Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

The last time my Mother and "her goys" were together, September 4 2005 for a photo shoot at J. C. Pennys at the Exton Mall, Pennsylvania - our Mother was our best friend - we were so lucky!

My Mother died September 16, 2010. I was privileged to have her in my life for eight-six years. 

Today on Mothers' Day I again remember how much I miss her. I remember how lucky I was to have her for my Mother.

Growing up I thought all children had mothers like my mother. A Mother who loved us (me and my two younger brothers) unconditionally. 

A mother who devoted her whole existence to our well being.  

Oh sure, my Mother wasn't perfect but where she was perfect was in her total love and caring for "her boys."  

Me with Mom December 2007

As I became older I was surprised to discover that not all my friends had mothers like mine. I even encountered friends who didn't like their mothers. Mothers who didn't care for them.  I have to admit at first this totally confused me, just didn't compute. How could anyone grow up with a mother who didn't care?

My Mother loved received her annual Mothers' Day card from "her boys."  Thus this time of year I feel a sense of emptiness that I didn't shop for that special, big, sparkly Mothers' Day card for my Mom.  

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

(left to right) Me, my brother John and Mom 1962


Jon said...

You were very fortunate to have a caring, loving mother who you could confide in and who was your best friend. My Mom was the same way - which greatly compensated for my violent, abusive father.

Much like you, I used to think that all mothers were loving and good. It was a shock to learn that many other people had mothers from Hell who literally destroyed their kid's lives.

On this Mother's Day, you and I can be thankful for the good memories....

Ur-spo said...

that was sweet; thank you for sharing it.

Raybeard said...

Poignant pictures and story, Ron. She'd have been delighted that you still especially remember her on this day every year.

Ron said...

I will never forget my Mom. I miss her every day. So often I have the urge to call her and share the latest gossip or just complain and perceived injustices in my life. Unfortunately, later in her life her mind became poisoned by the Far Right Media propaganda machine. Still, I will always remember the good times and her positive influence on my life.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I was so fortunate to have such a good woman as my Mother.

Ron said...

We were both very fortunate Jon to have such wonderful mothers. Our memories will never die.

Raybeard said...

Have you tried 'writing' to her? I remember when my father died in (goodness me!) 1979 I wrote him a letter, pouring out my thoughts. I can't remember what happened to the piece of paper specifically - thrown away sometime, of course - but it did serve to alleviate the internal pressure, enabling me to say things I'd never been able to verbalise when he'd been alive. It also helped to crystallise and put in order my confused emotions. I've not done the same thing since, though, obviously, I've experienced many times more bereavements than I'd had 39 years ago. Just a thought for you which may, or may not, help - if you feel you need it, that is.

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