Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Sky In Delaware

Delaware is one of the smallest states of the union. When one thinks of a “Big Sky” country one thinks of a state like Montana. While I’ve never been to Montana (one of the many items on my Bucket List), I’m very happy living in Delaware, my “Big Sky” country. Having been born and spent most of my life in southeastern Pennsylvania, I was used to rolling hills and winding roads. Here in Delaware, those geographical attributes are almost non existent. Perhaps the only part of Delaware that is somewhat like the topography of Pennsylvania is Greenville, which is near the Pennsylvania border. Bill (my Domestic Partner) misses those forested hills and picturesque roads of Pennsylvania. We visit my Mom occasionally who still lives in Pennsylvania. Bill always gets nostalgic when we cross the Delaware/Pennsylvania border on Route 896 on the other side of Newark, Delaware. Bill doesn’t like the flat country of the coastal plain of Sussex County, Delaware where we live now. I love it. At first, when I used to visit my friend Bob in the late 1970’s, who lives near Georgetown, Delaware, I was put off by the flat land and straight roads intersecting one another, leading to the coast east or west. However, one aspect I always was impressed with this flat land of Delaware was the big sky. I’m sure there is a sky in Pennsylvania but it was hard to see amongst all the trees. While I also loved Pennsylvania, I did miss seeing the sky. Here, in good old Slower Lower, the sky always is impressive. Maybe my feeling has something to do with freedom. As I got older I felt more cramped living in Pennsylvania. Looking back, I can see now I moved in progression from my house in center city Philadelphia because I felt like I was being smothered by the closeness of all those row houses euphemistically called “town houses.” Having moved to Chester County to a big house on 7 acres of wooded land, I felt like I could breathe again. That feeling lasted for 25 years (1981 to 2006.) However, the need to break free from the oppressive taxes of Pennsylvania and losing electric power quite frequently whenever the wind picked up became an obsession with me. After the traumatic experience of selling my home in Pennsylvania and the nightmare of packing up all my belongings and moving to Delaware, I know now it was all worth it. Every day when I step out of my house I am greeting with a show in the sky. The picture featured on this blog is of the sunrise that greeted me as I opened my front door last Monday, November 12th. In the evening, I enjoy the always different sunsets that are displayed through my wall of windows in my sun room and great room. I purposely built this house with the front facing east to take advantage of the sunrise. In the evening, I can relax in my sun room or great room and experience the always spectacular sunsets. The stock market can have its gyrations, dire predictions of an economic meltdown continue, but one day still leads to another and I still absolutely love my new home in Delaware. I paid a high price to relocate myself to the Diamond State but it was well worth it.


  1. Ron,

    Yes, up here where I am is pretty much an extension of the topography of Pennsylvania. I am only a few miles from the border, in fact could easily walk to the border if I choose. Our home sits on a hill among old trees and woods. I work in Greenville and you'd have a hard time telling where Delaware and pennsylvania separate if you drove north on Rt. 52.

    But i can see the sky, especially as I drive home looking straight ahead to the Delaware River.

    But to each, their own, as they say. I'm glad you are happy where you are.


  2. Ron,

    Hey, happy in Nevada's right/ You need to update those references to being a 66 year old to 67 year old. Maybe you should make it easier on yourself and not have to change it yearly. How about ...challenges of an old coot ... :)

    That recently relocated is getting less recent, too.


  3. Yes, your area of Delaware is indeed beautiful, just like Pennsylvania. You're just a little to close to I-95 for me though. All that wooshing of 85 MPH traffic would unnerve me. Oh, I corrected my age. No, I'm not an Old Coot yet. Aging rapidly? Yes. I like to think of myself as an old grizzled prospector type.

  4. Ron,

    Seldom ever notice anything from I-95. It probably is no more in hearing to us as the traffic on Rt. 1 is to you.

    As far as old coot, remember I will always be nearly six months older than you, so always an older old coot.

    Other than the occasional ache in the body and weakness in the arms (that is, can't lift what I use to) this age seems the best of all. A more peaceful time of life.


  5. Lar,

    You are so right about this being the best times of our life. Ironic since the economy is in such bad shape and all the uncertainity in the world. But I have to admit I am so thankful every day that I get up and know that I live in a part of the country that I love, that I live in a house that suits me just fine at this time of my life, and that I am with Bill, my Partner For Life and that we have a wonderful,happy relationship that, while there may be a few speed bumps in the road, overall our life together is as much as I could ever have wished for. I am content, healthy and happy. What more could I ask for? Maybe pay my mortgage off. But that's not even a big thing because I have a part time job that I love and work with wonderful people and that pays the mortgage. Yes indeed, these are the best years of our life.


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