Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Happy Thoughts

Spo, Pat, Larry and Doug at Food Lion, Milton, DE 

With the threat of nuclear war in the air, I have decided to write about happy places, people and times. 

Regular followers of my blog have probably noticed that I haven't been ranting about our Fake President, Donald J. Trump.  Just because I haven't written about him in my blog post doesn't mean my feelings of disgust and doom have changed. They haven't. By the way, I have been venting, on my Twitter account. More about me and my Twitter reactivation in a future blog post. Instead I will post about happy places, people and times. 

In my senior years I have been blessed with new friends that I have made through this blog. Of course you all know of my new BFF Pat of Toronto, Canada.  

Guess which one is Pat. (hint, he scratching his chin)

Pat is that friend I've been looking for all my life. A kind, gentle, good-looking, smart, funny guy who likes me in spite of my many faults. Pat and I get together four times a year.  Our next get-together is next month when I visit Pat at his new home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Pat is moving to a classic old hotel in Hamilton, that is being renovated into luxury condos. I am so looking forward to that trip.

Pat and me somewhere (I forget) that was OPEN - How do you like Pat's "Moose" glasses. Thank goodness he lost them in the snow

Last February Pat, during Pat and I annual trek to California, we reunited with other friends I have made through blogging. Dr. Spo, Someone, Tim and Larry.

Pat, Someone, Tim (back row)
Me, Dr. Spo and Larry (seated) at Mt. Jacinto, Palm Springs, California February 2017

Dr. Spo and Someone had invited us to their wedding in Palm Springs. By the way, have you noticed how happy gay people are when they marry?  Check out the photos below of Spo and Someone and me and Bill.

Someone and Spo at their wedding February 2017
Me and Bill at our wedding July 2013

That folks is genuine happiness. How can anyone deny that happiness?

Today I was think that all during my life there has been a threat of war. The first I can remember is the Korean War. I was ten years old at that time. And here we are again, the threat of war.  

None of us knows how long we will live in peace and happiness. But I know this, I appreciate every day I have in good health and good friends.

Larry, me and Pat at our annual Old Time Photo in Rehoboth Beach, DE 2017
Smiling desperadoes


Raybeard said...

Is your nuclear bunker all stocked up and ready for occupation, Ron?

Ron said...

Isn't this some situation we're in Ray? All my life it seems I've lived under the threat of nuclear annihilation. Looks like the only "peace" I'll achieve is when I die, naturally (I hope).

pat888 said...

Ron - wow - does that band look dated or what!! But we were a good little band. The guy on the right is English (guitar) and played with The Swinging Blue Jeans (Hippy Hippy Shake); next to him was the drummer - maybe the best one I ever played with - should have been a studio musician; then the confused looking me(hacking on bass); next, our singer who also played guitar and ended up in Burton Cummings Randy Bachman Band and toured; and finally our second guitarist who became a hi school teacher. A lot of good memories there. Thanks for the reminder.


Anonymous said...

Smile and maybe tomorrow the sun will come out shining

Ron said...

The sun was out today and the humidity low. Doesn't get much better than that.

Ron said...

No doubt who the best looking guy was in that band. Great picture!

Ur-spo said...

What a lovely post! Many happy thoughts indeed.