Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Night Dining Group

The Cracker Barrel Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

 I like to dine out.

My partner does not like to dine out.

My Partner Bill who DOES NOT like to dine out - we're at Zorba's in this picture

I do not like to dine out alone.

Dining Alone  -no two ways about it - it is awful

Thus, when my friend Bob C. asked me if I would like to join his "Friday Night Dining Group", I eagerly accepted.

Tonight was the first night I dined out with the group.  Our only criteria is that we dine at a cheap restaurant.  Good food, cheap food.  The Cracker Barrel fit the bill.

Interior of the Cracker Barrel restaurant

I have a good friend who also likes to dine out.  His name is Larry and he and his wife Lois like to "fine dine."  While I like fine dining too, I don't like the price that goes along with fine dining.  I ate with Larry and Lois once.  We at at The Buttery in Lewes and we did indeed have a fine dining experience.  We also had a fine dining bill for the three of us for $169, and that was before the tip.

The Buttery Restaurant, Lewes, Delaware

My friend Lar's goal is a bit different than mine.  Our dining experience is more about camaraderie and friendship than experiencing the latest cuisine.

Larry and Lois at Stripper Bites, Lewes, Delaware

Everyone in our Friday Night Dining Group are male and gay.  You don't have to be gay to belong to our group but that is the way it has worked out.  This group is a good way for single gay men to dine out with a group of friends instead of sitting at home or dining out alone.

Friday Night Dining Group at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant 

My friend Carole T. (a former high school classmate) in Pennsylvania belongs to a similar group called "hy Dine Alone?"  This group consists mainly of single older women.  It makes sense because most of these women like to dine out occasionally but they don't feel comfortable dining alone.  Carole asked me once to join the group for dinner one night.  I was all set to go but at the last minuted I asked how many women would be in the group.  She told me "about thirty."  I asked her how many men.  She told me "You would be the second one."  Ah ha.  I asked her about the other guy.  She said "He's 80 years old."  Hell, he was probably having the time of his life surrounding by all those widows and single women.  As a gay man, dining with thirty women who I'm sure are all delightful, wasn't particularly appealing to me.  What would be talk about?  Now, dining with thirty other gay men, talking would not be a problem.

My friend "Why Dine Alone" Carole

Tonight at the Cracker Barrel, there were eleven in our group.  It was a good mix.  Conversation was not a problem.  Hey, you get a group of gay guys together and conversation is rarely a problem.  It certainly wasn't tonight.

Good camaraderie  - I'm in the red in the middle with my mouth closed (for once)

Another plus is you meet new friends.  I did meet and make new friends tonight.  One can never have too many friend, especially in this cold and indifferent world of today.

I ordered meatloaf, steak fries, corn and string beans (which were cooked to a pulp.)  For dessert I had a concoction called Strawberry Icebox Cake.  The meatloaf was delicious and the dessert delightful.  Even better was the modest check.  No $28 prix fixe "special" dinner a la The Buttery.

But the best part of the night was meeting and making new friends.  Thank you Bob for inviting me to join your group.

Bob and friends Tim, Miles and David


  1. I am a little worried. You have not posted anything in almost a week. I hope everything is alright. M & G

  2. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Hi Ron,

    So, you will be spending Fri. nights at one of my favorite restaurants. What a great way to celebrate the end of the week! That's a bunch of fine looking guys you are hanging out with.

    I love their meatloaf too. The meatloaf sandwich on the sweet sourdough bread is also great. They use that bread in the breafast entree eggs in a basket, which I adore.

    Have a great time this week & this weekend.


  3. Fran,

    Your favorite restaurant with the meatloaf sandwich with sour dough bread sounds great! Which restaurant is that? The Cracker Barrel?

    We eat at a different restaurant each week. This week it is Zorba's.


  4. Mike,

    Bill and I just got back about an hour ago from a trip down south. We covered seven states and had a wonderful time. I didn't want to broadcast that we would be away from our house before the trip that's why I didn't say anything. I've heard of too many cases of robberies of people who post to FB and their blog that they will be leaving their home. We decided to play it safe. I now have a lot more material (and pictures) for my blog. LOADS! We had a fantastic time!


  5. We love you because you are so smart. We do the same thing.

  6. Mike,

    Great minds think alike. :)


  7. With the change in your blog, all your photographs are looking so much sharper - it really sets off the quality of them. Diane


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