Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lunch in Lewes

Jessie and niece Margaret at Gilligan's Restaurant in Lewes, DE

Yesterday my friends Jessie and Margaret visited me in Lewes, DE.  Jessie if the former wife of my cousin Tom and Margaret is her niece.  I met Jessie through my family genealogy research.  We met for the first time in person last year in Lewes.

Last week Jessie and I reunited again at the Tipton Family Reunion in Pennsylvania.  Jessie brought along two of her three sons and two of her grandsons.  Of all the Tipton family members, Jessie is the only one who is keeping the Tipton male line going.  For that she deserves extra special recognition.  Thank you Jessie!
Jessie and Ron at Gilligan's - thank you Jessie for keeping the Tipton line going!

Last year when Jessie and Margaret and I met on Second Street in Lewes, it was a beautiful, sunny day.  Like last year, yesterday was another beautiful, sunny day.  I must have a special Guardian Angel following me because the family reunion was also a beautiful, sunny day.

Yesterday I invited Jessie and Margaret to go with me to help celebrate a birthday luncheon for my good friend and former classmate Judy.  Judy's birthday is this Sunday.  I haven't seen Judy and her husband Jack for months and months, at least before the horrible back to back blizzards we had this past winter.

Jack was the catalyst who pushed me over the edge to build a house down here in Lower Slower.  I had been looking and thinking of moving for several years.  One weekend in 2006 I saw the perfect lot.  I already had chosen the perfect house plan.  All I needed was a push and Jack provided that push.  I'm not quite sure if I should thank him or damn him.  Just kidding Jack!  Buying a lot and having a house built in Lower Slower was perhaps the best decision I have ever made in my life.

I will be forever thankful to Jack and Judy also because they graciously let me stay in their bay front mansion while my house was being built.  Thank you Jack and Judy!

So yesterday we all met at 1:30 for Judy's birthday luncheon at Gilligan's right in downtown Lewes, DE.  It was just a lovely day.  We were seated outside on the deck by the canal under a tree which filtered the blazing sun on our noggins.

I made the introductions all around and we proceeded to order our lunch.  While we were waiting for our orders to arrive, my co-worker P.J. from the nearby in happened to walk by the deck adjoining Gilligans outdoor patio area where we were gathered.  He threw out a "Hey Ron!"  I threw back a "Hey P.J.!"  We had a little back and forth for a few minutes.  I pointed out that my friend Jessie has the same name as his daughter.  They discussed coincidence and noted that even though they both had the same outlaw name they spelled it differently.  Being the picture taker that I am, I asked P.J. to take our picture.  Here is the happy group below.
P.J. on the balcony

Happy birthday Judy! (the Birthday Girl is in the sleeveless top on the left corner)

We had a delightful lunch.  We had a long lunch.  It was then I realize that maybe our parking meter times were close to running out.  I know that Lewes is notorious for handing out parking meter fines.  When I had parked earlier and was feeding quarters into the meter the lady who had just feed the meter told me she visited Lewes last year and had gotten a ticket.  She told me she made a mistake and put in the wrong parking slot number.  She tried to point that out to the meter reader but he wouldn't budge. No excuses.  Parking meter fines are one of Lewes' main sources of income in the tourist season.

We said our goodbyes and agreed to meet again next year then Jessie, Margaret and I headed to the parking lot a block up the street.  I checked my meter.  I still had time left.  I backed out of the parking lot.  Margaret and Jessie were behind me.  Margaret pulled past me and stuck her hand out her window.  She was waving a piece of paper at me.  She yelled out her car window to me...."Did you get one of these?"  "ONE OF THESE" was a parking ticket.  Welcome to Lewes, Delaware Margaret.

Margaret (smiling....before she got the ticket)

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