Monday, August 11, 2008

"Do You Have Any Availability Tonight?"

"No, we are fully occupied." That the answer I give to the many phone calls I received this weekend asking if there were any rooms available at the bed and breakfast where I work. Notice that I don't say "We're sold out." That is so rude and crude. No, the correct answer is "We're fully occupied." I worked the 7 am to 3 pm this Saturday and Sunday. This was like a trial run for when I'm working full time for six weeks beginning August 27th when the regular daytime front desk clerk goes on maternity leave. It's been awhile since I've worked full time. It wasn't too long ago when I worked at my banking job and worked evenings at the Hampton Inn in Exton, PA. How did I do that? This was back in 1998 to 2001. I was way younger then. I didn't plan on my work schedule being like that, it happened gradually. I had left one full time job at a bank and got a temporary job working as night auditor at the Hampton Inn. After about three months my job at the Hampton Inn transitioned to the evening shift which I liked very much. Another bank offered me a job which I took with the consideration that I could leave that banking job an hour early each day I work the evening at the hotel. That situation worked well for a couple of years until there was a change of management at the hotel. I left the Hampton Inn and worked full-time at the bank. One good thing about working two jobs at the same time was that I was able to save a ton of money and it cured me (temporarily at least) of my shopaholic tendencies. An interesting development had developed since I moved to Delaware, I don't have the urge to "go shopping" like I used to when I lived in Pennsylvania. I'm not a psychiatrist, but the reason I probably was a shopaholic was that I was bored. I'm not bored now, especially this past weekend. Someday I'll write a book about my experiences in the hospitality industry. Believe me, real life is much more interesting than made up stories my script writers and novelists. After work last night, I felt like I had to unwind so I asked Bill to go with me for a ride down to the local McDonalds for milkshakes(which is miles away - nothing is close by here in Slower Lower.) That was a mistake. I got greedy and ordered large milkshakes for both of us. That was a large intake of chemicals. Then, on the way home, darkness descended on the roads and the rains began. It's been awhile since I drove at night and in the rain. The experience is like driving with a blindfold on except for the glaring headlights of oncoming traffic. So there we were, bloated with the sugar infused, chemical laced McDonalds milkshakes, wondering who had the bright idea to take a ride. One good thing, I got a nice sunset picture while sitting in the McDonald's parking lot. Next time we'll have smoothies at home.


  1. Boy, I agree - smoothies at home! Take a ride - get something that's 'light' .. lemonade next time?

    I haven't been inside a Mcdonald's in over 3 years; get coffee while traveling long-distance, and that's about it.

    Hey, you need to add a 'y' on this entry...

    "We're full occupied."

    I noticed how much your blue-birds look like the birds on the Ron Sails Away header.....

    Time to fix lunch. Diane

  2. I'm getting sloppy on my proof reading. Five times, no less. Everytime I take a shortcut, I get caught. Those McDonald's milkshakes laid heavy in our stomachs. Won't be having those any time soon. It was good going down but hurt once it settled.


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