. I hope Obama succeeds in improving all our lives because why would anyone sit around and cheer for failure?

    Two things do concern me. One, the expectations are so high they may be hard to live up to and two, I am always fearful when one party has such complete control on the government. I think things are bit safer when one wing at least is in the hands of the opposition.

    But for now we will wait and see what the character of this man is.


  2. I appreciate your views on the election of Barack Obama as our 44th president. I for one see where we had no choice but to break from the past. McCain was just an extension of the failed policies of George W. Bush. Why would anyone want to continue those policies? Also, he demonstrated temperament that was unsuitable for a president. His first major decision, Sarah Palin as his vice presidential choice, was a disaster and probably why he lost any chance of winning the presidency. Barack Obama offers hope to our divided country. Instead of divisive language and actions, he offers to bring us together as one nation. Instead of marginalizing and denigrating parts of our society, he practices inclusiveness. For the first time sine 1968, when I supported Robert F. Kennedy, I have hope for this country. I never thought I would have this hope again in my lifetime. Yes, Barack Obama has a big job ahead of him to clean up the disaster that was the Bush presidency. Our standing in the world is at an all time low. Our economy is the worst since the Great Depression. We are mired down in two wars. We have not caught those responsible for 9/11. Much is expected of Obama. Perhaps he will be unable to meet those high standards. But he is sincere. He can communicate. We need a leader that can communicate with the American public. We need a leader who doesn't take away our constitutional protections like habeas corpus and not having our phone lines tapped. We need a leader who is open with the American public instead of secretive government accessed by a privileged few. We need a leader who cares about the middle class and the poor. We need a leader for ALL the people. Frankly I don't see how he can fail, even if he doesn't meet the high expectations that are expected of him now. We will now have a president AND a vice president who has respect for ALL OF US. The rich, powerful and influential will always be with us. They will do just fine, even if they have to pay more taxes (which they are screaming mightily about now.) Join hands, prepare for sacrifices and join the journey to a new page in the history of the United States of America. I wasn't around during the time of Lincoln but I am sure he was just as reviled and hated just as some hate Barack Obama. Those who have held on to power the past eight years are very reluctantly giving up their grip on power. Now we will have a president that citizens can disagree with and not be accused of being unpatriotic. It is exhilarating to me as we enter this new age. Literally, it is a dream that was postponed from 1968 when RFK was assassinated. This country needs a leader that can communicate with them. Not a leader whose problems with the English language are the fodder of late night comedy. We need a leader to appoint members to the Supreme Court who will uphold the meaning of the Constitution and not the wishes of the Far Right evangelicals. You see Larry; we are all of part of this country called the United States of America. Not just the select few. Larry, I am looking forward to being proud of our president again. I am looking forward to being proud of our country again. To paraphrase Michelle Obama (for which she was unfairly skewered) for the first time in a long time, I am proud to be an American.

  3. Ron,

    I really hope you are right and I sincerely wish I could agree with what you wrote. But I would be dishonest if I said I did. I respectfully disagree. If you truly believe in what you wrote, you will allow me my doubts. I am not going to be slamming the man. I will wait and see what happens with the hope my doubts are unfounded. This would be the same position and the same things I would have told you if McCain had won.

    By the way, Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during his presidency.


  4. I have NO DOUBT that Obama will bring this country back together. NO DOUBT. However, it will take some time to undo the mess that George Bush and Dick Cheney have done to this country over the past eight years. Unfortunately we can't bring back those brave young men and women who lost their lives in vain in an unnecessary war in Iraq. What we can do is take care of the thousands of those brave young men and women who suffered grievous wounds from this war of choice. Unlike McCain, who voted against so many VA funding bills, Obama will see that our veterans are taken care of. Obama will try to correct the inequities of the tax system which now favors the rich over the middle class. Change is coming my friend (to borrow a tired old phrase of which we won't be hearing much of any more) and we will all be better for it. However, there will have to be sacrifices to be made. Unlike Bush who told the nation to "go shopping" when the he decided to lower taxes (on the rich only) and wage an war of choice (mostly to benefit the companies of his "base"), Obama will be asking sacrifices of everyone, including the rich. Those who supported Bush and his policies had their chance and Bush failed again as he has at everything in his life. Now it will take someone like Barack Obama to clean up his mess. Most of all, again I am proud to be an American

  5. I think one thing is very important to remember: "We elected a president, not a savior."

    Not a single human being alive today - of any political party, would be able to 'waltz in' with the mess that the Republicans have created during these past 8 years.

    Old man Bush left us in big trouble; Clinton took over, and we had a surplus when he left office.

    It didn't take long for GWB to destroy everything that Clinton had repaired.

    As I told my mother, apparently GWB thought that the president was in charge of ruIning the country rather than ruNning the country (at best we can blame what he did on his bad eyesight)?????

    I'm 100% in agreement with Ron; again, this man is not a 'miracle worker' - if Obama had about 100 trillion dollars of his OWN money to resolve the debt problem; spur the economy, and was willing to dump it into the nation's recovery, then we'd have a benevolent benefactor AND a president who could stay the course and assure us for at least 4 years, things would be worked out both nationally and internationally. I think Obama is shy about 99.9 trillion dollars don't you?


    McCain represented the very PROFILE of the GREEDY AMERICAN, and that's why only the GREEDY AMERICANS voted for him (and of course because he was white and that appealed to the bigots in this country).

    McCain picked a woman who pops babies like rabbits; drags them all over the place - no time of home-life, and yet preaches the virtues of being a hockey mom and pro-life. What kind of a life has she given her kids; obviously, she's given them very little moral guidance, or she wouldn't have a pregnant daughter that STILL IS NOT MARRIED although very MUCH pregnant.

    McCain and Palin represented the WORST side of the American people, and it's the WORST SIDE of the American people that have put this country in financial shambles.

    Those of us who've paid our bills; lived within our means, and contributed to charities and handed out financial assistance to those in need, have had to ENDURE the carelessness and greediness of the RIGHT WING SNOBS; the REPUBLICAN'S 'ALL FOR ME', and of course they don't want 'government to install SOCIAL PROGRAMS' because they don't want to give a portion of their 'income' to help those who are less fortunate.

    Sad to say, the Republicans swing on the Christian star; preach compassion and all that other crap in church, but once they leave the 'halls of their hymns', they're tight-fisted and cold-hearted to those who do benefit from the GENEROUS SIDE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY who has always been a party for the people as once the church as a refuge for the poor.

    Now a person can't even enter a church without the appropriate 'garb', and heaven forbid if they're not well accepted in the community. When the church I used to frequent; was the pianist and organist for, did NOT allow my father to enter because they said he was the 'town drunk', I left that building never to return.

    Obama (thank goodness) is not going to be any type of religious leader; he is just going to be a guiding light and inspiration for EVERYONE - including even the greedy and selfish 'rich folk'...I love his heart and admire his commitment - now I just want him to stay safe in the coming years so he can carry out what I believe JFK would have liked to also accomplished had he not been gunned down.


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