Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The New Dell

Today was the day I have been awaiting with great anticipation. Tom, my P C Guy (Tom is not politically correct – “PC” stands for personal computer) was coming over today to complete the setup of my new Dell computer. He asked me to prepare a list of things for him to do. I had that list ready for him.

First item on the list was to get some sound coming out of the speakers. Tom turned the volume on the speaker up. Duh. Well, I wasn’t totally at fault here. Dell’s speakers have the volume knob the opposite way. I’m not sure if there is a standard way. I just knew Tom would dispatch that problem jiffy. Tom is pictured above, fist on the old Gateway (not his body language) then on my new Dell (again, not the body language. It's almost as if the new Dell commands respect.)

Then it came time to connect me to the Internet. Tom asked for my encryption key code and the ESSID number from when he set me up on Verizon DSL. Uh, what? I search and viola! There it was. A slip of paper I saved from the last time Tom saved me. I won’t tell you the encryption code (a code which prevents passersby from hacking into my computer) but it is a number extremely difficult to guess. Oh, maybe one in a billion and a half.

Two down and now the wireless printer. Actually, I didn’t need the wireless printer. Turns out there are more wires with a wireless printer than the standard setup which is just a power cord and a cable cord from the back of the printer to the PC. But you know me, I have to have EVERYTHING. A wireless printer makes sense in an office, where all can share the printer. I’m not sharing anything. Man, that Dell salesman was really good because he also sold me a Dell printer. What was I thinking? I’ve always had HP printers. To me they are the standard. But hey, I have a black Dell printer to match my black Dell computer and keyboard. I’m color coordinated. My gay gene is alive and well.

Now, here is the biggie. I have to transfer most of my files on my Gateway to my new Dell. That would be an easy task. Since I have a wireless connection, I don’t have to connect the two computers across the room. First order of business was to transfer My Pictures. I knew I had a large file but I had no idea how large. How does this sound? In the My Pictures folder I have 25,231 files and a size of 21.2 GB. The files are transferring as I type this blog. They’ve been transferring for about two hours now. I’m down to 20.3 GB. Estimated time of completion? How’s 3 days and 5 hours sound? Yeah. That’s what I said too. WHAT? THREE DAYS? If it’s three day, that’s the way it will have to be because I have to transfer those files. That’s one of the main reasons I got the new computer. I was afraid of my old computer crashing.

With my new computer I also have an external backup drive of 1 terra byte. That should hold all of my picture files and take the constant worry that I would lose those files to a computer crash. Other files I have to transfer are my genealogy files, AOL saved mail files and some word files. Also some software files, including my Canon camera software. I’ll still be pumping out those pictures.

With my new PC I have a scanner that will scan negatives and slides. Now there is where I have a LOT OF PICTURES. I’ve been taking pictures since I was 10 years old (57 years for those of you who can’t do the math.) This is going to be fun.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Ron,

    Three days and five hours? I don't have as many photos on my computer as you. I have about 15,000, but I transferred all the files onto my Mac in maybe an hour or so. Why does your transfer take so long?

    A scanner that will do negatives and slides. That's what i need. I have a lot of pictures on slides. I'd really like to get them onto my computer.


  2. Lar,

    I don't think it is the number of pictures (I have 25,231) but the size of the files (mine is 21.2 GB.) It's been copying for 2 1/2 hours now and Ihave 21,784 files left at 19.3 GB. I suspect your files are much smaller. That said, I don't think it will take 3 days but it will be at least overnight and into tomorrow for sure. I just called Tom and he said "with those size files, it will take a significant amount of time." Plus, since I'm using this computer now, it will slow down the copying process. If it takes that long, that's the way it has to be. I have to get those files copied over to a new computer so I can back them up on my external hard drive. Then I can sleep at night. I can just imagine how many more files I will have when I copy all my negatives and slides. I was going to scan the pictures but this is much better. Sometimes good things happen to those who are patient. I've always wanted to copy all my negatives. I'm glad they found out a way to do it. I brought a new scanner that does just that. The scanner cost $99. I'm doing my bit to keep the economy afloat this month.

  3. Ron,

    Yes, your photo sizes are big. I always reduced the ones you sent me because they were so large in bits. Most of what you sent me were in Bitmap format. I converted them all to Jpeg. Most of my photos are in Jpeg, although a few are Gif.

    I think the ones for magazine publication I had to convert to Tiff.


  4. Lar,

    JPEG is the format my photos are on my computer. AOL must convert them intom Bitmap when they're sent. I didn't realize I had my camera set to the highest setting thus a lot of my pictures were big. Now I've reduced the size. The pictures are just as good. By the way, I'm still transferring pictures from my old computer. I left the computers on last night but the transfer stopped half way through the job. I had to go to the VA this morning (another whole story, it's always a story with me isn't it?) so I wasn't able to start the transfer until I got back (late because there was a serious accident right outside of Dover and we were delayed for almost 2 hours - another story.)


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