Thursday, March 07, 2019

Two Systems of Justice in the United States

Judge T. S. Ellis, III

Paul Manafort, the traitor to the United States of America, received a sweetheart sentence of forty-seven months for his lifetime of crimes including lying to the Special Prosecutor, thus proving again there are two systems of justice for citizens of the United States.

I try to avoid political blogs because I know they bore many of my readers but regular readers of my blog know that sometimes I just have to vent, political or otherwise. 

Remember all the "Lock her up!" chants from the Deplorables at Trump's rallies because Hillary had a private e-mail server which supposedly was a dangerous security threat to the US?  The Republicans and their Kool-Aid drinking followers all cheered. Yet here we have Paul Manafort, a proven liar, money launderer, bank fraud, and a lifetime of criminality gets a sweetheart sentence from Federal judge Ellis, who is known to give light sentences for white collar crimes. 

Remember this, a black woman in Texas was sentenced to five years in jail for mistakenly voting without being registered. Click here. That folks says it all about how the justice systems sometimes (a lot actually) works in our country.  

 Shame on you Judge Ellis.


nitewrit said...


Manafort was sentenced to 4 years for tax and fraud charges. He still has to go before a federal judge for sentencing for the other crimes.


Joel Reisteter said...

If this a political vent, fine. I will rate it 5. (out of 5 stars) I'm glad you currently think this way, and I have no problem with that, it does not bore me at all. Freedom of Thought and Speech. Yes, I agree there are two systems of justice - one for the rich and well connected and one for the rest of us.

However, the story behind the link is truly appalling and very sad.

VRC-Do You! said...

Ron...I do not mind your political rants...I love to hear different viewpoints...Despite the topic, despite the political party, what bothers me the most is the lemming mentality...Crazy man in the White House would not be there if he was not surrounded by an army of enablers...How can check and balances work...And the enablers, complicit folk, are putting party, greed...over the country, the constitution...That is what depresses me the most. I don't see a sense of morality...How can they sleep at night knowing that they are facilitating the weakening of our democracy...Don't get me started on kids in cages, mothers deported without their kids-and no way to find them-giving of state secrets, voting machines, voter suppression, increase hate crimes, gerrymandering, big donor money...Honey, I better sit down... I am getting light headed and angry...

Ur-spo said...

Shame indeed.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money.

Ron said...

Judge Ellis is a prime example of why many don't trust the justice system in our country. He should be nowhere near a federal bench.

Ron said...

VRC-Do You!
I agree with you totally. Everyone knew Trump was a con and a fraud without any moral compass. What Trump has revealed though is how many in Congress are easily intimidated and cowed by his bullying just because they want to remain in power. They have all sold their souls for their own selfish ends. They are not patriots and should all be voted out of office. We are undergoing an awful time in our country now but I hope this is a cleansing and soon things will return back to normal where we can be around of our country and our president and those deplorables who voted for him (yes, I am calling them deplorables because that is what they are) can crawl back under their rocks.

Ron said...

Indeed, follow the money. Always works especially now with the mob boss Trump whose only loyalty is to money and attention for himself.

Ron said...

There has always been and always will be two systems of justice in this country, the rich and powerful always get away with it. The laws don't apply to them and Trump and the Republicans are hell bent on making sure that "system" continues by packing the courts with their people, no matter how unqualified they are. Shame on all the Republicans on Congress who go along with this travesty that is happening to our country.

Ron said...

One would like to think we have equal justice in this country but Judges like Ellie continue to prove otherwise by their favorable treatment of criminals who happen to be in their societal class.

Ivy Green said...

I am imagining how the jurors felt who gave their time and toil and found this man guilty only to have a capricious judge in effect nullify their verdict.

Ron said...

Ivy Green,
Judges like Ellis should be no where near a courthouse. They do a immense harm to the justice system by their favoritism towards those of their societal class, the Good Ole White Boys Club.