Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Day at the Beach

Old Guy on the Boardwalk

I love living in Delaware at the beach. I love it, love it, love it!

Today was a perfect example of why I love living at Rehoboth Beach.  Actually, I live about six miles from Rehoboth Beach.  I live north on Route 1 in a development far enough away to miss the summertime traffic but close enough that I can take advantage of a beautiful day like today and spend a day at the beach, unencumbered by the summertime crowds.  It is days like this that I truly treasure.

Old Craggy Eyes the beach

This morning I opened the front door to let the early morning sun wash across the entrance to our house.  Outside I could see the majestic Irises proudly displaying their beauty for all to see who pass by our house.

Out my front door this morning

I normally update my blog posting in the morning in my home office that gets the morning sunlight.  However, today was too precious to spend inside so I went outside to breath the fresh sea breeze air and do some chores in my backyard.   I always refresh my seven birdbaths first thing in the morning and check to see the progress of the various bird boxes (making sure there are no sparrows taking over from the swallows or Purple Martins.)
My Favorite Bird Bath

I needed some nails to build bird perches on the dozen or so stakes in the back yard and I also needed more mulch.  I asked Bill if he wanted to go to Lowes'.  He did and we were off to Our Lady of Lowes' ( as Faye Jacobs calls Lowes' because of the heavy concentration of lesbians both working for Loews' and their customers.)

Check out line at Lowes Garden Center

After we got back from Loews' I transplanted the two clematis plants that I purchased.  By now it was getting close to lunch time and I still had not satisfied my craving for a grilled hamburger and french fries.  I decided I would take my chances and venture into Rehoboth and see if I could get a hamburger and fries at the Purple Parrot or Dos Locos.
My lunch today at Dos Locos - a Plain Jane Hamburger and fries - yum

As I drove down Rehoboth Avenue on this gorgeous days, I passed the Purple Parrot and saw that the restaurant was pretty much stuffed with people.

The Purple Parrot, Rehoboth Beach, DE

My second choice was up the street to Dos Locos where my friend The Cajun is the Host With The Most.  I made a good choice.  He greeted me at the door and I said "Lunch for one!"  He asked me if I preferred a table or a booth.  I prefer a booth.......always.  I don't like to sit at tables in a restaurant ever since I had a waiter spill a pitcher of water all over my lap as he was rushing around behind me serving customers.  That  disaster happened over thirty years ago at a restaurant called "The Monk's Inn" on Second Street in Philadelphia, PA.  Like the shower scene in "Pyscho", I have never forgotten the incident.
Beware of waiters with attitude

As I said, I made a good choice going to Dos Locos.  I saw my friend and we caught up on his latest news.  He is finally going to realize his dream of many years of living in downtown Rehoboth Beach.  I am so happy for him.  No more fighting the Summer Horde in driving to work.  Plus, he has all the advantages of living in downtown Rehoboth Beach.  And who knows, he may even meet Mr. Right walking to or from work.  One can always hope.

Mr. Right

After a perfectly delightful lunch I sauntered down to the beach.  I rarely go to the beach which is ironic because when I didn't live near the beach I always wanted to go to the beach.  Now that I live near the beach I rarely go to the beach.

The weather was perfect.  The temperature hovered around 70 degrees.  A slight breeze blew in from the ocean.  There were people on the newly installed boardwalk (thank you stimulus funds) and the refurbished beach (after our back to back blizzards this summer) but it wasn't crazy with people like it is in the height of the summer season.  It was a "Goldielocks Day." The beach was not too crowded but there were just enough beach goers to make it just right.
The boardwalk that stimulus funds bought - Thank you Mr. President

I did something else very rare for me.  I put my white Reebok sneakers in the sand and strolled down to the beach near the gently lapping waves.  As I walked the wet sand near the water line, I looked down for sea shells to collect.  What a pleasant way to spend a hour or so.  Now I know why my friend Bob C. collects sea shells.  There I was, walking the beach with the warmth of the sun on my shoulders and the gentle breezes caressing my old, grizzled, wrinkled, craggy face; listening to the indignant screams of the sea gulls wanting just a few of those Thrasher's french fries that the day tripper tourists were eating on the boardwalk.  Yes, indeed.  A very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

After I left the beach I stopped by Dos Locos and told my friend that I would be available to help him move to his new digs in town Rehoboth Beach.  I have to admit I'm anxious to see what his new nest looks like.  I lived in town Rehoboth Beach for a few weeks four years ago while I was house sitting for a friend.  I loved the convenience of walking everywhere.  Alas, when it came time to make my Big Move, I couldn't afford anything in town Rehoboth.  I'm happy where I'm living though.  I'm not far from Rehoboth but I have a wonderful backyard habitat that I could never have in downtown Rehoboth. Pluses and minuses.  Everything has pluses and minuses.

