Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Random Musings

The snow geese have arrived. 

They arrived later this year than in past years.  Probably because of the unseasonably warmer weather we have been having here in southern Delaware.  

I took this video last week, during my morning walk through the development where I live. My morning walk is one of my pure pleasures this time of my life.  On this particular morning, as I was completing my two and a quarter mile walk, the snow geese flew overhead. I looked up and let that good, natural feeling of communing with nature envelope me.

Lately I haven't been in much of a mood to pound this keyboard to punch out a blog posting.  Not that I don't have anything to write about, I do.  I always do.  That's one thing I never lack, subject matter of what to write about.  But for some reason, and I think I know what it is, I just haven't been in the mood to put my mental musings in a blog. But I feel a responsibility to keep it up.

In three days we'll have a new president. I'll be very frank with you folks,, I am fearful, very fearful.  Talk about the "end of times."  I am THAT fearful.  I hope my fears are overblown but I do have this sinking feeling they are not.

So what have I been doing these days?  Playing online Scrabble with my Travel Sidekick, Pat, an always enjoyable and soothing past time. 

I've also been organizing my 86,000 some photos and videos on my computer.  A YUGE job. Sometimes I wonder why I am doing that because after I'm gone no one cares what I have on my computer.  But for now, I care and I also derive pleasure looking at all those photos, especially the older ones, tagging them and putting them in some kind of order.  Who knows, maybe one of my great-nephews or great-nieces will have an interest once they get past their young years.  By the way I am now a great-great uncle.  Two of my great nieces have daughters of their own.  Man oh man am I old.

My current challenge is to get a handyman to install a bidet on my toilet.  Talk about a change of subject.  You know me folks, I veer right and left, sometimes with a very sharp curve.  

Next up is taking Bill for his first visit to a cardiologist. Bill and I both have irregular heartbeats.  I was hoping to get Bill to see my cardiologist but he's booked up until May.  Bill's cardiologist is in the same practice though.  Thank goodness the VA Choice program is covering the expenses.  This visit to the cardiologist is more to prepare Bill for his cataract surgery. Then maybe after his surgery we can get his driver's license back.

Well, this is enough musings for now folks.  I have some Scrabble games to catch up on before Trump blows up the world while I can.


Raybeard said...

'Carpe diem' has never sounded more like good advice, Ron.

Ron said...

Good advice Ray!

Anonymous said...

I also walk everyday about 4 miles and always outdoors. There is something soothing about seeing nature as you walk. Here in Canada we are also worried as we and the world may be harmed by this man. Day by day is all you can do. Long may you run(walk)
Jane in Ontario

Anonymous said...

Personally I look forward to our posts...maybe its a philly thing. Will there be someone oto look in on Bill while you are in Canada? Also I do think they take advantage of your goodness towards others at work but just my opinion as they also do it towards my daughter at work and throw in school and it makes me cranky
Please excuse my typos since i am typing from phone

Peaceful travels and happy trails

Ron said...

Our wonderful neighbors (right next door) look after Bill while I'm away on one of my travel adventures with my Toronto pal Pat. This is especially important now since Bill lost his driver's license because he failed his eye test. Hopefully, after his cataract surgery, he will be able to get his license back again.

Ron said...

I know it is a cliche to say "some of the best things in life are free" but it is absolutely true. Two of my favorite activities, walking and reading, are free. I've been doing both for years and I have never ceased to enjoy them. When I lost the use of my left leg (fell on the ice and tore my quadricep muscle) and was out of commission for twelve weeks, was an eye opener for me. I am so glad I can walk again. One of my true joys.

Travel said...

It is going to be an interesting year.

Ur-spo said...

I am fascinated by the bidet. I don't know any Yankees who have one let alone know what one is.