Monday, March 11, 2019

Reflections on LIfe

My new memory foam mattress - the mattress I will die on (or hope too)

Finally, I got some time to sit back and reflect.

Ever since I got back from my annual California holiday, it's been one thing after another. Doctor's appointments, work, household emergencies.

Tomorrow I take Bill to the VA Outpatient clinic again (third visit in the past three weeks) to get the rest of his ear wax cleaned out of his right ear. This care giving business is taking up more and more of my time. I don't mind though, I'll always take care of Bill. But when I do I always wonder what do those older folks do who have no one to care for them?  Who will take care of me if I should be so lucky to reach ninety years old, the same age as Bill is now?  I try not to think about it.  The way I'm grunting and groaning now I doubt if I'll get anywhere near ninety years.  My goal now is to surpass my father's age (80) before he died in 2020 of lung cancer. Next goal will be to surpass my Mother who died in 2016 of diabetes. I'm pretty sure I'm going to die of a heart condition the way I tire easily.  I used to be able to walk all the time but not any more. Last few trips Pat and I were on, I over did my walking and had to stop and rest because my heart was hurting so much.

I would say "I'm getting old folks" but that wouldn't be exactly true.  I AM old.  I talk to my friend Larry (same age as me) about this subject frequently. We are both entering a new phase of our very interesting lives. We both agree we've had a good run and this is just another part of living, for which we are both thankful.

This spring I plan to visit my younger brother at his home in Greenville, South Carolina, who has stage four lymphoma. He and I also had a discussion about life and death. John (my brother) said "We all get our turn."  John is in a good frame of mind which I admire him for.  Larry, who has ALS is also in a good frame of mind for the condition he has. Am I in a good frame of mind?  Sure.  Something is going to get me, that's for sure. Something is going get all of us, you can count on that. Are you in a good frame of mind for what's coming?

But for the time being, I'm glad things have calmed down and I can get back into my regular routine of working two days a week at the hotel, taking Bill for his daily ride, getting ready for spring gardening, making lemon sponge pie and taking afternoon naps on my new memory foam bed, which I will be writing about in a future blog posting.


Travel said...

Enjoy each day. There are no guarantees of tomorrow, yesterday is gone. Who's have ever guessed we'd live this long?

bobc said...

We all need to adjust our thinking to this phase of our lives. Enjoy what we have, do what we can to retain our health, but let go when its our time.

Mike, Studio City said...

Glenn has the 'sleep number' bed. He bout it in Jan. and he hates it. He is getting it picked up next week. It has a good return policy but you do pay two hundred dollar pick up fee. Now he is going to get the 'Brooklyn' bed. They are made in Phoenix. This will be his third bed in three years. Looking forward to your review of your bed.

Ron said...

David (Travel),
You are so right! I endeavor to enjoy each day and be thankful for the same.

Ron said...

I'm adjusting, believe me (smile). All my phases of life, very interesting.

Ron said...

I've heard of the "sleep number" bed. Is it memory foam? Wow, a $200 pick up fee. I only paid a little over $400 for my bed (had a big discount of $179). I LOVE my bed. In fact, I'm sleeping too much on it. The past two days my afternoon nap was three hours! I'm getting too much sleep now. My memory foam bed is literally the most comfortable I've ever slept in my whole life.