Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Snow Is Gone!

Well, not quite but it's almost gone.  Thank goodness.

Ever since I fell two years ago (January 17th, 2014) and tore my left leg quadricep muscle, putting me out of commission for twelve weeks, I'm fearful of snow and ice.  I'm not like the earlier years of my life when I was fearless when it came to walking on snow and ice.  

The snow storm came late last week.  Fortunately for me I wasn't scheduled for work at the hotel. I went back to work this past Monday.  The road out of our development and the back road I take to work were not cleared.  Only the main road Route One was cleared, just enough to get salt and frozen slush on my red Subaru Forester.  

I felt like I was in Alaska, going about fifteen miles an hour on those ice covered roads to work.  Normally Bill would drive me to work when it snows like this (he has experience having worked and lived in Alaska in his earlier years). However, since he lost his driver's license I'm on my own now.  I have to put on my big boy pants and navigate those snow and ice crusted roads myself.  I managed and got home safely after my shift ended at 11 PM.

Tomorrow the temperatures are forecast to go over 60 degrees.  I'll take it!  We'll celebrate by going to BJ's in Millsboro.  

Every day I take Bill out for a ride. When it snows we stay in.  The only time I drive at night now is to and from work.  I don't drive at night any other time.  Too much glare from the incoming headlights.  Just another factor of getting older.  


  1. old age and going out in winter weather are not good bed fellows.


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