Saturday, August 12, 2017

Small World

Last Thursday night when I was working at the hotel checking in two guests, I realized what a small world we do indeed live in. 

The guests were a mother and her adult son. She came in on a walker.  I often ask what brings them to Lewes, Delaware. Her adult son told me his mother was in town for a hip operation at the local hospital. Looking at him I knew I had seen him before.  But I did not know where.

Was he a famous person?  He said "No."  I told him "I know I've seen you before.  You look very familiar."  

I continued to go through my routine of checking in the guests, telling them of the amenities of the hotel.  Again, I told the man "I'm sure I've seen you before.  Have we met?"  He said "No, I don't think so."  He mentioned a French restaurant in Rehoboth Beach that he frequented.  I told him "I don't think so.  I don't go to French restaurants." (too expensive my God).  

Their room was one of our outside rooms (courtyard) so I had to show them the way.  And again, I couldn't let it go that I had seen this gentleman before.  He was very unusual looking and to be quite frank, I found him attractive. He was very thin, had a prominent nose and a dark beard and a confident manner about him.  Not arrogant for self involved but just comfortable in his own skin, even though he wasn't your classic All-American handsome type guy.  Bill has often kidded me about my taste in men.  Yes, I'll admit it, I am attracted to some dorky and nerdy men.  Not all but some do strike my fancy.

Then I think his mother mentioned that he was a flight attendant. That was it!  Now I remembered where I saw him.  He was a flight attendant on our (me and Pat) trip to Los Angeles this past February.  

I notice him right away on the plane after I was seated.  He went through the usual flight attendant procedure including showing how to use the life vest in case the plane landed in water.  Then we prepared to takeoff.  Much to my pleasant surprise he took a seat opposite where I was seated.  I paid extra for the seat with extra leg room. Opposite me was a jump seat which he put down and buckled himself in. Thus, I had the pleasure of sitting across from him during takeoff.  Of course he didn't notice me at all but that was all right. I always enjoy being around attractive, nice men. Women too but more so you understand, a nice looking guy.  

"Patrick" - American Airline attended - yes, I snuck a surreptitious photo of him with my iPhone

The six hour flight to Los Angeles was uneventful except that I had the pleasure of him sitting across from me again, during the landing in LA.

Fast forward to this Thursday evening when I told him that was where I saw him.  He told me "I don't think so, I take the flights to Paris."  Well, excuse me.  I told him again, I was quite sure that he was on this fight to LA.  He finally admitted "That might have happened. I do remember vaguely that I filled in on that flight."  Clearly, he didn't remember me.  Oh well, usually I have more of an impact but I am that Old Gay Guy now.  Faded into the background of a mass of faces.  More likely, he sees literally thousands of passengers and why would he remember me? Fact of life Ron. Get over yourself.

I could tell he was more concerned with his mother's impending surgery the next day so I decided I had bothered him enough. However, I did ask to take a picture which he graciously acquiesced too.  See, I told you he was a nice guy.

"Patrick" - hotel guest this past Thursday

Now, here is the really mind blowing coincidence. I asked him what was his name.  Guess what it was?  


Yes, the same name as my Canadian Travel Buddy, Pat.  
That's Pat, in the red hat and pillow around his neck and Day-Glo jacket on his arm

Although I'm sure this gentlemen goes by the monicker "Patrick."  

And, he lives in Philly, small world indeed.

Makes you wonder how many times you run into people like this.  What are the odds? From a flight to LA in February to a hotel checkin in Delaware in August?  Now it would really be weird if I run into him again when Pat and I spend a week in Philly at the end of this coming November.  


  1. Wow Ron!

    This is better than "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon."



    1. Kevin,
      Makes me wonder how many times this happens when we're not aware. This was so strange and other worldly. Of all the flights to LA and this one flight attendant sits across from me then he checks into the hotel in Delaware on my shift. What are the odds of that? The only downside (if I could call it that) was that he (Patrick) didn't find it interesting at all. I guess to him I'm just some old creepy guy. Oh well.

  2. Replies
    1. Dr. Spo,
      I thought so! So odd. I never thought I would see this guy again and here he is checking into the hotel where I work. And on my shift.

  3. Back in my gym bunny days, I had a couple come into my office one afternoon, he said don't I know you from someplace, the conversation rolled on, and finally it struck me, I knew him from the gym. I said, "I bet we have met at the gym," and he said "that's it, I didn't recognize you with clothes on!" That is the point his wife quit focusing on her phone and said - "what the #ell!"

    1. That's a funny story David!

  4. That's an amazing story, Ron. Patrick seems to have a poor memory - - but I'm sure that all those flights become a jumbled blur for flight attendants. And also he is undoubtedly preoccupied with concerns about his mother's upcoming surgery.
    Who knows - perhaps you'll run into him again.

    I haven't been keeping up with blogs lately because - quite frankly - I'm all blogged out. Sometimes I get weary of it..... and I'm particularly tired of dealing with those Trolls who never go away

    1. Jon,
      I fully understand not keeping up with blogs. I get that way sometimes but I always go back. Reading my favorite blogs are so comforting to me. Sometimes I get so caught up in my everyday living that my postings fall behind but eventually I catch up, sort of anyway (smile). I am quite sure Patrick doesn't remember me. I understand that. I have so many return guests in the hotel who remember me but I don't remember them, which is embarrassing. Of course I always remember the interesting guys.
      I'm sorry you have to deal with the trolls. I get them too. They're out there. They'll always be there.


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