Sunday, March 18, 2012

Senior Prom - 1959

Jeanette and Ron - DHS Senior Prom 1959

Yes folks, that is me,  I'm the guy on the RIGHT SIDE of the photo. The girl on the left side of the photo is my date, Jeanette.  The occasion was my Senior Prom.

This morning I was talking to my long time friend Larry from my school days.  We're in the process of writing out autobiographies (like anyone is interested besides us).  We were talking about the delicate process that we undertook to select who we would ask to our respective senior proms.  We had to take a lot into consideration being the cowards that we were in dealing with rejection.

Hey, when you're seventeen years old, with all that peer pressure, one has to be very careful about asking a girl to the senior prom.  The worst thing was to be turned down because EVERYONE would know.  And I mean everyone.  Of course I had the  extra  problem of being gay and keeping that a big secret.  I did want to ask a girl who was expecting too much (if you know what I mean) AFTER the prom because I certainly wasn't going to deliver.  I had to ask someone who was pretty and well liked but not too pretty or popular because she would almost have to reject me because she had her reputation to consider too.

Larry and I of course are getting a big laugh about this now.  He did the same thing as I did.  He asked a  girl who was pretty but not too pretty and one who wasn't likely to turn him down.  I did the same thing.  Look at the picture of my date and you can see her waist size isn't exactly 18 inches.  Yes, Jeanette still had some baby fat she was nice.  In fact she was delightful, just no sexual chemistry.

Now here is who I really wanted to fellow classmate Don.

You know the funny thing about this?  Today he probably would have went with me.  Not back then in the Fifties though.  No way, no how.

Don is gone now, one of my several lost opportunities due to my sexual immaturity and lack of self confidence.  Don was a farm boy back in that day confused about his sexuality as many of us were during our teens especially in the Fifties when there was so little information about differences.

Oh Don, if I knew then what I know now I would never have turned you down.

Do you think we would have made a good-looking couple at our Senior Prom?


  1. Ron,

    That was my situation in Eleventh grade. In 12th grade I had a different problem. I had two girlfriends. I had already asked Pam and I had you escort Suzy so they both could go.


  2. anne marie in philly4:16 PM

    to answer your last question, HELLZ YEAH! what a cutie don was!

  3. Anne Marie,

    Don had the body to match too. I had gym class with him. L(

  4. I went to the prom as a Junior, but not as a Senior. I ended up ditching my date and dancing with another girl all night. Its an interesting story for sometime else.

  5. I like the last pic. You looked GREAT!

  6. Thank Tai! Oh how I hated that picture when it was taken back in 1959. Of course now that I'm an old man, I like it!

  7. Scott,

    I would LOVE to hear that story!

  8. Yes, you would have been a really sweet couple. I wasn't so smart...I ended up married to my Prom date/girlfriend, now divorced and a Grandfather to a 1 year old little angel. I wonder often how different my life would be if I stuck to my guns and didn't try to wish my Homosexuality away. I don't see my grandaughter often as my son is not cool(Even in this day and age)with me being Gay. - I graduated in 1980, you graduated before I was born LOL!(1963)
    I'll be reading your older posts, Cheers, Alan

    1. Alan,

      I had a girlfriend when I was a senior (not my date in the picture on this blog). If I could have found a job after high school and not joined the Army, I may very well have gotten married. My life would have been a whole lot different. I'm glad I didn't. My life turned out very well. However, I do wonder from time to time what it would be like to have children. Then I see my brothers and their children and their issues and I realized perhaps I haven't missed much.



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