Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Green Earth Restaurant Pasadena, California 2019

Every year when Pat and I visit California for our annual winter holiday, we make sure to visit the Green Earth restaurant in Pasadena, California.

The Green Earth restaurant, as the title would indicate, is a vegetarian restaurant. Pat wanted to visit this restaurant because it is the sister restaurant (run by the same Vietnamese family) of the Green Earth restaurant in Tornonto, Canada, Pat's former home (Pat now lives in Hamilton, Ontario).

Thuoung U - The Green Earth Restaurant

Our host at the Green Earth restaurant in Pasadena is Thuoung U, a Vietnamese immigrant.  I remember the first time I asked him his last name and he said "U".  I said "How do you spell your last name?"  He said "U".  Pen ready, I said "What is the rest of it?"  He said, "That's it, just 'U'".  Pretty cool eh?

Pasadena is a short drive mileage wise from our stay in West Hollywood but long traffic wise. It is worth the trip though. Pasadena is a beautiful town.  Neat and clean.  

Pat and I always sit at the same booth, which has always been available when we drop in unannounced. We're always receive a friendly welcome by Thuoung.  

Pat and me at our booth at the Green Earth Restaurant - I don't know what Pat was doing - by the way we don't sit next to each other, I sit across from pat at the table, we just posed this way for the picture which probably discombulated Pat

The menu changes every year.  We look forward to trying new vegetarian entrees. This year was no exception.  

Our vegan dishes at the Green Earth Restaurant - the one with tofu chunks are Pat's - I don't like tofu, that's how I knew the difference

I don't remember the names of these entrees but they were delicious. And we always top off our meal with a slice of vegan cheesecake which we share.  

Vegan cheesecake, which I like better than regular cheesecake - I don't have that heavy feeling in my stomach after I eat it, very tasty!

This blog post just another little slice of our annual California adventure. Sad to say we probably won't be visiting Thuoung next year.  We have decided to spend our whole two weeks in Palm Springs next year.  Maybe in 2021 we will return, hopefully.


Mike, Studio City said...

Pasadena is a very good city. It is very gay friendly and is a jewel in this area. Glenn and I love to eat at BJ's. It is on Colorado Blvd. just a little east of old town. If you are in L.A. on the second Sunday of any month, the Rose Bowl has a swap meet that is huge. It wraps around the outside of the bowl and much of a large parking lot. Very retro stuff and you can have a beer while walking.

Ron said...

"A jewel in this area" is a perfect way to describe Pasadena. He haven't visited any of Pasadena except this street Maybe next time we'll spend more time in Pasadena. It is a very lovely city.

Jon said...

Pasadena has always been known as a nice, quiet, well-maintained upper-class city (but perhaps it's changed since I knew it??).
The food looks beautiful and delicious!!

Ron said...

From what we've seen of Pasadena, it is a very nice, quiet and well maintained city. Very clean, which we appreciate. The food was delicious and moderately priced.

nitewrit said...


I have always been told that tofu took on the taste of what it is served in, so why don't you like it? Is it the texture?


Ron said...

To me eating tofu is like eating a sponge, it's totally tasteless. The texture doesn't bother me. I like mushrooms though, have a smilier texture but mushrooms have a unique flavor which I like. Tofu just gets in the way of whatever I'm eating. When I find it in my dish, I push it aside.