Sunday, August 20, 2017

Random Thoughts on a Hot Summer Day in August

I'm at loose ends today folks. 

Not really in the mood for one of my insightful, thought provoking, blog posts. 

Definitely not in the mood for another Trump Rant. Trump is going down, not if but when.
I predict Trump will resign when Mueller's investigation confirms that Trump and been money laundering Russian stolen funds for years. As Trump says "I know it and YOU know it!"  So while Trump continues to sow chaos in our government and global embarrassment for the United States I'm going to move on to more benign subjects.

Normally at this time of year I would be visiting my Canadian Travel Buddy Pat in Toronto and enjoying the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition).  However, this year Pat is in the process of selling his Toronto awesome home 

Pat's present home in Toronto, Canada

and moving into a brand new swanky 14th floor pied-à-terre jutting up in the Hamilton sky, the Royal Connaught Hotel, a renovated hotel in Hamilton converted to condos.  
The Royal Connaught Hotel, Hamilton, Canada - converted to condos - Pat is on the 14th floor

This year for the first time Pat and I won't be riding the ski lift at the CNE, eliciting furtive glances at the two old men dangling their legs over the throng milling about below at the CNE.

Pat's new condo at the Royal Connaught - floor is different (Pat is having an awesome marble floor put in) but otherwise this apartment is very similar to Pat's and this this view!

The CNE is happening right now as I type this blog in my home office on a hot and humid day here in southern Delaware.  I am leaving for my visit to Pat and Canada next month on September 14th. The CNE will be long over by then.  But  you can be sure Pat and I will still find plenty of interest to do both in Hamilton and Toronto.  We always do!

Pat's present home in Toronto in the summertime - the house to the left of him has already been torn down and replaced with yet another awesome house

But right now, I'm at loose ends. Can't take that ten mile ride down to Rehoboth today. Are you kidding? We're in the height of the summer season. I'm lucky to be able to even get out of our development within ten minutes. 

Pat drying his laundry in his awesome backyard at his Toronto home - he'll miss this beautiful backyard!

I'm thankful that Bill or I don't have any doctors' appointment in the near future. I have a couple of extra days to work at the hotel, filling in for co-workers. I need those days to make up for the days I'll be off next month for my annual Canada holiday with Pat.  I'm also thankful that both Bill and I are in relatively good health. Bill will be 89 years old next month. He's having a good run!

Each day my arthritis stiffens my body even more. I'm having more difficulty climbing the stairs from our finished basement where Bill lives. I need my afternoon nap or else I wind down at 7 pm.  I'm more forgetful.  I've noticed. I'll be 76 years old in November.  

Enjoy that backyard of yours Pat, it will soon be memories for you

I have yet to write my autobiography but I have almost finished updating our end of life documents. Last week I just sent out forty-two old VHS tapes to have them digitalized. I'll put those on You Tube for anyone who is interested in my life after I'm long gone. I have more VHS tapes to have digitalized. Then I have to finish organizing all my photos and videos here in the house. Here's one thing I don't understand, people who retire and say they're bored. Folks, believe me. I'm never bored. I have so much to do which I thought I would do once I retired but I never seem to have enough time. But I will say this, this is the best time of my life, in spite of my crippling arthritis and looming health issues.  And just staying one step ahead of the ever increasing bills living on my fixed income. 

Life is a challenge folks and a journey. What a ride I'm having!


  1. So much better than a Trump rant.

    Pat's current place really has a unique look to it.

    Your thing about the VHS tapes makes me remember how badly I need to digitize my own before they dissolve into nothingness. If I don't do it now, then I'm going to regret it once the people immortalized in them begin passing on...

    1. Harry,
      You're right, who wants to read another blog post about a Trump rant. Enough folks are already doing that. (smile)
      Pat does live in a very unique place. The sight for a former meth lab house that blew up. He got the lot cheap and built this totally unique minimalist house. His house has been feathered on several minimalist TV shows and on the Internet. One of his neighbors recently encountered him on the street and when he realized where Pat lived he said "Oh, you're that gentleman who lives in that awesome house." Pat is moving to another "awesome" location, the fabulous Royal Conaught Hotel in Hamilton, Ontario. I am honored to be his first guest next month.
      You better digitalize those old VHS tapes because believe me, they are dissolving into nothingness as I type this reply to your comment. I'm looking forward to having all my VHS tapes on a flash drive so I can edit them and make some cool movies that I can share on this blog post.
      Have a great day Harry!

