Saturday, January 11, 2020

Tipton Family Reunion October 9, 2011 And A Family Secret Revealed

My apologies folks, I've been absent here for about a week. I have recovered fully from my bouts of vertigo. I'm back to my normal dizziness. 

This past week has been wonderful with the mild temperatures. Today the high was 68 degrees! I'll take it. I actually could go through the whole winter with these mild degrees. I've seen enough snow in my life, don't have to experience it in person any more. Having said that, I do appreciate the change of weather. I like the four seasons.

During my recovery this week I got back to making for Memory videos of my thousands of photos and videos. This one I'm posting now is  video compilation of photos taken by my friend Mark Himes of my family reunion at the East Brandywine Community Park on a sunny, brisk fall day October 9, 2011.  I understand that most people who read my blog have no idea who these people are in this video. Most of them are my first cousins and their families. The initial opening of this video is of my cousin Tom Tipton with his young step son and my other cousin Ed "Bud" Tipton. We were visiting Bud and his mother (my aunt) Mabel, for whom Bud was the caretaker. 

The second part of the video with the big guy in the orange pullover is my younger brother Isaac. He helped me set up the tables at the reunion but once the folks started to arrive, he took off. Isaac is shy.  

I think I had one more family reunion which I will post in the future. That was the last one though. My family is getting too dispersed.  We originally started these reunions with my father and his ten brothers. 

The first Tipton Family Reunion with all eleven Tipton brothers, my father is the tallest in the back on the right. Picture taken 1960 Kerr Park, Downingtown, PA. I wasn't at this reunion, I was in the Army when this reunion took place

They're all gone now and about a third of their thirty-six legitimate children are also gone.
There are a few illegitimate children including the one memorial market "David Tkachick" featured at the beginning of the video. That was an interesting story.  He was the adopted son of my parents neighbors Joy and Chick Tkchak.  He was brain damaged at birth and lived most of his short life in their garden house next door to my parents' three acre property.  He couldn't stand, nor talk because he was damaged at birth by his mother who tried to self abort herself but wasn't successful.  One summer day in 2001 I was in the garden with my Mother and I heard "David" cry from the pond/garden house where he lived. My Mother said "You know that's Tip's (one of my uncles) son?"  I said, "No, I didn't."  "You mean he's my cousin?"  She said "I guess he is."  Small world.  She told me Tip had gotten this lady from the church next to where he lived in his rental cabin pregnant. He didn't want to take responsibility and she didn't either. She tried to abort her baby but wasn't successful.  David was born with brain damage. He lived only into his twenties. Makes you wonder how many stories like this are buried in history with time. I only knew about it by chance when my Mother mentioned it because we could hear David moaning from his pool house.

My Mother talking to her neighbor "Chick" Tkachick at the mutual border of their property Augst 2002.  David lived in a pool house back to the left of Chick. I eventually told Chick and his wife Joy who David was after my Mother died. I don't think it ever registered with them. They didn't say too much about it. By the way, the flowers that Chick has are ones I picked for him from my garden.  My father used to have a garden on the property adding the Tkachick's.  He grew corn. After he died, I were flowers and herbs. Everyone is gone now including my Mother and Chick. My brother Isaac lives on the property now. Lost of information here, maybe not of interest to the casual reader of this blog but perhaps someone researching me in the future after I'm long gone but my blog will lived forever.


Jon said...

Wow - eleven Tipton brothers! That's a great photo. Were there any sisters?
The story of David is fascinating but so tragic. I always enjoy your family history posts, Ron.

Ron said...

No sisters Jon. Actually there were twelve brothers, two sets of twins. One of the twins died at birth. I love posting about my family history. Interesting that no one that I know of in my family seems to be interested in our shared family history. Probably either because they're too caught up in their own life now or they don't approve of all the family skeletons I'm unearthing. I've already lost one dear cousin (on my Mother's side of the family) because I revealed that our maternal grandmother had a child our of wedlock when she was only 15 years old (this in 1911). My cousin said "Grandmother wouldn't want anyone to know that." How would she know, our grandmother died (in childbirth) in 1925, long before anyone of us was born. Family dynamics, always interesting and fascinating.

"Tommy" said...

Reading family histories and memories are always good. I appreciate your devotion to your family and your blog

Ron said...

I love keeping up my family history. I just wish I had access to more old family photos that I could post to my account.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ron,

I have found a sense of great intrigue in your blog. As I have been raised to believe I am one the great grandsons of a George Hadfield. Born and raised in the Brandywine Valley (Wilmington, DE to Downingtown, PA) I am quite intrigued by your reference to a "George Hadfield" as told by family history George Hadfield had several wives due to death by medical reasons...I am one of many surviving great Grandchildren of his third wife. Perhaps there is no correlation but if there is I think it would be of historical importance to hear your tell of the tale of your side of the family and for you to hear my tell, as it has been told to me of me. To keep it the story alive is of the highest importance. I have information on family cemetery locations in Chester County, PA as well as surviving children of George Hadfield/ my grand mother & great aunts and his grandchildren my Father etc.

Ron said...

Contact me by e-mail and we can discuss.