Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Bill Gets His Legs Treated

Bill's doctor treating his legs

Bill got his legs treated today.  What a relief!

Bill said he never in his life got so much attention from a medical staff.  Seeing this attention to Bill's medical condition almost brought tears to my eyes.  

Bill is not one to complain about his health. He just plows through. But his legs got so bad that he couldn't sleep at night because of the pain.  He finally asked me to check into getting some care for him. 

Bill getting the full attention - eventually five workers were tending to Bill's legs (I tried not to be too disruptive taking these photos)
Bill has been under VA care for thirty-four years, since he was 55 years old (he's now 89). We've been lucky over those years that Bill hasn't had to use the VA for much of his medical needs other than medication. There was an emergency in 2001 where he had to have his gall bladder removed.  I almost lost him then.  He was in intensive care at the Philadelphia VA Hospital for a week. But he made it though. 

Bill is at the age now where his need of medical care will increase.  We are both so thankful for the VA Choice program that he can now use outside providers for his medical needs. 

Today went very well.  Bill's legs are getting cared for at the wound care center of a local hospital.  The folks there couldn't have been nicer more caring for Bill.  

Tomorrow we see Bill's new VA doctor for a followup. 

We are both very fortunate to have Bill's medical condition cared for.  And yes, his legs are getting better. But this will be a continuing care procedure. Bill has edema, on of the many afflictions of old age. Hopefully we can manage this condition so Bill can have many more years. I need someone to mow the grass.

Bill leaving the medical care center after his treatment


Raybeard said...

Best of luck to Bill. If the two of you hadn't had the resources would it mean that he would have got no treatment at all? Is it all covered by his medical insurance?
The prospect of anyone in desperate need of medical help being denied it because of not having the money continues to appal those of us who've grown up in the 'lucky' countries where we know there'll always be a safety net should the situation arise. But who are we to preach?

Btw: I went fully vegan a month or so ago. I'd been thinking about it for something like 40 years but kept putting it off until I realised the hard fact that if I don't do it now I'll be dead before it happens. It was the giving up of the eggs and finding vegan cheeses which were the hardest part, but now I'm there. So does that make just Pat and myself who 'qualify' as vegans among your contacts? Perhaps you know others among your face-to-face friends? (You've never considered going the same way yourself, have you?)

Jon said...

I'm glad Bill is getting the medical care that he deserves (it's not easy to get nowadays). He looks great for his age.

It's FINALLY warming up here in my neck of the woods. This was the coldest April I can remember.

Deedles said...

I'm so glad Bill is getting better. Whatever you do, don't let them prescribe Lyrica for pain. I hear that stuff turns you gay!

AlexandriaVic said...

I am so glad that Bill is getting the medical attention he needs/deserves. I have been in healthcare for over 20 years in patient care and now management. Those legs look painful. Trust me, I have dealt with male patients-if it doesn't fall off today I will be good for another day. Many have come in when things have gotten terribly worse and recovery is an uphill slog. Know your body. I say if anything persists more than a week seek medical attention-all things being equal. I love the picture of Bill walking back to the car with a purpose. Speedy Recovery to Bill!! XOX

Ron said...

Bill and I are covered my a combination of supplemental insurance, Medicare, the VA and the VA Choice program. I have to be very careful when navigating our health care that we don't get slammed with an unexpected big bill. It's already happened twice. But having said that, we're better off than many. If we didn't have medical insurance coverage, we would die. Simple as that. Either we commit suicide or go bankrupt and live that way, which neither one of us would do.
Congratulations on going fully vegan! Yes, you and Pat are the only two people I know personally who are totally vegan. I have cut way back on my non vegan choices (like milk, I use almond milk instead) and I don't eat as much meat. I do feel much better. Bill is almost vegan. He eats no meat but does eat non dairy food.

Ron said...

We've had a long cold spring here too! Finally getting some warm weather. In fact I'm going out shortly to enjoy it. I am so relieved that Bill is getting medical care for his legs. We just had another appointment today (at the VA) with a doctor who cares. His previous doctor just brushed him off. We requested a change of doctors. Relieved that that went through without a hitch. Don't need any more stress.

Ron said...

You're funny Deedles!

pat888 said...

Ron - I'd hate to see Bill debilitated as he is so much get up and go. Cutting lawns, going to Lowes, going for drives. Bill is in remarkable shape as far as I'm concerned and I hope the good treatment he gets down there alleviates this problem.
And a big congratulations to Raybeard - there is so much great vegan food out there in restaurants and recipes. And keep those movie reviews coming.

Ron said...

Thank you Alexandria Vic! We saw Bill's new VA doctor today. So nice to have a doctor who cares. Bill's previous doctor didn't seem to care. She just brushed him off when we brought up his leg issues. You're right about Bill, he's like a lot of other guys, they'll wait until "it falls off" before they do anything about it. His legs are much better now but I'm afraid this is a condition which will take constant care. Just needs to be managed which we will do. Thank you again for your good wishes. Much appreciated.

Raybeard said...

Ron, after trying all the non-dairy milks available I've come down as favouring cashew milk - in fact I think it must have been you who first suggested it (I don't know anyone else who could have). But I also find oat milk just as acceptable - and almond I can also take with ease too.
I do still miss my fried eggs sandwiches, though.

Ur-spo said...

I sense Mr. Bill doesn't like having his photo taken, least of all for blog-fodder, or am I just reading into his medical matters?

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Oh no, Bill doesn't like his photo taken. However I manage to sneak a few in despite his protestations.

Ron said...

Bill's legs are getting better (thank goodness). And I second congratulations to Raybeard. He's not he right path!