Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I Did it Again!

Startled Lisa
This is Lisa, my co-worker at the hotel where we both work.  Both Lisa and I work part-time at the hotel.  We both work the evening shifts, two nights a week.

Lisa and I often switch shifts.  A couple of weeks ago Lisa had a skiing accident and asked me to fill in for her, which I gladly did. Lisa filled in for me a few months ago when I feel and injured my arm entering the American Legion Post 18 in Millsboro, DE to put my name on the calendar to reserve a spot on the VAMC van traveling to Wilmington, DE.  Lisa and I work together.

As regular readers of this blog know, I've been a bit 'off the tracks' the past few weeks.  Part of the reason I was 'off the tracks' was because I was working three nights IN A ROW at the hotel, which really throws me off of my game.  The other reason was the BIG SWITCH to Comcast, iPhone and my intensive training on how to use all the Mac products by my friend Don V.  Yep, this was the week I was going to get back on track. 

So, after this morning of spending several hours with my friend Larry M. on FaceTime going over different iMac issues (he also has an iMac and was helping to resolve some Mac procedures that I was still confused about), I took a long nap and headed off to work.  

As I'm trudging down the hotel corridor from the lobby to the front desk to the time clock to punch in; Lisa, Blair, Mike (my manager) and Jesse are looking at me like I'm Michael Rennie who just stepped off the space ship and in unison asked "What are you doing here Ron?"  I answered "I think I'm working ?"

Lisa pulls out a copy of a text message I sent to her last week listing dates I asked her to take my shift.  The first date was March 2nd, TODAY!  Uh oh.  I pull out my iPhone and check my iCal.  Uh huh, I meant to say APRIL 2nd, which was the day of my trip to the Baltimore Harbor by the Old People's Bus out of Georgetown.  

This is the THIRD time I've gotten my dates mixed up.  Now, granted I've been working at the hotel for almost four years (this April) but still.  The first time I was eating breakfast at Zorba's Restaurant on a Saturday morning with Bill when Blair calls me on my cell phone wanting to know "Where are you?" Here I had completely forgotten that I agreed to take her Saturday morning shift.  I quickly gobbled down my scrapple and high tailed it back home and got into my hotel drag and made it into work in less than a half an hour from her phone call.  I was very embarrassed.

The next time I showed up on the second shift.  Blair was also on the second shift.  Somehow we got our wires crossed and I wasn't aware that she was taking my shift.  I don't think that one was totally my fault because she had switched times with me several times before settling on this particular time.  In fact today she called and asked if I could come in and hour and a half early on my shift next week so she could take her daughter to the doctor.  

So this was the look I got from Lisa today when I came into work.  I took this picture sit my new iPhone.  Pretty good huh?  I have to steady the camera more so it's not so blurred in the future.  

I'm going to have to steady myself too also or else I'm going to be looking at the  assisted living arrangement facilities around here.  I mean really.  


nitewrit said...


You get a look at the rates for those assisted-living facilities and that'll snap your mind into focus on what dates are what.


Vương Tử Trực said...


Cubby said...

You've identified a problem so now you know to double/triple check yourself when you deal with dates.

I have similar problems with typing some words, particularly "you" and "your". I constantly reverse them. But I'm aware of my problem and I force myself to double and triple check it.

Lisa doesn't look broken and bruised, so she must have healed up nicely :-)

Ron said...


I think I just had a typo with the dates. I put in '3' when I should have put in '4'. Lisa had an adverse reaction to her medication. She had a seizure.