Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

Me by a unique planter at the flower show

Just back from the Philadelphia Flower Show.  I wasn't too impressed with the flower show.  It was a bit skimpy this year but the day was not a loss.  The trip up with friends (Ted, Bob and Miles) was fun and interesting.  Also, I had a chance to meet with my longtime friend and co-worker Don who lives in Philadelphia.  We all had lunch at Woody's, a favorite gay hangout.  

Ted checking out the succulents

On the way back from lunch Ted and I stopped at the former Girard Bank where I used to work and checked out the makeover that is now the Ritz Carlton Hotel.  We were very impressed.  VERY.

Then we went back to the flower show which was much more crowded now.  We didn't swim too much in that crowd so we went down to where the bus back to Georgetown was to depart at 3:30 pm.

We made our getaway to Delaware and here I am now posting this short blog about our wonderful day trip to Philadelphia.  A good time was had by all.  


  1. on a tangent - when I first interviewed for a residency programme, I went to Philedelphia and asked for a bar. I was told go to Woody's. I could not find it, alas. I am pleased to hear it is still there - 20 years later !

  2. Spo,
    You missed your chance! Almost every gay guy has been to Woody's at least once! Next time you're in Philly, give it a try. It's on 13th Street, between Sansom and Walnut Streets. They have about a dozen rainbow flags hanging outside. You literally can't miss it.

  3. spouse's BFF enters his cacti and succulents (heh heh heh, SUCKulents) every year in the flower show. he ALWAYS wins many ribbons.

    woody's is the heart of the gayborhood! alas, as a str8 girl, I have never been there as I would stand out in the crowd.

  4. I've done Woody's! Good Times...
    I'm glad to see that you met up with some good friends.

  5. Ron,

    Never been to the flower show. Went to the Auto Show a couple times. Didn't have any planter-cars though.

    How about that, I use to work on Sansom Street just off 13th.


  6. Mark,
    I think just about every gay guy in the radius of Philadelphia has done 'Wood's'.
    Woody's was going strong when I left Philadelphia 25 years ago! They must have set some kind of record for longevity.

  7. Same here Lar. All the years I worked and lived in Philadelphia, I never went to the flower show. Now that I'm in lower Delaware, I go every year!

  8. Unique flower planter indeed. Glad you enjoyed the flower show.

  9. Rick,
    I always enjoy my annual trip to my former home in center city Philadelphia. The flower show is just an excuse to go.

  10. Anne Marie,
    We saw some beautiful succlents at the flower show. My friend Ted lingered extra long at the succulents table. You would be welcome at Woody's. Give it a try. I'll be in Philly again in a couple of months. You're welcome to join us for lunch.

  11. Rick,
    The Philadelphia Flower Show is an excuse for me to visit my old stomping grounds (1969-1980) in Philadelphia. Visiting Philly and seeing old friends brings back many memories of the happy years I lived and worked in Philadelphia.

  12. Seeing as how you went to the Flower Show and live in southern Delaware,you may know my friend Zita and her partner, Judy. Judy just won a big prize at some flower show - maybe it was the one you went to. Judy shows dahlias.


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