Friday, November 07, 2008

Africa Is A Continent

If any of you happen to run into the former Republican vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, could you please inform her that Africa is a continent, not a country. Apparently, according to unnamed members of the McCain campaign, Palin thought Africa WAS A COUNTRY! She thought South Africa was PART OF THE COUNTRY OF AFRICA. Wait, it gets even better. She didn't know what countries make up NAFTA! The North American Free Trade Agreement. Uh Sarah, those countries are:


The United States


When I first heard this news, it briefly knocked the wind out of me. A third grader knows that Africa is a continent! Palin, being the governor of Alaska, one would think would know what countries comprised the North American Free Trade Agreement. What took my breath away was the fact this this person could have been one heartbeat away from the presidency of the most powerful country in the world. Apparently this lack of knowledge wasn't the McCain campaign's main problem with Sarah Palin. Their problem was that she refused to be controlled. Thus, they called her a "Diva." Why is this news coming from unnamed sources within the McCain campaign? I think it's because they realized they couldn't control her. She wouldn't be their puppet. This woman truly believes she is all that. And that my friends, is really scary. One heartbeat away. Think of it. We came that close.

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