Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer Rehoboth Beach 2010

Ron on the beach
On this first day of summer I decided to mark the event by taking a rare trip into Rehoboth Beach.  

The new stimulus fun built Rehoboth Beach boardwalk this morning

Although I live near Rehoboth Beach (six miles north on the east side of Rt. 1) I rarely venture into Rehbooth Beach during the season because of the heavy traffic.  However, when I awoke this morning to clear blue skies and hot summertime temperatures, the beach beckoned me.  

Almost empty boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, DE early this morning

The trick to going to Rehoboth Beach in season is to leave early.  Get into Rehoboth before the parking meters take effect at 10 a.m.  Thus, at 8:30 a.m. my '98 red Subaru Forester and I headed down the Coastal Highway (AKA Rt. 1) to Rehoboth.  Turning off of Rt. 1, into the Rehoboth traffic circle and down Rehoboth Avenue I was greeted by a sea of open, meter free parking spots.  I parked my trusty vehicle across from the Purple Parrot.  Next stop the stimulus funds built boardwalk.

The Rehoboth Bandstand (trash in front from the weekend)

Couple with children on an early morning stroll on the boardwalk

Ordering breakfast at Victoria's Restaurant on the boardwalk

Traffic picks up on the boardwalk - the skate boarders arrive

Overpriced boardwalk beach schlock (aka "essentials")

Ready for your grease infusion for the day?

Ever wonder where those $24.95 entrees come from?  Here's your answer.

Keeping the bod toned by an early morning run on the boardwalk

The beach is ready!  An umbrella and chair rental station.

A Baltimore Avenue sculpture - how would you like this in your front yard?

After taking a walk up and down the boardwalk and then venturing on Baltimore Avenue, I decided to visit my friend Wayne who works at a local Mexican themed eatery.  The picture below is me loitering outside the restaurant on the bench.  Do I look like I'm having a good time?  I am having a good time.  I love my life now in retirement (only working part-time at the hotel) in southern Delaware.  It just doesn't get much better than this!

Your's truly loitering on Rehoboth Avenue this morning

Next stop?  The North Shores Beach.  That posting is the next one.

Tatooed eye candy in the North Shores parking lot.  North Shores has the best scenery.


  1. We have SYSCO trucks here also. Is the word I'm looking for mob or mafia. $$$$

  2. Mike,
    SYSCO....mob of Mafia? I would think so. Wouldn't be surprised. I prefer restaurants that don't use the half baked food that SYSCO delivers. Why not use local ingredients? Too lazy that's why. I've seen the SYSCO product. Not pretty. Doesn't taste good either.


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