Sunday, May 06, 2018

Farmer's Market

Ah, the season of the local farmer's markets are upon us here in southern Delaware.

I LOVE fresh veggies and fruit. That is one of the glorious benefits of living here. 

My favorite local fruit and veggie stand is in Milton. However, it doesn't open Memorial Day.  

We have three local farmer's markets here in Sussex County. One a week on different days there is one in Rehoboth Beach, Lewes and Milton. I've attended two of them but didn't go back. The parking was very difficult if not impossible. Those farmer's markets are good for folks who live in those towns but not someone like me who lives outside those towns.  We live in a development off of Route One (Coastal Highway), not in one of those towns where the farmer's markets are held.

Friday afternoon one of our neighbors stopped by and gave us a jar of fresh honey from the Milton Farmer's Market.  I told him I would like to go to that farmer's market but don't want to content with the parking hassles.  He told me the farmer's market is now at a new location, the Dogfish Brewery campus. Lots of free parking!  

I told Bill "Let's go!"  What a pleasant surprise, finally a farmer's market outliers like me can go too. What a delightful experience!  I bought a couple quart containers of strawberries that actually taste like strawberries.  Of course they were from North Carolina (the seller said "Straight up this morning from North Carolina") but till, real strawberries. Not those giant hard strawberries from California or Mexico that have no strawberry taste.  And that reminds me, fresh tomatoes. Can't wait. I already have my plants in the ground. Hey, maybe I can set up a stand at the farmer's market! 


Raybeard said...

Looks (and sounds) just the place to spend a pleasant hour or two.

Larry Meredith said...


This month see the opening of Marini Produce, about a mile and a half from me. Norman the Pig is now our in his outside pen for the season. He is pretty famous around here, even has his own webpage. Marini has very good fresh produce, always glad to see them open. Stuff is delicious. Also opening in the next week or so will be the Rockwood Famer's Market open every thursday on the grounds of Rockwood Mansion Park. This is various local famrs bring in their wares. Very happy to see the return of "real" produce.


Ron said...

Fresh farmer's markets. God time of the year Lar for fresh natural products. Good for the body and soul.

Ron said...

Absolutely, very ideal and peaceful.

Travel said...

There are two markets near me, I often go to the smaller one, because parking is easier. It opened on Sunday for the season.

Ron said...

I only go where parking is easy.