Friday, February 08, 2019

California Here We Come 2019

"Frank", my little mascot bear is ready to go with me on our trip to California!

One more day folks to take off from Philly International to Los Angeles.  

As always with trips like this there is some (a lot actually) anxiety on my part. I was just talking to Pat on FaceTime and he says he is also experiencing anxiety prior to takeoff.

This year I'm meeting Pat in Los Angeles. The last two years he flew to Philadelphia and we met up there and flew out together to Los Angeles. But this year Pat found he could get a much more economical flight from Toronto, bypassing Philadelphia.  Thus this year I will be flying out alone from Philly.  I'll miss that six hour flight with Pat sitting next to me but I'll have my Bose cordless headset with me. Remember last year I had to endure the whining of a little boy, seated in a seat right behind me, on my way out to LA. For my flight back I had a little girl crying all the way. I don't blame the kids, after all a six hour flight is a long time for restless kids, but I just can't endure six hours of that unique kind of torture. 

Pat's flight is a two parter. He flies into Denver, has a layover then takes another plane to LA.  Or is it he flies to Texas then switches planes?  I forget now.  I have a direct flight, which I prefer.

This year I'm taking my big suitcase which I have to check in, which I'm not thrilled about.  The past two years I've packed everything in a carryon suitcase but that's just too much for me with my unique sartorial needs. Two years ago, when Pat and I were in Palm Springs for the Spo/Someone nuptials, I wore my giraffe shirt the whole trip.  I posted frequently to Facebook.  My neighbor Barbara commented "Is that the only shirt you have?"  Oh the shame.  Anyone who knows me knows I have a LOT of shirts. And it is a shame not to take a greater selection of my shirts for this annual opportunity to show off my taste in elderly cool gentleman attire. 

The cost for me checking in a bag is $25 which doesn't concern me. What does concern me is the loss of my luggage.  Also standing in line to check in my bag.  But when I take my smaller suitcase, frequently when I board the plane I cannot find any overhead space.  Last time I had to put my carryon bag quite a few seats behind where I was seated. A six of one, half a dozen of another situation. 

I had a little bump in my two hour ride to the airport from the lower depths of Delaware where I reside.  My regular ride informed me he couldn't take me because he's undergoing medical treatment (radiation) and probably wouldn't be up to that long trip.  My back up ride couldn't take me  either, church obligation that Sunday. He will pick me up though. I had to ask my friends Mike and Bob to take me.  They refuse to take any payment form me, which makes me feel guilty.  When I lived in Philly a trip to the airport was a $5.00 thirty minute ride on the shuttle train from center city Philly to the airport.  Not here in Lower Slower though, not in my lifetime it seems. 

One more day folks!  Exciting times. The thought has entered my mind this may be my last trip to California during my lifetime. I hope not. I am so looking forward to a glorious two weeks in sunny California. One week in Los Angeles (West Hollywood) and one week in Palm Springs. 

I hope to keep blogging while I'm in California but the days always seem to go by so fast. Best time of my life folks!


Harry Hamid said...

I know you don't need to be told this (judging by pics from past trips) but Have Fun!!!

Jon said...

I love the little mascot bear and I'll look forward to your California adventures. Have a fantastic time, Ron!!!

Travel said...

Relax and enjoy the trip. I virtually always check a bag (I get free checked bags on American and Delta.) In the past year (with about 60 flights) I have had one delayed bag, and it was delivered to my hotel before dinner time. That bag was delayed because of a missed connection, I nearly missed the same connection - I changed planes in Charlotte in less than 15 minutes that morning. I have never had a bag delayed on a direct flight, if you check it in 90 to 120 minutes before departure time, it should easily make the flight. Enjoy the sunshine.

Tony said...

Bring your umbrella!

Ron said...

Harry Hamid,
Thanks for the good wishes. We will have a good time, we always do!

Ron said...

Thanks for your good wishes on our annual trip to California. We both love California, I hope you can meet us there some year. We go every year late January or early February. Pat also has a mascot bear (IKEA) whose name is "Jimmy". They always go on our trips.

Ron said...

Travel (David),
I feel more confident now knowing your experience checking your bag. I always used to check my bag without thinking of an alternative. Pat is the one who encouraged me to pack lightly. He can get away with it but I can't. I just have too many things (electrical) and clothes changes. Plus I usually buy something on my trips and I want room in my luggage to bring those things back. I'm leaving here 6:30 a to catch my 10:10 am flight. It's a two hour plus trip to Philadelphia. Pat has to be at his airport three hours before his flight. I'm not going to get there that early. I have the TSA pre check which should speed my checkin. It looks like we're going to experience rain in California this year, even Palm Springs. I'm bringing two raincoats! Thanks for your good wishes.

Ron said...

No umbrellas but I'm brining light rain jackets for both me and Pat.

VRC-Do You! said...

Ron...Have a great adventure...Enjoy your time with Pat...Did I miss the sign-up sheet...I need to know when it is my turn to keep Bill company...Yea, I know he can fend for himself...But I want to be "Ron"...I know you have certain duties around the house that only you do...And Bill has his...Have fun...xoxo

Joel Reisteter said...

I really hope you and Pat have a FABULOUS TIME in West Hollywood and Palm Springs this trip despite the weather forecasts.

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Ur-spo said...

Safe journey to you!!

Ron said...

Alexandria Vic,
Bill managed the two weeks by himself but we exchanged e-mails several time daily. Bill misses me and I do feel guilty leaving him but these trips are important for balance in my life. Bill understand that.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I had a safe and quiet journey without delays both to California and back, which I think was the first time that has ever happened for me in my five years of visits to California. Pat wasn't so lucky though. He had several delays but is home safe now. Next year we fly directly into Palm Springs. We will bypass LA next year. Traffic is to horrendous.

Ron said...

Our time in LA was cold and rainy. Same weather in Palm Springs. In fact Palm Springs had the most rain since 1943. Poor Pat almost lost his footing stepping out of our rental car when the flooding rushed around his ankles. Flooding in Palm Springs? Something we never expected. Hopefully our future visits are warm and dry.