Friday, March 15, 2019

Playing Pool at Hunters Bar in Palm Springs

During our stay in Palm Springs this past February Pat and I had a chance to play pool. 

During my three year Army enlistment I often played pool in our dayroom at the various Army bases where I was stationed.  Over time I obtained some measure of skill at playing a pool.  Not that I'm a good pool player, I'm not but I do find playing pool very relaxing. 

I tried playing golf (Chip and Put) back in the Sixties. That wasn't for me. Maybe miniature golf but I find playing golf very awkward.  Playing pool is more my style. I like the social aspect.

During our visit to Hunters bar (a gay bar in Palm Spings), which we went to for dancing and the pulsating music (videos of that in future blog postings) I noticed pool tables. During the weekends those tables are the platform for the male strippers/dancers but on the night we were there the pool tables were available for play.

This is a short video of that pleasant evening. Oh, Pat won most of the games as he does when we play games. But as I often say, we had fun. It's all about the experience folks. And on this night the music was pretty good too.


nitewrit said...


Guess maybe I should go downstairs and try pool again; I have a pool table. I once was fair at it, but no hustler. Don't even know if I can still do it. I did like golf, not just miniature and chip 'n' putt, but the real thing. I can't do that anymore. I stopped playing years ago because I couldn't see the ball in flight anymore.


pat888 said...

Hey Ron - when it comes to pool or bowling I think our skillsets are pretty matched. Scrabble too! But next time I need to take more clips of you playing - you are certainly more expressive than me. But that was a lot of fun. And it was there that we discovered the Moscow Mule cocktail.


Joel Reisteter said...

Ron, Let's just say your pool playing skills are a bit rusty. However, your skills tower over Pat's, unless Pat "could not hold his liquor" too well. Does Pat drink?
Bottom line: A lot of fun watching two mature men play pool.
2 thumbs up. I enjoyed this video.

Ur-spo said...

I walked past Hunters a few times but did not step in, preferring Quadz for the showtunes
It is nice to know there are new places for me to explore next time !

Ron said...

I've always liked playing pool. Maybe it's the social aspect of it and all the years (three) that I played when I was in the Army. Our dayroom always had plenty of pool tables available and they didn't cost anything! I never played real golf. When I did play chip and put (a step above miniature golf) I enjoyed that. Being outside and all. Maybe it's just as well I didn't get hooked on golf.

Ron said...

I've always enjoyed playing pool and even better with pulsating music in the background and a Moscow Mule to sip on, albeit one iwht vodka in it the next time. What we had was "tea". And expensive $9 "tea". As for our skills being evenly matched, not in bowling. I used to be a fair bowler but now I put my ball in the gutter more times than I hit the pins. Maybe I was nervous because the game was being timed. I'm not used to bowling with the meter ticking. Looking forward to playing pool at Hunters again next year.

Ron said...

You would like Hunters. We were hesitant in going in too but I'm glad we did. They were a friendly crowd, good music and some very interesting "dancers" to put one in "the mood." Neither Pat and I are one for the "show tunes" bar though. The first gay bar I took Pat too in Toronto ("Zippers"), we walked in on "Disco Retro Night" and there was a guy behind the piano belting out show tunes, way too loud. Obviously missed his calling on Broadway. I know most gay guys LOVE show tunes but I must have been sick that day the show tunes gay card credentials were handed out because show tunes, especially "Tomorrow" from "Annie" greatly annoy me. I won't patronize restaurants that have someone belting out show tunes on a piano. Can't stand it. Minus the show tunes, I think you would enjoy Hunters. Check it out next year. I hope we're they're the same time your and Someone and your entourage are encamped at Indulge for your yearly stay.

Ron said...

It's been about fifty years since I played pool. I still don't know how to make bank shots. Pat showed me how to make a couple of difficult shots. He won most of the games we played. Pat drinks only occasionally. Never to the point of getting high for drunk. Same here.