Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sasha Goes Home

Remember Sasha? She is the young Russian woman who is part of the summertime work force from eastern European countries that descends upon the Rehoboth Beach, DE/Ocean City, MD resorts to supplement the workforce. These young men and women from such countries as Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Belarus work as waiters and waitress, bussers, hotel room attendants, and store clerks. Many of them hold two jobs. When I first posted a blog about Sasha, she was shy, inexperienced and tentative. She had just begun her job at the boutique hotel in Lewes, DE where I work as a front desk clerk. She joined an already entrenched workforce mostly made of local Nanticoke Indians. From my viewpoint it didn't seem like an immediate "fit." In addition to working in a foreign country and learning the English language, she now had the challenge of working with an ethnic group of which she probably knew nothing about. However, she quickly adapted and soon was working harmoniously along Dee, Tasha, Amber, Crystal and Dawn with a smile on her pink cheeked face. Sasha soon developed a reputation for dependability and productiveness. It was with pleasure those days when I worked and Sasha would sweep by the front desk with her two-toned pink backpack to clock in. After clocking in she would go into the ladies' room and change into her working cloths. Then the kitchen door would bust open with Sasha pushing her blue canvas laundry cart. With a list of rooms to clean firmly grasped in her left hand, and with both hands on her cart, she goes to elevator. A bit later, the elevator doors open and Sasha emerges with her laundry cart full of dirty sheets and towels. Sasha repeats this routine until all the dirty laundry is now in washing machines. Several hours later, Sasha folds the dried sheets and towels. Now she is ready for her second job at a local gift shop. This girl has energy! Well, last night was her last day of work. She stopped by the front desk and said goodbye to me in her slightly accented English (she speaks very good English - I wonder how well I could speak Russian is the situation was reversed?) I could tell that she was glad to be going home. I asked if I could take a picture of her. She agreed. That picture is in this blog. She then asked to take my picture. I was flattered. I don't get a whole lot of requests these days to have my picture taken. I asked for her e-mail address so I could send her a copy. I have so much respect for these foreign students who go to such great lengths to come to this country to work and do such a wonderful job. They are just another reason why I am glad I retired to Delaware.


  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    So where's the picture of you she took?

  2. She said she will send it to me - from Russia.


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