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Betty White

Born: Betty Marion White January 17, 1922 (Capricorn)

Parents: Horace and Tess White

Occupation: Comedian and Actress

Betty Tipton

Born: Betty Louise Hadfield December 24, 1923 (Capricorn)

Parents: George and Ethel Hadfield

Occupation: Pepperridge Farm Frozen Foods Assembly Line worker, Mother and homemaker

These are the two “Bettys” that I have known in my life.

Both of these Bettys have always made me smile and feel good.

The first Betty is a very popular comedian and actress who is enjoying a fabulous renewed success in her very successful 70 year old career in the entertainment field.
Young Betty White

The second Betty is my Mother. My Mother is a very successful Mom who raised three wonderful sons (me and my brothers, no modesty displayed here) as well as being a loyal and devoted wife to my father for 60 years.

Young Betty Tipton

My family first noticed Betty White back in the Fifties when she appeared on the television show “Life With Elizabeth.” Ironically, neither Betty was born an “Elizabeth”, a distinction that they had to explain their entire lives.

Betty White in the Fifties

My father noticed how much his wife (and my Mother) looked like Betty White. Plus, they both had very similar personalities; very sweet but with just a touch of raciness. They both had this wonderful slightly raunchy sense of humor but in a nice way. Plus, they are both ardent animal lovers.

Betty Tipton in the Fifties

Over the years whenever I saw Betty White either on the old “Mary Tyler Moore Show” or “Golden Girls”, I always felt a special connection with this wonderful woman.
Betty White middle aged

Thus it was with special pleasure to witness the wonderful rediscovery of Betty White during her Super Bowl Snickers commercial and subsequent “Saturday Night Life” guest hosting appearance.

This woman has always brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart. Both “Bettys” have always brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart.

Betty Tipton middle aged

My Mom is now living with my younger brother and his wife and daughter in South Carolina. Physically she is not doing as well as the other “Betty” and needs car. But her mind is still sharp and she still warms my heart.

Knowing these two “Bettys” has been one of the special treats of my life for which I will be forever thankful.

Thank you Betty (both of you) for making my life so happy and may you both live a long life.

My Mom "Betty" with her three sons 2005 and her beautiful smile
Betty Tipton 2005

Betty Tipton 1939


  1. Note that nobody in my family gets white hair. Some gray hairs? Yes. White beard? Yes. But not white hair. My father didn't have one gray hair on his head when he died at 80 years of age in 2000. He did have a white beard as I do. A little distinguished gray on the side, that's what we have. I'll take that.

  2. Ron,

    Like you, I watched "Life with Elizabeth" regularly. This woman has an amazing career.

    So then, your mother got some of the same guff from teachers and such as I did because my name wasn't Lawrence.

    I started getting gray hairs in my late teens. By my mid-thirties I was pretty much gray haired. My thyroid condition probably had a lot to do with it. My son may need to watch his thyroid because he has quite a bit of gray strands already and he began getting them by age twenty.

    Trying a new look to the Blog, eh?


  3. Lar,

    Yes, like you my Mother had to correct teachers who wanted to change her name to Elizabeth. Sometimes when she told them she wasn't born an "Elizabeth", they looked at her like she was making it up. I know you sometimes got the same reaction.

    Yes, I've decided to give my blog a facelift. Check out the new widget I got at the bottom that tells me who is viewing my blog, including myself.



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