Thursday, May 17, 2018

Juggling, Trying To Keep Up and Falling Behind

There was a time when I juggled many balls at once. This was years ago when I worked at a bank in Philadelphia. For many years I commuted daily to my job early in morning and arrived home early evening, sometimes later. I thought nothing of that routine.These days I work part-time at a local hotel two nights a week.

I had no problem spending up to two hours a day on that commuter train and working eight or more hours a day. After returning home I took care of running our household and in the longer days of spring and summer, also did all the yard work. 

I managed all this and didn't give it much thought. It was just my daily routine. 

I looked forward to retirement when I could catch up on all the fun stuff like organizing my photos. Reading, yard work and traveling.

So here I am folks, in retirement. I've never been busier in my life. I feel like I don't have enough time to juggle all these new balls in my life.

What are they?  One big thing is all our doctors' appointments. I think I finally got Bill's cardiovascular appointment straightened out. HealthNet, the outside agency that handles the Choice program for the VA told me they made a mistake and duplicated a procedure.  I now await a call for the new appointment. My paper folder grows on this issue.

This week I have another doctor's appointment. This time my annual eye examination on Friday.  

Last week was my dental appointment.  

Last night I attended my HOA board members' meeting. I am the acting secretary.  I just finished recording the minutes of that meeting and sent them out to the vice president for review.

Here I am whining/complaining again. 

After I'm finished with the blog post I have to vacuum our house. A chore that I should have done last week but I was just too tired. Today I go to work at 2:30 pm.

Thank goodness I have something to look forward to.  My Canadian Travel Buddy (Pat) arrives next Wednesday for his annual  visit to "Dela-where?". Pat will spend three days here then we travel to center city Philly for a week long visit to my longtime friend Don McK.  

I may complain about how I sometimes feel overwhelmed by every day responsibilities folks but know this, I am so appreciative for the life I have now. Better this than the alternative. Lonely and depressed. Still, I sometimes feel as if I'm a hamster in a wheel and I'm losing ground. 

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Mike said...

Love the video. Where did you learn to do all that?

I hope I get to meet Pat next week!

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