Wednesday, July 17, 2019


How's the weather where you are?

We're sweltering here.  Right now, at 4:45 PM the temperature outside if 98 degrees.  The humidity I don't know but it feels like 100%.  I can only stay outside a few minutes before my body starts to overheat.  Then I dash back inside for relief. I can't take this kind of weather folks.  

I believe it when warnings go out during hot weather like this about it being dangerous for seniors.  It is folks!  I'm here to tell you.  Hard to believe when I was young, I sailed through summertime without air conditioners and even fans.  Not now, I literally fear for my life if I stay out too long.  I think I can take Palm Springs heat, which is low humidity but not this heavy, oppressive humidity. A familiar refrain eh?  "The heat not so bad but I can't take the humidity."

By the way, got some good news this morning. Home Depot gave me a credit ($248) on my rug pad that I didn't need. I love Home Depot (even though one of its founders funds Trump's campaign).  Good customer service Home Depot.

An update on my brother who I mentioned was seriously ill.  I haven't heard anything for several weeks now which isn't good. My Mother often said "When it's quiet that not good."  John isn't one to complain about misfortune, unlike me.  I tend to shout my misfortune from the rooftops.  I texted him asking him how he was doing.  I'll let you know if I hear anything.  

Hopefully I'm back to my regular schedule (two nights a week) at the hotel.  It seems for months now I've been working three nights or more a week at the hotel to fill in for my co-workers for various emergencies, sicknesses, resignations, and vacations.  Last Monday on my workday I woke up and was dizzy, very dizzy.  I had to stay in bed all morning until I got a semblance of my balance back.  I think I have an inner ear infection.  I had this problem a few months back.  It's scary when I have that condition because I can't get my balance. It's like I'm drunk.  I am totally immobilized. I don't know what we would do here if this was a permanent condition with me.  I couldn't drive and Bill doesn't drive.  I don't want to even think about it.  

I only have one more thing to do this summer, getting my car inspected and registered then I'm looking forward to coasting out the rest of the summer. That is until the next unexpected emergency crops up. 


Practical Parsimony said...

I somethings have scary dizziness. I take a generic pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, a little red pill. When I was young, I was like you, no problems. Well, we did have fans, but I did not get ill like I do now in the humidity and heat.

Mike, Studio City said...

Today in north San Fernando valley, Chatsworth, it was 82, and humidity was 27 per cent.
Nice thing here is the warmer it gets the dryer it gets, bot humid.

wcs said...

Stay cool! We're expecting another heat wave next week. We don't have AC, so we suffer through it with fans. But we don't get the humidity you do, so at least there's that. Our hot air is dry, as it comes from the Northern Africa (Sahara) and Spain.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. There are plenty of ride services available. You should look for those now in your area so if you need them. Senior buses, people who volunteer for senior services, uber, etc... also if something should happen to you or while your away on trips etc.. bill can utilize them.

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
I hope I don't get any more of those dizzy spells, very scary. Totally immobilizes me and leaves me helpless. We had a fan early on when I was younger but it was in my parents bedroom. Then they got an room air conditioner and we (me and my two younger brothers) got the fan! Ah, heaven!

Ron said...

You weather report sounds delightful. Would that we could have that kind of weather here.

Ron said...

I can handle the heat but the humidity, it's a killer.

Ron said...

Thank ou for your suggestion. I'm sure there are services available but like so many older folks who have lived independently for years, I am very relocation to ask for help. I hope I never get in a situation where I do have to ask for help but I wouldn't have a choice if I had that dizzy condition for any length of time.

Jon said...

Ron, I've had numerous inner ear infections and they cause extreme dizziness. They usually clear up by themselves - - but in my case it took weeks. The worst thing is that they tend to reoccur. It's always good to get checked by a doctor, just in case.

You are so right about the heat and humidity. This has been the hottest summer in Tennessee since I've been here and the humidity is intense. The house is unbearably hot and I don't have central air. I have three ceiling fans and a couple of floor fans.

It's truly impossible to go outside. I tried to do some yard work early in the morning and almost passed out after only a few minutes. The heat DEFINITELY affects me far more now that I'm older.
Take care and stay cool!!

Ron said...

So far I've had two instances of the inner ear infection. It is scary! But both times they cleared themselves up after a few hours of lying down.
I can't imagine living in a house without air conditioning. In fact it would probably be very dangerous for me at my age. Please be very careful. Can you at least get a small window air conditioner for one of your rooms? I think it's very dangerous for you in this heat. Please be careful.