Friday, March 02, 2012

Hotel Work

As my regular followers know this former bank trust operations officer (thirty seven year career in THAT business, thank you) now works part-time (two days a week 3 to 11 pm every Wednesday and Thursday night) at a small boutique hotel in the beautiful, quaint, rustic, laid-back, town of Lewes, Delaware on the eastern short of the Delmarva peninsula.  That's right folks, I am in the Service Industry.  Long gone are my days of reconciling daily bank trust operations and riding herd over a bunch of clerks.  Now I am the guy behind the front desk of that expensive hotel who checks you in and provides the BEST SERVICE you ever got on this side of the Mississippi!

Every now and than I am asked to go above and beyond the Call of Duty.  This week was just such an occasion.  My fellow front desk clerk, Robert, who works full-time, asked me if I could "take his days" while he jetted off to Orlando, Florida to attend his brother's wedding (second one at that).  I said "Sure!" I am about the best co-worker that you'll ever work with regardless how some others may hate me (and I do have a Hate Following, believe me - something I haven't been quite able to figure out).  

So I work my usual hours Wednesday and Thursday night from 3 pm to 11 pm.  Now here comes the hard part.  I had to show up this morning by 7 (after getting off last night at 11) open up the hotel and set up the breakfast.  Said breakfast is featured in the short video at the top of this blog.  Bragging on myself again (and risking increasing my enemy list - I actually think they're jealous of me) I do set out one damn good breakfast.  

Of course this schedule totally screws up my digestive system (think constipation - sorry, nothing but the facts here ma'am), and my sleep schedule (no NAP today).  I just know as soon as I sit down in that big easy chair in my bedroom and flip on a "Judge Judy" episode I've recorded earlier, I'll be off to Dreamland, mouth agape (it isn't pretty folks when I zonk out while watching television).

This disruption in my schedule of course also plays havoc with my regular blog posting not to mention keeping up with my favorite fellow bloggers.  

So bear with me folks while I get though this temporary, high intensity work schedule.  No need for alarm. I'll be back soon with my usual catty witty comments on fellow blogger's posts, and my daily blogs enlightening you all to the Meaning of Life.

I'm still here folks!


anne marie in philly said...

I can't believe you have hate followers; that's sick!

how is your back doing? stitches out yet?

I'll have some juice, wheat toast, and cawfee please!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I can't believe I have people who hate me but it is true. I think it is jealousy. I don't know what else it could me. I'm just me, expressing my opinions and not apologizing or submitting to anyone else's will. Apparently some folks don't like that. So be it. I've had this all my life.
My back is still sore but not really hurting. The stitches (all four of them) come out next Friday.
You'll have to stay at our hotel. I can get you a great price!

Ur-spo said...

Service industry is an exhausting one, yes. I hope you are back in your usual in no time.

nitewrit said...


Reading your post here at 2:30 in the morning because my pains woke me and were too much to let me get back to sleep. I'm beginning to think even I would get a call back to work I might not be able to do it anymore. I popped a couple Advil and am waiting to see if things ease enough I can go back to bed. I settle for asleep in a chair with mouth agape even.


Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

Two more nights to go! I'm at the hotel now. I'm not real fond of working Saturay nights. I would rather be home in my comfortable bedroom watching a Netflix rental on my 60 inch TV rather than providing restaurant information for hotel guests.

Ron said...


I'm sorry to hear that your leg is continuing to give you problems. Perhaps you should see your doctor. It doesn't sound like it is getting any better.
I'm at work now but not liking it. One more day then I can go back to my regular schedule. These five days in a row are a killer. I'm not used to it.