Saturday, May 19, 2018

Royal Wedding

"I do"

Yes! I watched The Wedding.

This morning I awoke early. Not necessarily to watch live coverage of the royal wedding of Prince Harry to his American princess Megan Markel. But I thought, "Why not?"  Folks, I was enraptured. Oh yes, I am a hopeless romantic.

The Look of Love

For one thing I am an Anglophile, through and through. My ancestry on both sides of my family is from England. 

My paternal ancestry of Tipton's is from the Black County of the midlands. 

My maternal ancestry of the Hadfield is also from Glossop, England, not far from where my paternal ancestors lived in the Midlands.

My paternal ancestor emigrated to this county in 1692 from Jamaica. His name was Jonathan Tipton and he was probably born in Jamaica after his father Edward Tipton was one of the colonist of Jamaica after England took over that colony from the Spanish. He left Jamaica after the Great Earthquake of 16-2 destroyed his barrel stave (for rum) making business. He emigrated to Baltimore County Maryland and produce many progeny of which I am the ninth generation American.

My maternal ancestor was Thomas Hadfield who emigrated to this country in 1854 via New York City with his wife Sarah and two young children William and Mary.  

Although I am an unabashed Anglophile (I can name all the kings from before the Norman Invasion until today), I am a thorough American. But I do enjoy and derive a great deal of pleasure following the goings on of English royalty.  

Prince Harry and his best man, his brother Prince William arrive - lookin very spiffy guys!

Today was special.  Rarely have I seen two people more in love than Prince Harry and Megan.  You can just tell by the expressions on their faces when they look at each other. I choked up more than once watching the wedding ceremony today.  

Megan and her mother arrive

And what a perfect day for a wedding!  The weather was ideal at Windsor Town in England where the wedding took place.  

A sermon by the head of the Episcopal Church to beat all sermons!

With all the nastiness and bad news in the world today, what a pleasure it was to see something so perfect today. 

Join me in wishing them much happiness.

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mxtodis123 said...

It was a beautiful wedding. Had me tearing up.

Raybeard said...

Ron, that Curry chappie preacher did go on a bit, didn't he? Poor Prince Philip, having to sit through it all at the age of 94. Even I was starting to wilt!
I only watched the thing in case she tripped when going up the chapel steps and went tumbling down arse-over-tit. It would have been awful to have missed it! But I must say, they do make a handsome couple.
Whatever happened, I wonder aloud, to her first husband? I know he wouldn't have expected to be there yesterday but I just wonder what he's doing now (though I'm not interested enough to look it up)- and is he now jealous as hell?

I shouldn't think that even one in a hundred English people could name all the British monarchs, and certainly not pre-Norman conquest. Closer to one in 500 I'd imagine. (I couldn't do it with any confidence).

Glad you enjoyed yesterday (with Bill watching too?) Must have been quite something different to absorb your attentions.

Practical Parsimony said...

If only Meghan Markle would disappear, it would all be perfect. I will explain on my blog later today.

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
For me, I thoroughly enjoyed this wedding. A nice interlude from the stresses of all the bad news of the day.

Ron said...

I actually can name all the British monarchs from 1066 on. By the way, in my ancestry. Sir Anthony de Tipton (my direct ancestor) was knighted on the field of combat by King Edward the 1st on 12/11/1282 for ailing the last Prince of Wales, Prince Llewellyn in personal combat at the Battle of Snowdon Mountain on 12/10/1282. Anyway, the is my family lore. I can trace my ancestry from this same Anthony de Tipton.

Ron said...

Had me tearing up too!

Raybeard said...

I'm flattered to have some acquaintance (yours, I mean) with nobility, Ron. It's more than I can muster.

Jon said...

Hey, Ron - first of all, I enjoyed reading about your family history.
I admittedly got up at 5:00 a.m. to watch the wedding (live stream on YouTube). I'm always fascinated with the royals. It was a beautiful wedding and a perfect day (the weather was gorgeous). I always like to see how everybody is dressed. The Queen and Prince Philip look damn good for their ages.
BUT.......(here comes the inevitable "but".....)

I'm infuriated that the royals nowadays seem to be only marrying commoners. The royal blood is being so diluted that soon there will be no true royals left. And, Megan is very pretty but she's an older woman with a tainted past. I truly hope I'm wrong, but I think she's merely an opportunist and a gold digger.

Ron said...

Something else we have in common! I too am fascinated with the royals. But you're right, the royal blood is being diluted with all this marrying commoners. One exception was Diana. I read that the Spencer family actually was more royal (British) than the Windsors, who are actually more German than British (changing their name from the factual German name to the more innocuous sounding and very British "Windsor" during World War I). I also agree with you that Megan, while very pretty and good at playing the role is probably an opportunist. It will be interesting to see how this marriage works out. I hope the best for them but I do wonder.

Ron said...

Why thank you Ray. You can get off your knees now (smile)

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