Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Back to the Heat

Has it been a week already since I last posted? Wow, just where does the time go? 

At this time of my life I forget most of what I've done the previous week.  Heck, I forget what I id this morning.

What I do remember is that last week I asked my lawn control company, which I've been using for years, to give our lawn a treatment for wire grass.  Well, I don't know what they put on our lawn, but it's not looking too pure.  Talk about throwing the baby out with the wastewater, I guess their application will kill the wire grass this year (the wire grass will return next year, wire grass is the "Jason" of weeds, it keeps coming back), but their application also killed large swatches of perfectly healthy grass and my tender impatients plants that were gracing the side of our house and were giving us many hours of pleasure looking upon their gentle beauty.  Not now, our lawn and the accompanying flowers and plants bordering our lawn look like the aftermath an Agent Orange attack in a Vietnamese village.  I called my lawn care company this morning and asked them what in the hell they put on our lawn.  She said the manager would call be back.  Of course he didn't. 
I'm not asking for my money back but I am curious as to what he put our lawn.

Another interesting development here is the ants have returned.  They invaded our kitchen back in April, en masse. I purchased liquid ant traps to fool the worker ants to take the deadly poison back to the queen ant. That took care of that invasion. Now they're back, from a different location.  More ant traps purchased and placed and they too are slowly disappearing.  I've been told this house is over an ant trail that is hundreds if not thousands of years old and I'm The Intruder.  So I guess all I can do is a holding action but for now, I can sit at my counter and have my lunch of hummus and homemade tomato soup without brushing off the ants from the ridge of my bowl and running up my hairy arms.

Bill and I are going through a spate of doctor's appointments. Yesterday we visited Bill's doctor at the VA Outpatient Clinic in Georgetown. Bill passed his labs!  Healthy heart beat, all vital signs healthy.  Bill's only problems are his hearing (getting worse), eyesight (macular degenerations) and swelling in his lower extremities.  But other than those age related ailments, Bill is one healthy man. I keep telling him he will out live us all.

Tomorrow I have my annual visit with my cardiologist. I have an extra heartbeat. Nothing too serious but I do fatigue easily. Just a defective lower ventricle valve not closing properly. As my doctor told me when he first discovered my heart was wearing out was "That valve has been working non-stop since 1941, think of that."  I know I'm working on Bonus Time now folks. 

By the way, the HEAT is back.  Remember when 80 degrees was considered hot?  Now days 90 degrees is considered "normal."  I am already rethinking my plantings for next year that can take this relentless hot, humid weather which I fully expect to continue as global warming continues. 

I had the plumber in today to check out the swampy smell beneath our kitchen sink. They deduced the problem came from our automatic dishwasher which I NEVER use.  Bill and I never use an automatic dishwasher.  So I got some dusty cooking pans together and ran the dishwasher. Hopefully that will dispel the swampy stink.  I also had the plumber check my toiled which I have to often have to jiggle the handle to get the flap inside the tank to land properly so the toilet doesn't keep running and I have a huge water bill which I had last quarter.  More expense.  Every day, more and more expenses. Have to keep working at my part-time job at the hotel to support our not maintenance free home.

That's what is going on here folks, what I can remember anyway.


Practical Parsimony said...

I have heard that when a place/area has ants, they will not be defeated. I found that keeping any kind of foliage from touching the house kept the ants out. Any time I have an invasion, I head for outdoors with a lopper and soon they all go away. I do put Terro inside just to hasten the departure.

pat888 said...

Ron - so many of us have had experience with ants. It's unfortunate they seem to return. They get nowhere for their efforts - until they start building labs and analyzing the free "food". I'm with you on the dishwasher too. I used to store my CDs in one once. I have to remember to run it once a year at least to keep it in shape. Sorry about your lawn as I know how much you love to garden and make it a showpiece. My life is simpler in the condo. I have 3 plants to water - and I really like them. they are in cool bullet plant holders (stands) - and there's a courtyard below at my disposal which is kept nicely with greenery. At any rate I hope the issues you mention disappear for you quickly.