Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Photo Show

Okay, this blog is all about me. I found a new website to upload all my old pictures. This is my first try at creating a slide show on Photobucket. I may change this later but for now I'll give it a go. I was going to do a blog on the over selling of Michael Phelps but I don't have time now. The weather outside is just too gorgeous and I have to get out there and soak it up. By the way, I always considered myself a major dork when I was growing up. Some of these pictures prove that beyond a doubt. Enjoy!


  1. Perfect!!!! I knew you could do it - powerful, now add new entries beneath this great photo show!!

  2. P.S. - the music works with all subsequent entries............

  3. Thanks. It was a rush job getting those photos on yesterday because I wanted to work outside. I'll have to go back and add more description to the photos. I'm on a whole new tack here. The music is interesting. I discovered it by accident. Sometimes things just work out.


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