Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Productive Day

Pat (to the far right) sitting by the pool at one of the houses we visited during Modernism Week in Palm Springs February 19, 2019 - one of the rare sunny days while we were there

Today was much better than yesterday folks.  Early this morning I took myself down to the eye institute to present my power of attorney to the folks down there so I could authorize his eye surgery.  Bill has scar tissue that has formed around his replacement lenses. All went well. One eye at a time and then another long eye dilating hours appoint followup appointment. 

Shortly after I returned home a representative from Lowe's came by to measure our media basement room for a replacement wall to wall carpet.  We had to remove the previous carpet due to ground water damage from a broken seal of the sewer pipe leading out the back of the basement, near our media room.  Got that done. Now I await a quote on how much this is going to cost. 

Now I was at home I finished up preparing my 2019 tax returns.  Always a chore which I dread even though I'm using the Turbo Tax computer program.  Again, this year Bill and I get money back from filing a joint return, the third year we're filing a joint return. In all our years before we almost always owed money because we could not file a joint return even though I've been head of household since Bill retired at early age fifty-five in 1981.  Yes, I've been head of household all those years.  At that time I was making enough money to support both of us so I urged Bill to retire early.  Little did I know that four years later I would lose my long time job at the bank (which I fully expected to retire from) and began on my journey of scrambling and working for several subsequent banks. But it all worked out folks. We're here now, mortgage paid off (long story) and living a comfortable life in southern Delaware.

I'm looking forward to getting back into my regular home routine of playing online Scrabble with my Canadian Travel Buddy, Pat. Further cleaning out of a lifetime accumulation of memorabilia in our media room. Daily naps (had a good long, deep on this afternoon folks) and, AND frequent updates on my blog postings as well as reading blog postings of my favorite bloggers.

Next trip is to Philadelphia preceded by a short trip to visit my ill brother John in Greenville, South Carolina.  This will take place at the end of May.  Pat will take a bus trip to Philly where I will meet him.  There we will catch a plane to Greenville.  We'll spend the next day there then fly back to Philly where Pat will rent a car.  Then we'll drive down here to Casa Tipton-Kelly for a two day visit with Bill then we're to Philly for our annual spring stay in the City of Brotherly Love and visiting my longtime friend Don.  On the way to Philly we'll stop by Claymont Delaware and visit my long time friend Larry.  Always something to look forward to folks. That is what life about these days.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Pat will be my "date" when I attend my 60th high school class reunion in Downingtown on June 8th.  The time of this reunion will be 12 PM instead of nighttime. No more nighttime reunions for us oldies (we're all in our late 70's now).  Of course I will take pictures and videos.  Maybe I can convince Pat to have a dance with me.  

Things are finally falling in place folks. And spring is coming. And even better yet, the last season of "Game of Thrones" is finally here!!!! 

Doesn't get much better than that folks.


pat888 said...

Hello: I have been to a few American airports and what I like about them is their simplicity and cleanliness. Buffalo is a great example. Even free parking. And the floors are terrazzo. This is soooo important. Like our City Hall the floors are always clean. Pearson has carpets in so many places. With thousands of travellers daily those carpets became worn and dirty looking instantly. Please, please do not put carpets in John C Munro Airport. They are a disaster and collect dirt and the image result is worn and unkempt.

Travel said...

Sounds like you have a busy spring planned, time for the bulbs to bloom.

Ron said...

I LOVE the Buffalo airport. Toronto's Pierson is the worst airport I'v ever been too. Philadelphia is also very good. LAX is worn. I've also been to the airport in Atlanta and Orlando. Both nice back then. Want to explore more airports? How about Vancouver?

Ur-spo said...

I am glad to read you are happy and content.