Sunday, March 31, 2019

eBay Sale - Success!

My first eBay sale!

Good news! 

My first sale on eBay was a success!

Here's how it went folks. 

Last week I put my House of Miniatures Dollhouse furniture kits up for sale on eBay. I did my research and decided to put them up for auction instead of a set price.

I paid $14.75 per kit plus shipping when I was on a semi-monthly plan to receive these kits back in the late 80's. When I researched the kits that were already on sale on eBay I found the prices ranged form $4.50 to $8.95 per kit.  I had twenty-eight kits plus two shadow boxes and the XACTO knife set and glue.  I figured $100 was a fair price, both to me and a potential buyer. 

My next decision was to either put this lot up for auction or a set price.  I decided to put the lot up for auction with a starting bid of $50.  eBay suggested start the bid at .99 cents, they advised that works better for auctions.  I was too nervous to take that chance, not for twenty-eight unopened kits and the shadow boxes and the equipment to put it together. No one else was selling all those items in a House of Miniatures log on eBay.  

I placed my sale on eBay on Wednesday. 

Almost immediately I received an inquiry from a potential buyer, she was questioning the mailing/shipping costs.  I had researched the shipping cost of the kits and two shadow boxes, which weighed a total of nineteen pounds, and the costs ranged from thirty dollars to seventy-nine dollars, depending on the ZIP code where I would be mailing the kits. I decided to set a flat shipping cost of $50. This woman didn't like that. I thanked her for her communication and changed my ad to reflect the actually shipping cost.  She suggested that I pay the shipping cost. Well, that wasn't going to happen. 

I went to bed that night.  Next morning when I woke up I checked my iPhone to see if I got any other bids.  I did. Two of them!  One for $34.95 and one for $100!!  Wow!  

I have to tell you that offer caught me off guard.  One hundred dollars was want I wanted.  Maybe I could get more?  But the offer said I had "24 hours to either accept for decline the offer."  Oh, this was a new wrinkle that I hadn't expected.  My auction had six more days to run. I'm thinking maybe I could get more but then I'm also thinking one hundred dollars is what I wanted and would be happy with.  After about six hours of thinking about it, I decided to accept that offer. 

How about the other offer?  I rejected it of course.  Then that person upped his offer $5.00 to $39.95. Is this guy kidding?  Of course I rejected his offer with a note explaining to him if I accepted his offer it would amount to $1.97 per kit.  I sent him that communication. That was the last I heard from him.  Nice try guy.  

Next up was the mailing process.  This is what I wasn't sure about. I was pleasantly surprised to find that eBay makes printing a packing slip and mailing label very easy.  I was even able to print the postage.  How cool is that?

I mailed the nineteen pound box off on Friday at the Post Office. 

Now I'm ready to make my next sale.  One thing I found out though from this sale was that I posted it on the worst day of the week, Wednesday.  I've done more research for the best time to post a seven day auction item and all sources say the auction should end at 9 pm Sunday.  The information I got from the Internet says Sunday is the highest traffic time for viewing eBay.  Thus I will post my next sale tomorrow at about 9 o'clock. 

This time I'm selling a Heidi doll. This is a doll with hand made clothing by the husband of a former co-worker of mine.  Her name was Frida Grimm and her husband's name was Hermann Grimm.  Both were immigrants from Germany.  I purchased this doll from Frida and Hermann in 1968. She's been in her box ever since.

Heidi in a box since 1968
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Time to free Heidi! 

I purchased Heidi as a Christmas gift for one of my nieces but because I have four nieces and didn't want to slight any, I never gave Heidi to any of them. I would have to buy three more dolls and I didn't want to spend that much money.  I think I paid $45 for Heidi and this was back in 1968 when I was only making about $80 a week at my banking job in the trust operations department. 

Poor Heidi, she's had to reside in that box for  the past forty-one years.  Now she's going to have a new home.

I took her out to check her condition and I found her left eye to be cloudy. Looks like she developed an eye condition spending all that time in a box. I tried to clean her eye and got most of it off but her left eye is slightly different. I will disclose that in my ad when I place it on eBay tomorrow.

eBay suggests that for the best auction price I start the bid at .99 cents.  I'm still not sure about that.  I'll decide tomorrow.  Maybe I will. Then maybe I'll set a base price of $10, which I think is fair.

Since I began downsizing about five years ago I've given all my items to local thrift stores. However, now I'm getting down to my more valuable items.  Why not make some money off of some of my misguided buys during my previous life?  And you know I have a LOT of those items. 

This is going to be fun folks. I'm glad I took the plunge last week.  


Ur-spo said...

I look forward to seeing what you are selling; if I see something 'must have or perish' I may bid myself.

Ron said...

Very cool!