Thursday, August 10, 2017

Updating the Wills and Other End of Life Documents

Me at my lawyer's office this morning about an hour ago

Just got back from my lawyer's office in Rehoboth Beach. 

Yesterday I received the documents for new power of attorney, medical directives and wills for both me and Bill through e-mail.

Man, life is complicated especially when one if preparing to leave life.

Since Bill and I are officially married now I felt it was time to update all of our legal documents for end of life.  

Bill and me waiting for our conference room at the law office

I had a number of changes to make to the first draft of the documents.  I had to put my former boss and long time friend Dave S. as executor of both of our wills.  Dave is in the business of settling estates and executorships. In my Previous Life I used to work as operations manager for Dave in the bank trust department.  Yes folks, I had a life before hotel front desk clerk life. Dave is good at what he does but I was concerned that since his practice is in Pennsylvania he would not be able to be the executor of our estates.  Dave said he could but he would have to do it as an individual. Thank you Dave. That takes a load off of my mind.

Me and Dave at lunch a few years ago

I also had to add the two newest babies to my beneficiaries.  My grandnieces are having babies. Wow, what does that make me. Old. 

I was so hesitant to drive down to my lawyer's office in Rehoboth Beach because of the heaving summertime traffic. But I decided appearing in person was the most efficient way to show the changes I wanted to our legal documents.  And yes, the traffic was heavy. Very heavy.  

But we got the changes in and just returned home. Hopefully this is the last draft of our documents and we can sign them and put them away until we depart this earth that seems in so much turmoil today.  


Anonymous said...

Good to update these things. When I was 30, my parents updated their will and no longer left me to my
aunt and uncle. Medical directive/healthcare proxy/MOST forms are also essential. Even though you are
married, it's good to see each other's points of view on heroic care at end of life. It may not make the decisions any easier but it brings clarity to your wishes.

Ur-spo said...

Good for you! Everyone should do this.

Ron said...

You're right, having these forms and having them updated is so important. This is a load off of my mind.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Absolutely necessary to have these important family documents updated and in place for the inevitable.

Linda said...

It is so important to do the documents and update them when there is a need too. My Mom died in May at the age of 102 and almost 7 months. Thank goodness everything was done. Also make sure you and Bill have made your Funeral Arrangements done an paid as well. My Mom was cremated and buried with my Dad. I had to buy an Urn etc.
I did mean to make this comment morbid. It is just part of life decisions we all need to do.