Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lewes Garden Tour 2010

Typical House at Wolf Pointe, Lewes, DE

Yesterday my friend Bob C. and I enjoyed the annual Lewes Garden Tour.  The third time was the charm.

Two years ago I bought my tickets in advance only to be called into work at the last minute thus I had to miss the tour.

My friend Bob C. in backyard of house at Wolf Pointe

Last year I bought my ticket in advance again only to see the skies open in a downpour the morning of the tour.  Again, I missed the tour.

Backyard patio and pool at Wolf Pointe house

A few days ago my friend Bob asked me if I was going to do the Lewes Garden Tour. I was reluctant because of my past strikeouts.  I especially didn't want to buy the tickets in advance again and be rained out or called into work on the day of the tour.  However, this year was different.  Sunny skies were forecast and I wasn't called into work.  Thus, the night before the tour Bob and I picked up our tickets at the hotel where I work in Lewes.  Buying the tickets in advance we save $5.00 each.  Hey, every dollar counts in today's economy.
Me and one of the items at the top of my Bucket List = a backyard pool

The tour was scheduled from 10 am to 5 pm.  Bob likes to go later to avoid the early morning crowds.  However, after Bob did some yard work in his yard at his home in Milton, the heat and humidity decided for him.  He called me and asked if I wanted to go earlier.  Being the agreeable person that I am, I agreed.
I could do some serious entertaining in this "backyard."

Bob stopped by my place and off we went to Lewes, garden tour maps in hand, to begin the tour in Lewes.

Our first stop was Wolfe Pointe.  This is the toney section of Lewes.  I've heard about Wolfe Pointe but never actually visited this ritzy section of Lewes.  Well, to say I was impressed is an understatement.  I was wowed.  WOW!  And I thought I lived in a big house.  Some of these houses had three full floors.  Mansions.  Not even McMansions but serious, full fledged MANSIONS.
The tour crowd gathers before the first house on the tour in Wolf Pointe

The first garden we visited was truly outstanding.  Perhaps more so because of the huge backyard patio with swimming pool, cookout and outdoor fireplace.  So this is how the other half lives?  Pretty darn nice.  Wow.

Plenty of room in this Wolf Pointe house

I'm not going to describe each property we visited but instead post some of the pictures of the delightful homes and gardens we visited both in Wolfe Pointe and downtown Lewes itself.  One property particularly impressed us.  It was located right in downtown Lewes, surrounded by an eight foot tall gray wooden fence.  The house outside was equally unimpressive.  But once we walked around the side of the house into the "Secret Garden", we were amazed with what we saw.  We walked over a bridge of a stream that flowed around the entire back yard.  Goldfish contentedly swam in the stream.  Taking up the center of the back yard was an almost Olympic sized, rectangular swimming pool.  At the end of the back yard was a huge grill and an outdoor fireplace.  Bob said "We have to get to know these people."  Yes, we do have to get to know these people.  

I want one of these in my backyard

Me by the pool in the house in downtown Lewes

Yesterday was a good day.  I was originally going to write by blog about the unbelievably stupid and arrogant statement that Rep. Joe Barton of Texas made, apologizing to Tony Hayward of BP for the 20 billion dollar BP set aside to compensate the victims of the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.  Orton apologized for what he termed the White House "shakedown" of BP in creating the fund.  However, I decided to post something positive instead of dwelling on the negative.  There is so much bad happening today.  We need to balance our life with more positive activity like yesterday's Lewes Garden Tour.

Next tour?  The Milton Garden Tour in July.  I'll be there.

Demonstration of building a pool

Another Secret Garden

More poolside relaxation spots - lots of pools yesterday

Our happy group taking a rest before the next stop on the tour

Conked out at the end of the day at the Lewes Historical Society Market


G said...

Ron, Glenn and I just got back from shopping at the Hollywood farmers market. Lots of good stuff but our fav is this Mexican food vendor, good eats. I am glad you have posted something nice today. So, without rambling on I just wanted to tell you that we stood right next to Jake Gyllenhaal. He is tall, and truly handsome. Glenn didn't have his phone with him so we couldn't take a photo. I couldn't wait to get home and tell you. It takes a lot to get me excited, this did it.

Ron said...

Jake Gyllenhaal? Wow! I would be impressed too. Darn! I wish you took a picture of you guys with Jake. That would have been so cool. I always have my camera with me. Just in case. Next week Fred Grandy is staying at the hotel the same night I'm on the front desk. He comes back every year. He knows me but I haven't worked up the nerve to take a picture of me with him. Maybe I will this time. He's no Jake Gyllenhaal but he is as close as I'm going to get to a celebrity here on the east coast of Delaware.

G said...

I see celebs all the time but Jake is more than that. After all these years it's nice to get excited by a real star.

Ron said...


Seeing someone like Jake in person would excite me too. I can't imagine. I would probably make a fool out of myself and go all weak kneed. I only did that once in my life, went weak kneed when I saw a guy in person who literally swept me off of my feet. I would have loved to have seen your face when you realized you were standing next to Jake Gylenhaal. Wow.


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