Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day to the most beautiful woman in my world, my Mom.
My Mom, 86 years old

Mom, 16 years old 

Me and Mom 2002

Mom at Gindy's (office cleaner) 1954
Mom and Ike, Jr. 1956
Mom and "her boys" 1952

All our lives we played jokes on Mom - she has the patience of a saint
Me and my favorite lady at my favorite place, the garden

Me and Mom, her #1 Son 1941 (first born)
Mom's graduation picture from Downingtown High School 1940
Mom and a friend 1998

Mom with her fake fur coat on Washington Avenue, Downingtown, PA

Mom with her sister-in-law Mabel and co-worker at Pepperridge Farm 1997

Mom with her older brothers George and Randall and her favorite doll (her brothers later tore the head off her doll) - 1927

Mom resting at brother John's in South Carolina 2009

Mom with youngest son John at his home in South Carolina (where she now lives)

Mom with #1 Son again

Mom visits #1 son at his palatial estate in Downingtown, PA

Mom and Pop at their 50th anniversary dinner at the Eagle Tavern in Eagle, PA.
She never got over the amount of the bill.  We tease her about it to this day.  "You spent that kind of money for that slop?"
Mom in her cheesecake pose on Pop's Packard (he put her up to it.)

Mom and two of her three favorite sons - Ron and John 1959
Mom with youngest son John's family 1970

Mom enjoying a little reading at John's 2009

Mom getting some air in John's back yard 2009

Mom and her older sister Grace 2002
Mom loved to sit in the late afternoon at Pop's garden in the chair that he made - 1998

Brother John taking good care of Mom 2009

A lot of people say they have the best Mom in the world.  Well, I can say unequivocally that my brothers and I do have the best Mom in the world.  We have been so blessed.  Our Mom, who lost her mom when she wasn't quite two years old, has devoted her whole life to "her boys", as she always calls us.  

Ever since our Father died in August of 2000, life hasn't been easy for Mom.  She and Pop were married for sixty years.  They were each one half of a whole.  After Pop died she seemed lost without an anchor. My brothers and I tried to fill the void  but we could never quite match Pop.  

In her later years as her health deteriorated, she came to depend on us more.  Up until October of 2009 my younger brother Isaac lived with and cared for her.  In October, my brothers and I decided that the Pennsylvania winters were just too harsh for her so we moved her down to my other younger brother's home in South Carolina.  She wasn't 100% for this move but she understood this was what was best for her.  

She had some difficulty in adjusting to her new home in South Carolina.  We expected this because she had lived in her home in Downingtown, Pennsylvania since 1958.  It is hard for a Mom to be uprooted from surroundings that have given her so much comfort and security over the years.  

However, I am glad to say she has now adjusted to her new life at my brother's home in South Carolina. My brother, his wife Barbara and his daughter Nancy are taking good care of "Mom-Mom."  I cannot thank them enough for all that they have done for my Mother.  

This June Bill and I plan to take a road trip to visit Mom in South Carolina.  I'm looking forward to being with my Mother once again.  

Happy Mother's Day Mom.


  1. I loved all the pictures of your mom; so glad she's in good hands, and enjoying a long life with good children who love her. Diane

    PS: Funny, all my Mom's Day cards had notes from my kids, and they said 'you're the best mother'; or 'you're the best - thanks for being there always for me'.

    So, it's good when children think they have the best mom.

  2. Diane,

    It IS GOOD when all your kids think you're the best mom. :)

    Growing up, I thought all moms were like my Mom. When I got out in the real world I realized that all children are not so lucky.

    I could not have had a better Mother. Now my Father, that's another whole story. :)


  3. So very sweet.

  4. My Mother is the reason my life has been good. I owe everything to her.

  5. Anonymous6:57 PM

    I just loved this blog Ron. Having lost my Mother a few years ago this is just what I needed on Mother's Day. You & I were blessed to have a very patient & loving Mom.

    Thank you for the delightful look at your memories again. I know you can't wait for you trip south to see her. Have great week!


  6. Thank you Fran. I'm glad my blog posting about my Mother gave you comfort.
    We were both so very fortunate to have patient and loving Moms. I couldn't imagine my life without my Mom.
    You're right, I am anxiously looking forward to visiting Mom. We only get one. I've had mine for 68 years. She only had hers for a little under 2 years. I am rich.


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