Friday, July 12, 2019

Carpet Installed!

Finally, we got our new wall to wall carpet installed in our media room. 

This has been a long, drawn out problem.  

To recap, last year I noticed a musty smell in our storage packed media room. Yes, I had boxes and many other items stashed in our media room. I thought a mouse had found its way into our overstuffed media room and starved to death.  

However, about four months ago I discovered the source of the musty smell. Ground water had leaked from the cellar wall outside the drywall of the media room.  

We took everything out of our media room (finally forced to clean out) and discovered much of the carpet around the wall was ruined by mold from the sitting water that had leaked under the drywall. 

We tore up the carpet. I called my insurance company and was told my homeowner's insurance would not cover the damage.  My insurance company told me that my policy doesn't cover ground water.  Oh, okay. So my lifetime record of never using my homeowner's insurance stands firm.  

We tore up the carpet and thus began an odyssey of identifying the carpet and replacing it.  

I have previously posted (I think) of trying to identify the brand and ordering a replacement carpet.  Briefly, I found it was a Shaw carpet.  This after I had already ordered carpet from Lowe's, which wasn't Shaw and didn't match. This I discovered after the Memory Foam padding was already installed.  

I tried to order Shaw carpet from Lowe's.  They couldn't order it for me because Shaw wasn't one of their suppliers. 

I wrote to Shaw and thus began another odyssey of identifying the color and style. "Pam", the Shaw Carpet company concierge was very helpful.  She sent me several samples, none of which matched the rest of our finished basement wall to wall carpet.  I finally found one that was close.  Good enough. She gave me a list of Shaw retailers and as luck would have it there was one just two mile down the road from us.  

I went to that store "Carpets and More".  Yes, they had Shaw carpet but the price, $1,520!  Lowe's was going to provide the padding and carpet for a little over $900.  Carpets and More was going to install the carpet over my padding for twice the price!  I expressed concern.  The owner said he "could do something about the $20. 

I went to Home Depot.  I saw the carpet that was close and ordered it but I didn't want to pay the $264 for padding since I already had new padding installed.  They couldn't do it.  Said if they did it the warranty would be void. I said "void the warranty, I can't see tearing up the brand new padding."  I couldn't get anywhere with the sales person about not paying for their padding so I ordered the whole thing, which only came to $764, including padding and installation, a great price.

Today the carpet installers came to install the carpet.  Guess what?  I like this carpet better than our original carpet.  Great!  Now, to see if I can get credit for the carpet padding they charged me for.  I'll try but I don't have much hope.  At least we got the carpet installed.

Problem solved. Next!


Practical Parsimony said...

You might try selling the carpet pad online or something. I cannot believe those guys are walking on your new carpet it their work boots! Can you tell me the shade of paint on your walls. I love it. Thanks

Now, you insurance company has listed water damage and mold in their records.

Anonymous said...

Quite a while back you said your brother John had a serious illness. You haven't said anything recently about him. How is he doing?

angie said...

Carpet looks great. I have hardwood floors but also like carpet. The blue walls are beautiful.

nitewrit said...

So ZZ Top installed it!


VRC-Do You! said...

Great! Now we can get things back to normal. I just don't understand, really I do, it's all about the money these days. Some business would rather get the big bang up front rather than treating their customers right. Ok, you have the pad. Let's take from there. Right things up to include that they would not be liable for the pad. I would rather get some of your money that none of it. I would rather work with you, give you great service as I always do, and you are completely satisfied with the end result. You, in turn, tell your friends, I get more business and everyone is happy. I know I can make for the loss of income from the pad in due time. It's called investing in your customers. Being loyal. And we all know as a business you will be around a long time because of it. Good quality, good service.

Joel Reisteter said...

Looks great, Ron.
Too bad for the misunderstandings on the retailer's part.

Ur-spo said...

How lovely
there is nothing like a new frock to brighten up the day !

Ron said...

VRC-Do You!
Just this morning I received a refund from Home Depot for my carpet pad. Finally got this situation resolved. I ride by that other carpet business every day on my way home. I guess he's getting enough business by overcharging. I'll never use him for anything.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
The new rug smells great. You're so right, "nothing like a new frock to brighten up a day!"

Ron said...

Finally got this problem resolved.

Ron said...

At first I thought the blue walls were too much but now I like them. A refreshing change from the flat oyster white walls.

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
I got a refund from Home Depot on the carpet padding this morning. What a relief that was. The blue color of the pain on the wall I'll have to look up if I still have it. I got the paint from Lowe's .

Ron said...

I think so, ZZ Top!

Ron said...

My brother John is still seriously ill. He's lost over one hundred pounds (about 130 actually). I haven't heard from him in a few weeks. When I don't hear from him I knew things aren't good. I'll have to contact him again. Thanks for asking.