Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Medical Update

My VA doctor, best doctor I ever had

Good news folks! Bill's legs are getting better. What a relief!  

Tomorrow he has a followup with his doctor at the wound care center. Yes, we have another doctors' appointment. 

Yesterday I had my appointment with my doctor at the VA. Every six months I take lab tests.  My main concern is checking my PSA level.  Good news, my PSA score is still down (.14).  

Remember I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 203 when my PSA score was 8.4.  After much consideration as to what kind of treatment I would choose, I opted for seed implants. So far that appears to be the right decision, for me.  I didn't want to choose removal of my prostate because of the chance of developing some serious side effects. I also choose not to get exterior radiation of estrogen treatments. I don't think I would do well with hot flashes.  Of course I have some side effects from the seed implants, the details of which I won't go into here, but most of my "functions" are sill in place and, this is important, I new "pee like a teenager."

Net week I have an appointment with my urologist to go over the results of my CRT scan.  Kidney stones. Hopefully if I have any more kidney stones, I'll get a warning and take action to prevent ever going through another painful kidney stone episode.

These days folks I can feel my age. Every morning I get up my body is stiff with arthritis. 

Every day, about this time of day, I wind down like an old clock. No more party time for this boy.

And, very important, every day I have to have a nap of at least one hour, or more.  

But I am thankful that my health is basically good and I don't have any serious issues like so many others my age.  And how lucky is Bill to be approaching age 90 and still in basically good health?  

Have a great day folks!


Geo. said...

Dear Ron, I have long admired your courage and acceptance in the face of caducity and want to thank you for your positive example. I am only a boy of 68 and my ailments are unlike yours, but I still feel braver after reading your posts. All my best wishes.

WARPed said...

Great news all around, Ron.

You and Bill are an inspiration!



Raybeard said...

Both of you still truckin' at your age(s)! MAHvellous! Hope the tests to come keep up the good prognoses.

"Tommy" said...

Glad to hear about the PSA Score..!!!!

Deedles said...

My balder half always says that every day above ground is a good one. There are times when I'm not so sure, but then again, he is more active than me. Bill must have a combination of good genes and active lifestyle. You ain't so bad yourself, Ron. Last week my sister informed me that a friend that I've know since I was eighteen, passed away. I asked what did she die of. My sister replied somewhat snottily, "She was 106, Donna, for crying out loud!". She was 102 last time I saw her, and very much active. I know I was trying to make a point here, but I can't remember what it is :)

Ron said...

Another doctor's appointment today for Bill. His leg is healing nicely. He has to take two more tests. He is becoming frustrated having his normal routine disrupted. I have to assure him this is necessary to his healing. Next week I too have two more medical appointments. I have admit I am becoming frustrated with all the medical tests and appointments. But this is the price for staying together in our advanced years. Have to be stoic.

Ron said...

Thank you Andy!

Ron said...

Definitely better than the alternative!

Ron said...

Me too!

Ron said...

Pat's mother lived to be 101. I told Pat I hope he lives that long. I need someone to take care of me when I'm 89, like Bill is now. Of course Pat would be 82 but still, younger than me. And he goes to yoga several times a week. Hey, I often start out with trying to make a point then lose my way.

Anonymous said...

I am glad things are hopeful.

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