Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Report Of California Holiday

Pat at Midway Car Rental in Los Angeles, first step of our annual California adventure

While I await the Michael Cohen public testimony to begin today, I will attempt to begin the first report of our annual trip to sunny California.

Well folks, California wasn't so sunny this year.  In fact, California wasn't even that warm this year.  

I arrived at LAX Sunday, February 10th.  This year Pat took a different plane and met me in California. In years past he flew to Philadelphia and we flew into California together but he got a better rate by taking another flight.  It all worked out in the end because he arrived within the hour that I arrived at LAX.  

After exchanging hugs we caught an airport rental bus shuttle to the car rental place.  This year, we were greeted by swaying palm trees but, unfortunately, not warm temperatures and rain. I did remember to bring light rain jackets, thank goodness. The temperature wasn't that much different that what I left in Delaware either. Oh well, we were in California and we would still have a great time as we always do when we have our quarterly get togethers.

First problem we encountered at the cheapo car rental place (whose name I've forgotten now) is that they couldn't take Pat's Canadian debit/credit card for rental. We ditched that place and called for an Uber car to take us to the place where we rented a car last year, Midway Car Rental. We had a good experience with them last year.

Then we we encountered at Midway Car rental. The car pat rented, a Hyundai Elantra couldn't get out of second gear. There we were, shortly out of the car rental place, on the busy Los Angeles highway, and our car couldn't get out of second gear!  Oh no, take that car back.  I can just imagine us on the Freeway and our rental car's engine racing in second gear.  

Pat put his flasher lights on and drove back to Midway at about fifteen miles an hour on THAT busy LA highway.  I didn't like the car anyway, smelled like smoke and was too low to the ground which is murder for me getting out of the car with my arthritis.

When we got back to Midway and explained our problem, the rental guy got behind the wheel and took our rental car for a spin around the lot.  Of course then it shifted gears.  Of course.  We get in again, and I'm still not happy with this stinky car, and get head out on the congested rush hour highway.  Again, our car couldn't get out of second gear!  I told Pat "Take this car back.  We can't take a chance on using this car for the next two weeks.  Can you imagine us halfway to Palm Springs and this car couldn't get out of second gear?" Pat agreed. We went back to Midway and asked for another car. The car rental agent gave us an upgrade, a Hyundai Sonata.  A nice car that had that even had that much loved new car smell.  No extra charge.  

Car was still low to the ground but at least we could get out of second gear.  

We left Midway and entered the crowded highway to our destination our Airbnb destination in West Hollywood. Our annual California adventure was about to begin after this "bump".  

We were on our way!


Ivy Green said...

Glad you're back home.

pat888 said...

Ron - another super trip. And you overpacked and I overspent. But always a great time. Even if it was cool and rainy sometimes - still loved it. And besides it was quite wintry up here and I missed all of that. My friend Paul had two trips cancelled to Atlanta due to poor conditions up here. Already looking forward to Palm Springs next year. But keep me away from the Modernism Week furniture show and sale.


Geo. said...

Ron, I can't being reminded of an old song by the Playmates, "Little Nash Rambler". Here are the closing lyrics:
"… Now we're doing a hundred and twenty, as fast as I could go.
The Rambler pulled alongside of me as if I were going slow.
The fellow rolled down his window and yelled for me to hear,
Hey, buddy, how can I get this car out of second gear?…"

Jon said...

It's too bad that you had to start out with such a crappy rental car, but I'm glad you were finally able to exchange it. And you finally got to experience one of California's notorious rainy (and cool) winters. Often it's a seemingly endless drought - but once in awhile there's a deluge worthy of Noah.

I always enjoy reading about your CA adventures and look forward to more.

Anonymous said...

Ah,a week home nearly, and us armchair travelers haven't even left the car rental
place with you yet. You are doing a slow reveal. Glad you got away. Saw a headline that LA went 90 days without reaching 70 which is some record. But even in cool weather there are green lawns and colorful flowers and an extra spring in our lives at this stage is worth savoring.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that on the day of the next Presidential Ingauration,
a new President is sworn in and the outgoing President is indicted for multiple crimes? Stay informed folks, because Watergate was a drip
compared to the flood to come.

Ron said...

Ivy Green,
Thanks! Glad to be home. One of the good things about going away, coming back home gives me a new appreciation of my home.

Ron said...

As always your companionship on this, our annual trip to California made it another success. Rain or shine, we always have a great time. And we contribute to the California economy, big time!

Ron said...

That was scary, not being able to get our rental car out of second gear. We were just lucky that we weren't out on the highway (well, we actually were) when that happened. I can just imagine us halfway to Palm Springs, in the dessert and not being able to get that car out of second gear. We dodged a bullet on that one!

Ron said...

Arriving in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, and encountering all that rain, was different. But we still had a wonderful adventure with many memories. Good memories! And I have a lotto pictures and videos to post about our trip.

Ron said...

A "slow reveal", I guess. Actually I have so much to do here once I got home. I do have a lot to post. Our annual two week adventure in California is always an adventure especially this year with all the rain and cold. I will say though that the extra rain and cool temperatures produced a fresh and vibrant landscape of color. None of that dry feeling this year that we usually experience during our annual California adventure.

Ivy Green said...

Ron, Thanks for your reply. I enjoy reading your blog. You cover interesting topics and write about them well. I was born and raised in Delaware, your blog takes me back.

Ron said...

Ivy Green,
Thank you for your kind and generous comment. It's comments like your that keep me blogging!