Typical Rehoboth Beach "Cottage"

On the way home I stopped in Giant to stock up on groceries.  I like Giant but don't usually shop there because it is too inconvenient for me, especially in the height of the summer season.  We year round residents quickly learn when to avoid the traffic in the summer.  Thank goodness there is a Food Lion just up the road from me in Milton.  While it's no Wegmans, it does fulfill my basic grocery shopping needs.

I'm glad to say I'm finally getting by life back to normal.  Last night I attended my first computer class (in web site design) at Delaware Technical College in Georgetown.  I was apprehensive about that because it was something else new and out of my regular routine.  I've notice as I've gotten older I depend on a routine.  Once my routine is disrupted I become disrupted.  The last few weeks have been almost a Perfect Storm.  Lots and lots of new things going on from staying at my Mom's place, cleaning out some of her accumulation of 80 years worth of "stuff", to my eye doctor's appointment yesterday which left me with dilated eyes for most of the day thus effectively blinded me from the brightness of the summer time sun.  I'm also stressed out about organizing, arranging, and notifying everyone about my upcoming family reunion on May 17th.  In fat, it's almost five o'clock now and I have to call my cousin Dick Tipton's wife and finalize the food details.  I'm looking forward to this reunion (the first since the last one I pulled off in 1997) but I don't relish making arrangement of who is bringing what food.  The first reunion I had in 1995 most of my time was taken up cooking hamburgers until Cousin Dick saw my plight and rescued me.  I have these reunions to meet new family members, introduce them to one another and to update my genealogy records.  I also like to take a lot of pictures and video.

Me at the big Tipton Reunion a few years ago in Johnson City, TN

As you can see, I have a lot on my plate this spring plus a full work schedule at the hotel where I work in Lewes.  Ron is a pretty busy guy these days.  This isn't quite what I figured retirement would be like but I'm loving it.
The way I like the beach.....empty


  1. Occasional mild dyslexia does have it's amusing side.

    On your 2nd to last photo, I could have sworn it read, "Welcome Tipton Decadents"...

  2. Kim,

    Bingo! You are the only reader of my blog to catch the "Decadents" aspect of my Tipton ancestors. :)

    It didn't take too much research of my Scotch-Irish ancestors who arrived in this country in the late 1600's (by way of Jamaica) and settled in the heavily forested hills and hollers of western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee to discover a LOT of intermarrying of cousins. Now I know why many of my Tipton relatives seem to have a loose screw or two. :) Another fact that I discovered, I am not the only gay Tipton. The gay gene has been generously distributed. It's a wonder my kin have produced as many descendants as we have today. :)

    We all gather again May 16th. Pictures and video will record the event and you can be sure that I will share with the followers of my blog ramblings.

    Oh how I wish you were here to take some direct on photos of my brethren.


  3. Nice to see you doing the things you like best. We are preparing to sell our "beach shack" in Malibu this summer. It's paid in full and now it's time for it to pay back. Boy, that burger sure looks good.

  4. How rude! DL was your SECOND choice??? ;-)
    It was a glorious day, wasn't it and it was great to see you and to catch up - at least a little - on Cinco de Mayo.
    I will take you up on your offer - I lifted 4 boxes today that I thought I could manage and I am suffering the consequences of that stupid move. I welcome you help and I am sure you will like the new place.

  5. Wayne,

    My new work schedule is Wednesdays and Thursdays. I also have Tuesday off so I can stop over at your current digs and help you move. I'll call first.


  6. Hey Mike.............that burger was GOOD! :)

  7. I love your pictures of Rehoboth Beach. Looks like a great time!

  8. Anonymous8:47 AM

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