  2. I cannot WAIT to retire! It seems so far away (8 years, 9 months.) I have no doubt it will be the happiest I've ever been!

    Safe travels in September. Sorry we'll miss you!

    1. Sassybear,
      If you can, retire early. You will never regret it. Of course I realize there are financial concerns (we all have them) but if there is any way you can do it, even if you're working part-time to keep up with your expenses, definitely do it. The best time of my life has been since I retired from a regular five day, forty hour work week. I wish I could have retired earlier like my former o-worker and friend Tom Johnston, who retired at 49 years old. Of course he was a self-made millionaire. That always helps! He's been retired for about eight years now and has never regretted it. He keeps me up to date of our former co-workers who haven't retired and are dying, still working!
      Sorry to miss you at Bear Weekend here in Rehoboth next month. Maybe next year. I'm late getting to Canada this year because of Pat's settlement date on his house sale. It just happened to fall in the week I normally visit him.
      Take care,

  3. If I were Pat I'd be reluctant to leave that gorgeous "little" home - but I'm sure life will be easier in a condo. The heat has returned to TN (I somehow mistakenly thought it was finally over). It's in the 90's with high humidity.

    You're definitely right about never being bored. I am never bored, either. There are always so many things that I want (or need) to do that there aren't enough hours in the day. I am constantly busy. And I still do a lot of reading late at night (all those books, Ron!!).

    I have been very reluctant to complete my memoirs because there are many personal things that I'm reluctant to reveal - but I suppose I should just throw caution to the wind and let it all hang out.

    1. Jon,
      I just finished the second and last volume of Frank Sinatra's biography. A large book and very interesting read. I mailed it to you yesterday. You should receive it sometime next week. By the way, did I send you the first volume of his biography? You're thinly person I send books to but I can't remember if I sent you that one and I don't see it here.
      Reading is probably my most favorite pastime. Interesting in this digital age that I still prefer holding a book in my hand and reading. I've tried reading on line but nothing beats hold that book in your hand, turning the pages and just you and your book. I started reading when I was about ten years old and have been reading ever since. Thousands of books. By the way, I don't send you all of my books, only the ones I think you'll be interested in which are biographies and historical books. The political books I read I don't think you want to read (Michael Moore?)
      The heat and humidity is back here too Jon. I'll be so glad when fall comes. I've had enough of summer. Always nice when it comes but I'm not unhappy when another summer passes and we head into another change of seasons. I'm just glad I'm here to take part and enjoy.

    2. Thanks for the heads up about sending the book. The previous Sinatra book that you sent me was "My Way" by Kitty Kelly.

      Reading has always been my greatest passion and pleasure (well, except sex, of course...).
      Much like you, I love REAL books - that can be held, with paper pages that can be turned.
      I despise digital books. They are extremely annoying to read, and they really bother my eyes.

      BTW, I'm not too crazy about Michael Moore (*smile*).

  4. The EX opened Friday and it's an annual event for me. Pat's old place is awesome and I am sure the new place will also be so. Enjoy Toronto and Hamilton.

  5. Obviously, Pat selling his home is something he must have wanted to so, but, wow, what a house! I dig the exterior shot & the one of Pat on his back patio.

    The hotel condo conversion looks very nice as well. May your buddy enjoy his new digs!

  6. What a beautiful (present) home to give up! However, if needs must....... and there'll surely be more than one tear in his eye.

  7. Ron,

    Say, maybe you can get one of thise chair lifts to carry you up and down your stairs. Never been bored since retiring and like you and Jon, can't find the time to do all want to do. Of course, the ALS cuts into my time because it slows me down and tires me out. Been trying to simplify. So many interesting things in life, I have never understood people who say they are bored.


  8. Hey Ron - very nice comments from your bloggers about my house. And I'm really looking forward to my new digs tho - and once I finally get the place in order you are more than welcome to take shots. Boy - I sure had a lot of baggage under my eyes that day - photo of me sitting down. Maybe I was going to board an airplane with my bags packed LOL. Yes - I wish we could've taken in the Ex again. We always have a good time there. When you come up we'll certainly find things to do later this Sept. And as far as boredom goes - you have way too much going on to find yourself in a state of ennui. (Did I use that word correctly - grammatically?)


  9. Ron,
    I am sure Pat will love his new condo. His current home is truly beautiful. God Bless Bill on his next birthday, 88. Wonderful! Have you ever thought about moving from your current home to a Ranch Style home, not steps, Ron.


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